6 Benefits of Using LinkedIn for Your Career

Benefits of Using LinkedIn for Your Career

You use Facebook to find your classmates. You use your Instagram to follow the bloggers with a beautiful lifestyle. There are plenty of applications available, and each of them has its target. LinkedIn is designed especially for your career. It’s a platform where you can share your accomplishments with both your current colleagues and future recruiters. LinkedIn for your career is a great platform to find work, excellent opportunities and helps you to build your professional network.

Jobs seekers from around the globe use this website as one of the best career resources. Because LinkedIn is a handy tool to find work opportunities and employ an excellent professional. And being on LinkedIn helps you to build your professional network.


We Collected Six Benefits Of Using Social Networking Site LinkedIn For Your Career.

LinkedIn is Popular

According to statistics, the number of LinkedIn visitors who use it for job search drastically increased in the last ten years (up to 60%). Among other reasons, it happened because, with the development of technologies, the interest in online jobs also increased. And its growth continues.

Every hiring manager knows this service and uses it every day. Recruiting firms always check their LinkedIn profile after receiving the CV from the applicant. They scan a resume of a potential employer, check the work experience and high school diploma of the individuals. Before inviting you for the interview, the recruiter goes through your key skills to see if you had specific training in the field.

It’s a Place to Craft a Winning Resume

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It goes without saying, that to land a job, you should work hard on your resume. No one wants to recruit a person who didn’t even bother to fine-tune their CV. Luckily, LinkedIn is a very user-friendly service. That’s why it is easy

to make your resume perfect. Moreover, you can change it as much as you need, even directly from your smartphone.

However, there are some things you should know about the way it works to make your CV more effective. As a resume-scanning software, LinkedIn has algorithms that rank the resumes according to their customers’ demands.

It means that the website bots show the recruiters only the most relevant documents.

It is called an applicant tracking system (ATS system). On the one hand, it helps recruiters to separate ATS bots from real people. But on the other hand, because the algorithms direct the applicant tracking process, sometimes they can ignore your job application and don’t show it to the employers. And because of this automation, your resume can stay invisible.

To write a bot-beating resume, you need some knowledge of the job market as well as an understanding of how to beat the bots. That’s why when you apply for a job, we’d advise you to get professional help. Different LinkedIn profile services will help polish your application, so you’ll get more interviews and job offers.

Career advice experts of such services know how to engage more recruiters and make the ATS bots accept your resume. The writing business representatives can also be helpful with a cover or motivational letters. Don’t waste your time. Ask the experts and get the best help available.

You can Find Like-Minded People

Apart from simplifying the hiring process, LinkedIn can also help you create a network of people working in the same area. By expanding your connections, you can exchange experiences and find new opportunities. You never know; maybe in some of the casual conversations, you’ll land an interview or even get a job offer.

Nowadays, networking means even more than the development of hard skills. In a world of technologies, when we spend most of the time on the internet, human connections are still worth a fortune.

Many jobs are staying invisible for recruiting systems because people tend to find new colleagues among the people they already know. That’s why it’s essential to be proactive in this social network, share your thoughts and inform about your accomplishments with your connections.

With LinkedIn, You can Develop Your Hard and Soft Skills

LinkedIn it’s not simply a social networking site. It also offers you plenty of opportunities to develop different skills. Some of these courses are not for free, but by using them, you invest in your career. The better qualification you have, the higher salary you’ll get. These online courses cover almost every career field. And the extra qualification will boost your chances in an interview.

Don’t hesitate to try. You can try a Premium account which offers you these courses for free. And if you don’t find anything you need, you can cancel your subscription.

It’s an Excellent Way for a Research

You might want to start using LinkedIn even if you don’t search for a new position at the moment. It’s a perfect place to research and analyze the market. With the help of this site, you can share your experience and find out how others work.

Your career needs to stay up to date with all of the new trends in the field. To be successful, you s hould also know the latest news about your work. It would also be handy to check your connections’ duties, so in case you need somebody to help – you know who to reach out to.

You can Introduce Your Work to Others

As you already know, LinkedIn is a professional network. That’s why you can use it to share your articles or artworks. It’s a perfect place to introduce a new book or a blog because it was designed for this reason. The feature of sharing the links to your websites helps you to increase your traffic and, perhaps, sales.

To Sum Up

LinkedIn is not only a convenient way to find a job. This application allows you to widen your connections, share your experience and talk about your products. It’s something you need to get a hang of if you want your career to develop. And while it may need some time to get used to – you will feel the benefits of using LinkedIn  for your career in no time.