8 Great Graduate Careers You Can Get with a College Degree

8 Great Graduate Careers You Can Get with a College Degree

If you haven’t found your passion, you are not alone. Most college students don’t have clue what they want to do after completing their studies. When it comes to choosing your career path, it’s normal to get confused. While most of the successful people in the world are college dropouts, they spend most of their time studying hard to get more opportunities in the market. Therefore, if you want to start your adult life smoothly, you need to get that college degree. Most employers prioritize attitude, skills, and extracurricular interests to ensure that their employees are a good fit. Having a degree can easily increase your chances of success in life. In this article, are going to cover eight great graduate careers that you’ll get with an education degree.

1. Human Resources

The human resource department is responsible for dealing with issues related to employees such as hiring, employment policies, payroll, and benefits to name a few. Human resource managers act as middlemen for managers and employees in discussing issues and clarifying information about employment policy, sick leave and maternity leave to name a few.

Most organizations hire individuals who are experienced in managing people. You need to be a good communicator, and have a degree of emotional intelligence. You can easily get experience by contacting a human resource agency in your local area. In college, you can get student internship opportunities to get experience in the field. During this time, getting a professional writer to help you with assignments and visiting Fixgerald.com to eliminate plagiarism issues will help you learn, get your college degree and achieve your career goals.

2. Advertising

Starting your career in the advertising industry can take you in different directions. You don’t have to have a degree in Communications or Media to get a job in this field. Advertising agencies are always on the lookout for creative candidates who can communicate their ideas effectively. Once you get into this industry, you will get the chance to work in a wide range of roles. You can be a junior producer in charge of organizing campaigns and facilitating them or an account executive who is in charge of communicating with clients regularly. If your CV isn’t there yet, an advertising agency can offer you a runner position.

3. Intelligence services

Have you ever thought of starting your career in the security department? If you are ready to protect your country against national security threats, you should consider joining intelligence services. As the name suggests, you are expected to be honest and demonstrate high levels of intelligence. Most security departments such as MI5 and MI6 are always on the lookout for fresh college graduates.

4. Accountancy

Are you surprised to see this on our list? This is one of the highest-paying fields in the job market today. There are a lot of opportunities in this field and you’ll start earning pretty quickly. The biggest accounting firms have reported that they care less about the subjects you studied in college. You need to write a good CV and show your potential employer why you are a good fit. Having some background in accounting can help you get the job done easily.

5. Public Relations

The public relations field involves managing the reputation of your clients. Some of the qualities that you need to have to excel in this field include excellent relationship-building skills, strong communication skills, and organizational skills. While you don’t need to have a degree in Public Relations, you can stay ahead of the crowd by studying communications, business, and marketing. Having relevant work experience can also give you an upper hand.

6. Hospitality and travel

If you are looking for a job in the hospitality field, you need to have great communication skills and relevant work experience. You need to develop and improve your communication skills since you’ll be working with both local and international guests from different parts of the world. Jobs in the hospitality field are open to almost all college degree backgrounds. While you might be required to have a minimum grade, getting a relevant degree will give you an upper hand. Relevant degrees include economics and business administration.

7. Sales

Every organization needs to sell its products or services to generate revenues and make profits. A career in sales involves persuading clients to invest in the products or services that an organization offers. You’ll also be responsible for negotiating prices and processing payments. You need to be confident, enthusiastic, and have excellent communication skills. Learning how to persuade people can help you achieve your career goals easily and quickly.

8. Teaching

To get a teaching job easily, you’ll need to complete a postgraduate training course. Some of the skills that you need to become a teacher include patience, organization, confidence, communication, and creativity. Teaching has become a popular field over the years due to its excellent benefits and high levels of job satisfaction.


Choosing a career path is not a walk in the park. However, there are a lot of options available to you in the job market as long as you have a college degree. Most of these jobs require the right skill set and attitude. Since there are a lot of options, reading this article will help you discover which path is ideal for you. Don’t hesitate to seek guidance from your professor, peers, and parents. You don’t want to waste your precious time venturing into a field that doesn’t suit you.