10 Interview Tips That Will Help You Get Hired

10 Interview Tips That Will Help You Get Hired

Job interviews are one of the most important and challenging parts of anyone’s life. The chances of getting employment depend entirely upon the performance in the interview. Many candidates have cold feats for interviews which is quite common. With accurate job interview tips, an entry-level candidate can improve and be prepared for numerous interviews.

There are some basic interview tips that can help in the build-up a sustainable impression:

  1. Before interview studies – 

Before going for an interview, it is important to have a basic knowledge of few things. These things include the information about the company, job profile, and also a study of your own resume.

One should be ready to face any question regarding themselves and the position they applied for because if they know it shows their presence of mind. Along with all the theoretical parts, one should also collect the knowledge of how to present oneself, what to wear, what not to say, what is a casual talk and what is not.

All these things are the primary job interview tips that one should keep in mind prior to the interview. For the first-timers, it is also advisable to practice with someone familiar or practice alone by recording video and asking some very general questions to get an honest review about themselves.

The jotting down of general questions is also a tip one should follow and practice by themselves.

2. Punctuality – Interview Tips

On the day of the interview, reach the location at least 5 min before the actual time of interaction. This will also include planning according to the time of travel ad plus few extra minutes for precaution.

Reaching way before time can give a wrong impression, so it is advisable to be only 5 or 10 minutes before the interview. Keeping the interviewer waiting can create a very bad impression, so being on time is important and even if not added to the resume the interviewer will mark this as a strength on his/her part.

Value of time is one of the rare strengths but very much appreciated value in today’s date.

3. Confidence –

A very important job interview tip is to be confident, not overconfident. There is a thin difference between the two. When a candidate is confident, they have the will to confess if there is something they are not sure about and on the other hand an overconfident candidate will make mild guesses to show off their immense knowledge and that is a negative impression.

An interviewer can mark the confidence of a candidate by their body language, hand gestures, how they understand the question and reply. The confidence can be built up with time and practice and it is a full formula for a successful interview.

Inner self-belief automatically reflects on the walking style of the candidate, the way they greet, and the way answer every question. It is important to grow it internally.

4. Things to carry – Interview Tips

When going for an interview, there are few very necessary things that one should carry with them in form of documents. The resume is the primary things, educational certificates, passport size photographs, residential proof or identification proof, a pen, and to add a few.

All the documents must be listed and kept properly under a fixed file so that it does not take time to find and re-collect them during the time of the interview.

This job interview tip is also usually found in the invitation mail or letter so it is hard to ignore or miss

5. Be focused and honest

During an interview, it is important to have a focused state of mind. It is also necessary, to be honest with your answers.  If there is a question that is not familiar then the candidate should be honest to tell the interviewer that they don’t know, that shows honesty.

Giving full attention to the question and understanding what it demands reflects the focus of the candidate.  Honestly being a strength can affect the positive impression of the candidate. Honestly also means that the candidate should be too modest. They should talk about their strengths honestly just like they should speak about their weakness. 


6. Do not share too much information

Another job interview tip is to not share everything with the interviewer. Only answer the questions that they are demanding answers for. Many candidates become too emotional during an interview and that is not advisable. Be professional and only share things that the questions demand.

Talking too much about personal information or casual stuff not related to the job profile or interview will make a negative impression. Speak positively about your previous experiences and work environment, do not brag or complain too much as it will only make things worse.

A professional conversation is key to acceptance from any interview.

7. Show gratitude – 

Starting from the very point of the first interaction with the interviewer till the time interview gets over, it is a job interview tip to show gratitude. A well-mannered, first impression will be made like a cherry on a cake. 

Gratitude shows humbleness, respect, and wisdom in a person. Gratitude makes a very important interview tip till the end of time.

Being positive, authentic, and humbly gives a positive idea about a person to a stranger. Especially, greeting must be done to all the interviewers if there are more than one at both times when entering and while leaving.

8. Ask genuine questions

At the end of some interviews, interviewers ask if the candidate has any questions. If any, then the candidate can ask a few relevant questions about the company or the future scopes, or experience of the interviewer himself.

What the candidate should avoid asking is about their performance in the interview, personal questions, any comments, or something that will irritate the professional environment.

Asking questions is optional, if there is no question then the candidate can simply say no questions and end the interview.

9. Dressing traditionally

For many candidates, what to wear is a very big concern. For men, a professional suit with tie, socks, and laced shoes are recommended. For Female candidates, an Indian simple dress or saree or simple pant-shirt combination with bellies will suffice.

Things to keep in mind while selecting any type of attire is to make sure it is simple not so colorful and does not have any sparkles to catch the eye.

Now, the attire also includes hair and footwear. For male candidates, it is an interview tip to keep the hair short and maintained a beard or no beard at all. For female candidates, it is advised to have a ponytail or little tired hair if short.

The hair should be maintained in a way that it should not touch the face of the candidate or disturb the formal look. All the job interview tips mentioned above are minor steps with big advantages which one should not avoid and take them seriously. 

Basic manners will help with the impression and knowledge will help in getting the employment attached to the interview.  Documents, attire, and knowledge are part of basic interview tips that must be followed prior to the interview, and generosity and body language during the interview.

Speaking positively and correctly for every question will increase the chances of the selection of the candidate.