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best careers for women, high paying jobs for women

The landscape of jobs for women has changed remarkably over the last few decades, with even greater evolution on its way. However, the gender gap is still prevalent in many industries, especially those still dominated by men. The discrepancy between women and men’s paychecks continues to be a significant issue. Women are rising in every career like IT, healthcare, art, design, engineer, corporate and many more.

There is a wide range of careers for women where they not only make up a high percentage of the workforce but also bring in high salaries. Here’s a list of best careers for women to choose from to ensure that they’re putting themselves in the best position with a high paying career.

Best Careers for Women with High Paying Jobs:

  1. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) – According to BLS data, Chief Executive tops the list as the highest-paying job for women. CEO plan, coordinate, oversee a company’s operations and act as the main point of communication between the board of directors and corporate operations. They work in a variety of public and private-sector industries. According to a study conducted at Harvard University, courage, risk-taking, resilience and managing ambiguity are the unique characteristics and attributes of successful women CEO. The median weekly earnings for women with this title is $1,920, which comes out to roughly $99,840 a year. The median annual wage in 2017 is about $196,050.
  2. Pharmacist – This is the second highest paying job for women. Pharmacists are medication experts who dispense prescription drugs to patients, counsel them on the use of prescription and over-the-counter medications, and also work with health care teams and advise for the dose, side effects and monitoring parameters for any medicines. Interestingly, this profession actually has more women than men. There were roughly 147,000 women and 107,000 men with this job title in the year 2017. However, despite being a woman-dominated profession, men still earn more as a Pharmacist. The median weekly earnings for women are $1,834, whereas men earn approximately $2,228 a week and the estimated annual earnings for women is $95,368. The median annual wage in 2017 is about $121,710.
  3. Nurse Practitioner – This is another one of the best careers for women. Nurse Practitioners are Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs) are licensed, autonomous clinicians who assess patient needs, order and interpret diagnostic and laboratory tests, diagnose illness and disease, prescribe medication and formulate treatment plans. They hold advanced degrees, either an MSN (MS in Nursing) or DNP (Doctor of Nursing Practice), national certification in a patient population focus, and state APRN licensure. According to BLS, the openings for Nurse Practitioners are expected to increase by 35% between 2014 and 2024, five times the growth projected for all occupations during that time period (7%). You can also opt to become a women’s health nurse practitioner (WHNP) to offer primary care services to women of all ages. The number of women working as Nurse Practitioners is 129,000. Their median weekly earnings are $1,832 and their estimated annual earnings are $95,264. The median annual wage in 2017 is about. $107,480.
  4. HealthCare Manager – healthcare is an industry where women career hits the spot as being in healthcare jobs gives you more flexibility and responsibilities of managing the hospital’s information, technology, services, etc. As women are good managers this job is one of the best options with a great pay scale ranging from approximately $51,712 to $ 1, 20,000. These are some Healthcare jobs you can go for:
    1. Hospital Administrator: ensures that hospitals and health care facilities run efficiently & complies with all laws and governmental regulation. They recruit talented Doctors and Surgeons, create hospital budgets, promote new treatments and more. The median salary for this career path is around $95,000.
    2. Pharmaceutical Project Manager: analyze investment opportunities and develop plans for promoting pharmaceutical products. The average annual salary for this health care role is about $80,000.
    3. Healthcare Consultant: they help the healthcare industry innovate. They create a report that summarizes identifying problems or issues within the organization, research and analyzes and propose findings and their recommendations for future steps. The average salary for this career is around $72,000.
    4. Health Information Manager: They work in hospitals, private practice or other health care organizations to manage information flow. They ensure that information or data is delivered to the right departments within or outside an organization. Other responsibilities include ensuring computer software is updated and all information is both stored and tracked properly, according to government regulation. The median salary for these professionals is about $89,000.
    5. Hospital CEO and CFO: A hospital’s CEO direct and plan all operations, create a budget, negotiate contracts, approve new hires and all healthcare profit task, just as a CEO in any other business setting. The salary for CEOs in a hospital setting is $386,000. A chief financial officer (CFO) managing all financial risks, planning budgets and keeping records. Within a hospital, an organization can expect to earn $315,000.
    6. Practice manager: Their responsibilities are similar to that of a hospital administrator, on a smaller scale. The average salary for practice managers is $110,000 annually.
    7. Health Care Technology Manager: Between two rapidly rising fields in Health care and IT, you can work as a Health Care Technology Manager. You’ll manage patient records, create databases, Oversee and maintain the installation and utilization of software and equipment, develop and review code, as well as architect technology solutions for the healthcare industry. Though these two fields are different, this job role has a high demand. For this role, one needs a bachelor’s degree in computer or software development, or health care (with tech skills on the side). They make a cool annual salary of about $ 122,541.
  5. Physician/Surgeon – These are not only few of the most respected but also few of the highest paying careers for women. Both physicians and surgeons diagnose and treat injuries and illnesses, however, while physicians examine patients, obtain medical histories, and order, perform, and interpret diagnostic test and also counsel them on diet, hygiene, and preventive healthcare, a surgeon is a medical practitioner or a doctor that specializes particularly in surgery and use operative measures to treat disease, injury, or repair/remove body tissues, bones, or organs. Approximately 352,000 women are working as physicians and surgeons in the USA. Their estimated median annual earnings for 2017 is $214,700.
  6. Lawyer – A Lawyer, also called as an attorney counselor barrister, is a person who gives legal advice to people, government agencies, and businesses, and represents clients in courts, before government agencies, and in private legal matters. In order to become a Lawyer, a person must possess a four-year bachelor’s degree and enroll themselves in three years of law school training. If you want to work as a Lawyer profession in the US, every Lawyer must pass their state’s bar examination. Around 337,000 women are working as lawyers in the US. Their median annual earnings for 2017 is $ 141,890.
  7. Physician Assistant – Considered as one of the best careers for women, a physician assistant is a healthcare professional who works closely with doctors and provide primary medical services such as, performing examinations, ordering tests, diagnosing injuries and illnesses, administering treatment, prescribing medicine, and monitoring progress. The number of women working as a physician assistant in the US is 66,000. Their median weekly earnings are $1,640 and the estimated median annual earnings are $104,760.
  8. Computer and Information Systems Manager – Computer information systems managers, often called Information Technology (IT) Managers and the head of the IT department. Their role is to help determine the IT goals of an organization. Information Systems Manager are responsible for implementing and maintaining the whole computer systems and ensures that all IT computer systems, devices and IT software and solutions are functional and productive. They coordinate, develop and lead Information Technology activities in organizations. In order to become one, you need a bachelor’s degree in computer or information science and related work experience. Their projected job growth (2014-2024) is 15% according to BLS making it one of the best careers for women. Numbers of women working as Computer information systems managers in the US are 165,000 with a median estimated annual earnings of $149,730.
  9. Software DeveloperSoftware Developers jobs are the creative minds behind computer programs and they create, code, maintain and update applications that are used to perform some task. Or develop the underlying systems that run the devices or control networks. If you’re a technology junkie, this high-paying, in-demand career is for you. Your role is to ensure the safety of computer software and systems, fight against hackers and prevent networks from being broken into and corrupted. According to the tech recruiting company HackerRank, women now make up more than half of new computer science graduates and junior developers entering the workforce. In order to become a software developer, you need a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related technology field. The number of women working as a developer is about 265,000. Estimated annual earnings for women: $80,236. The median annual wage in 2017 is about $106,710.
  10. Psychologist – Practicing Psychologists are trained professionals who conduct research, perform testing, and evaluate and treat a full range of emotional and psychological challenges. The number of women psychologists practicing in the US is 71,000. Median weekly earnings for women: $1,437
    Estimated annual earnings for women: $74,724. The median annual wage in 2017 is about $82,770.
  11. Human Resources Manager – There is an overwhelming majority of women workers in the HR industry. HR managers are responsible for recruiting, interviewing and hiring new employees for a Company or Organization. They are also involved in other roles like employee relations, handling payroll, employee benefits, and training process for landing good HR Jobs in the USA. HR workers should be able to handle workplace conflict and resolve disputes. Female human resources employees earned a median annual income of $66,716 in 2016. The median annual income for HRs has increased to $123,510 in 2017.
  12. Engineer – Engineering is one of the best fields for women because the pay is generally high and the salary cap tends to be lower than in other industries. Engineers design, modify and repair computer, electrical, mechanical, and other physical structures. They specialize in areas like civil, mechanical, computer, electrical, and chemical engineering. Women engineers earn a median income of weekly earnings for women is $1,436 and estimated annual earnings for women is about $74,672. The median annual income for HRs has increased to $98,190 in 2017.
  13. GED Teacher / Professor – Being a Teacher in a kindergarten, high school or college is a good career choice for women. Teaching gives you more time in your personal life. GED teacher is an adult literacy usually works to help adult learners acquire the education covering five subjects and skills like reading, writing, speaking English that is normally covered in a high school curriculum and teaching them in the public school classrooms, at a community college, or organization to assist older students to pass and earn their GED. GED Teacher must have a bachelor’s degree, teaching certificate, and a state license. Master’s degree preferred. The annual median salary for a GED salary: $82,880(BLS).
    Professors teach and mentor undergraduate or graduate students in community, colleges, and universities. Becoming a professor requires Ph.D. though some fields only require a master’s degree; degree. And if you are highly qualified, you can choose to become a professor as start from lecture, assistant professor, associate professor, or professor.  They earn an Annual median salary of a Professor is $91,590 and ranges from $50,103 – $155,239 based on your professor designation.
  14. Physical Scientist, All Other – Physical scientists specializes in sciences that do not deal with living things and work more into research, analysis study, testing and gather information from different disciplines such as physics, chemistry, astronomy and geology with a team of engineers and scientists. They can work in academic teaching, private research companies or government agency. They work as job roles such as Chemist, Biochemist, Astronomer, Geologist, Environmental Scientist, Geoscientist and Physicist. Physical Scientist requires to have a Bachelor’s degree in their subject specialty, qualifies them only for advanced education or assistant positions. Some scientists, such as chemists, Bachelor’s degree can provide an entry-level job in the industry. In many cases, physical scientists must have a master’s degree and or a doctorate to qualify for research positions. According to BLS, they earn a huge Annual mean wage 2017: $107,180.
  15. Management Analyst – Management Analysts, often called Management Consultants, propose ways to improve an organization’s efficiency and make it more profitable by reduced costs and increased revenues. A management analyst gathers information and analyzes a company’s employees, equipment, procedures and other components to find and resolve issues affecting the company’s efficiency and finances. They develop strategies for improvement, draft reports and deliver presentations to decision-makers. Management Analyst job requires a bachelor’s degree, most companies prefer master’s candidates with an MBA. They earn an annual median salary (2017) for about $93,440.

Some More Jobs that Women can consider:

  1. PR / Public Relations Job
  2. Digital Marketing
  3. real estate broker
  4. Interior Designer
  5. Fitness Instructors
  6. Translator / Interpreter
  7. Marketing and Sales
  8. Education Administrator
  9. Food Technologist
  10. Librarian
  11. Art Director
  12. Multimedia Artist or Animator
  13. Fashion Designer
  14. Communications Director
  15. Event planner
  16. Market Research Analysts
  17. Technical Writer
  18. Content Writing
  19. Statistician
  20. Occupational therapist

Women have many different preferences, goals, experiences, and standards when it comes to finding the right fit job they are looking for. These are some of the many great careers for professional working women looking to work in a successful career job opportunity. Choose your career wisely based on your interested and you are happy doing. That what matters.
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