10 Must-Have Apps for International Students in the U.S.

10 Must-Have Apps for International Students in the U.S

Going out of your native country for studies is quite a bit fun too. International living is something that builds new experience and as youngsters, you will want to go on adventurous trips, do adrenaline-pumping activities, meet new people, and understand the culture and the language around them. Ours recommend apps for international students in the U.S. as international living is something that builds new experiences and learnings for students studying abroad.

That being said, the aspect of safety and security always worries us, especially in a new land. Other than that, knowing things, places, language, etc. always helps in keeping you be well aware of the places around you.

Keeping some apps in your phone can help you make the utmost of that place, while you enjoy it with all security. We bring to you a list of Must-Have apps that will help every international student while abroad.

recommended apps for students in usa

10 Must-Have Apps for International Students in the U.S.

1.  Duolingo – language app

One of the most important things while packing your bags for international studies is mingling with the natives. Communication is the most important feature to knowing about what is happening around you or to inquire about anything basic from a local who doesn’t understand your language.

Duolingo helps you in fostering the native language at a faster pace. The innovative method adopted by the app allows you to keep your interest in understanding the language faster. With many games onboard, it is the perfect companion to pass time as well as brush your language skills, helping you to communicate better.


2.  Moovit – Public transport route app

Travelling can be hectic especially if you don’t know the way around the transportation system in your new place!! Predicting the paths where you can get transportation is what might sound like a nightmare.

Moovit solves all your problem of finding out the place of public transit. Thereby decreasing your time in wasting around during bad weather or finding the main routes. The best part about this app is it can help you look up the quickest route to your destination. Traveling simplified, right!!

3.  Signal – messaging app

Keeping in connection with your people is important. This becomes more so important especially when you are staying in new places. Also, staying connected to all your near and dear ones who are in different countries will be a tough (and costly affair!!) with just a country-based sim.

Signal helps you overcome this worry and be in connection with all, that too, absolutely free. You also don’t need to get tangled anymore in the thought of whether you would have any privacy concerns for your messages for your audios, videos, or photos. Matching your taste, right!!!

4.  Alarmy – Anti-lethargy app

Getting up in the morning can be a point of worry. What if you are on your own and in a new place, on top of that, you are a frequent snoozer!!! Getting up will be surely a chore for you then. We have a perfect solution for you.

Alarmy can help you get up on time with its innovative snoozer technique. It makes you complete a mission so that you can snooze your alarm. The mission includes you taking photos of places in the house or solve maths sums or shake the phone till you snooze it (till you wake up!). No more oversleeping.

5.  Spotify – Music app

What will be life without music? Without music, the jog would have been a simple exercise. Without music, the bus ride would have been with a boring look while waiting for your destination.

Spotify brings you a huge collection of music. You will find all kinds of music for your taste of adventure, trance, soothing. Name your taste and Spotify will find the suitable ones for you. What is more important is students can get an account at half the rate.

6.  RefMe – book referencing app

For any students working on a project presentation, the most dreading part is the citation and perfectly done bibliography. Especially when the professor demands that you need to present at least 2 pages of source citation.

RefMe is an app that makes book referencing very easy and hassle-free. The long list of sourcing can now be easily handled in perfectly producing a well-maintained citation list that you can easily add to the end of your work. All you need to do is to take a snap of the barcode of the referencing book and the app stores it safely. Works well, right!!

7.  UberEats – Food delivery app

One of the topmost downloaded apps in the US, UberEats is an app that fulfills all your appetite requirements. It gives you access to all the local menus around you and helps you connect to them to order whatever you want at your doorsteps.

No more worries with a birthday or surprise planning for your dear ones or a quick bite before you go, UberEats. With more than 100M downloads on Playstore and 50M on Appstore, you can understand the importance of this app to the multitudes especially the student community.

8.  Circle of 6 – Safety app

The most worrisome thing about being an international student is the safety and security in the new place. You might have a small circle of close-knit friends who are available locally near you. You constantly keep them updated about your whereabouts just so that in case of any mishap, they know where to look.

Circle of 6 is an app that connects 6 of your immediate contacts for your immediate access. You can access them via two taps so that they receive the message from you with the kind of help you need. This was originally designed to prevent sexual violence on campus. Staying safe is more important than anything else.

9.  Mint – Budgeting app

Being an international student, you always have to manage your bills. The rents, the dues, the loans. In short, you need to keep track of your money flow from your salary check to your expenses.

Mint is an app that helps you sort all your financial issues: budgeting, bill tracking, and financial planning. This app lets you manage your credit, your finance and help you remain afloat till your next paycheck. Money managing has become so much easier.

10. Chored – Group billing and chores distribution app

What can be more disturbing than asking your roommate to pay up for the pizza ordered last night or to remind them that this time it is their turn to pay the bills. To simplify this worry, Chored was designed. This app takes care of all your squabbles and helps you throw confusion out of the window.

With Chored, it has become easy to allocate the amount to be paid by everyone. Now, no more worries of bad feelings with your housemates on sharing chores turns, and bills. It also helps you pay the bill directly from your app.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the best apps that you would need to maintain on your phone while on your international student status. These apps will help you reduce more than half the trouble that you otherwise would have encountered because of your lacking knowledge about the area.

Be it be safety, fun, or travel, we have covered all your top choices.


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