Jr. SAS Analyst

Global IT Experts, Inc. - United States

R, Python, SAS, SPSS, SpotFire, big data

Job Functions: Data & Analytics, Finance, Health care Services, Logistics & Supply Chain. Desired Skills : Skills Required (Knowledge and Skills): R, Python, SAS, SPSS, SpotFire, big data, Natural language Processing, Machine Learning, Cognitive Analytics Responsibilities: Work with businesses & functions to provide extensive consulting using advanced analytics/predictive analytics and machine learning methodologies. Conceptualize advanced machine learning and cognitive analytics based algorithms by integrating multiple data systems to provide real time business solutions. Build predictive modeling solutions in the analytics space across different verticals and functions. Help business optimize the investments in finance and operations. Identify relevant patterns from large set of data using statistical techniques that answers key questions for the enterprise Build statistical models to forecast demand in operations planning and resource optimization. Conduct routine diagnostic studies using correlation, testing of hypothesis, survey analysis, categorical data analysis, ANOVA, Time series, Optimization Techniques and Operations Research methodologies. Transform data into business intelligence by generating relevant information and recommendations for improving organization performance.

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