Best ways to find OPT jobs in USA

Best ways to find OPT jobs in USA

Best ways to find OPT jobs in USA

For an international student in the USA, there are uncountable job opportunities. Here are various recruiters look forward to hiring fresh and young talented candidates. The OPT student needs to understand their educational field as it will help them understand the market pattern and the scope of their academic degree in the industry. For an international student, it becomes a tough nut to crack to find a suitable OPT jobs in USA. 

Being abroad is a challenge in itself and if the candidates are looking for a decent job while they are enrolled in a degree. They need proper guidance and assistance. But to get through this process they need genuine service providers because they lack networking. Not being able to create reliable social connections will lead OPT students stuck in corporate fraud and many other issues. One of the best ways to get OPT jobs in USA, is to take the assistance of an authentic organization like OPTnation. 

The best part about taking assistance and guidance from the team of experts is that the OPT student does not have to worry about not finding a suitable job. The recruiters always post about recent vacancies and job opportunities for potential candidates. Team OPTnation serves as a common platform for both the recruiter and the candidate. OPT students get the benefit of finding a place that is known for guaranteed placement. The professional team understands the job market well and is updated with the changing industrial patterns. 

Optional Practical Training is authorization to work while an international student is enroll in any full-time degree or program. F1 visa holders get this privileged permit to work either at the pre-completion or post-completion of their degree. If they opt for pre-completion work authorization they have to inform the Designated School Officer (DSO). They are allow to work 20 hours per week if it is pre-completion else they can work full-time if it is post-completion.

Also, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) students can get an extension of 24 months after working for 12 months. This is done so that they could contribute their efforts and knowledge to boost the tech field. If the recruiter finds them a good fit for the company they can sponsor their visa. The candidate can apply for a work permit through the different categories of visas such as H1B. For the NON-STEM students, this period is restrict to only 12 months. 

How OPTnation is relevant in finding jobs for OPT students in USA.

In many instances OPT students find it challenging to get a suitable environment for work which affects their mental health. Hence they tend to lose their focus and capability. Academics are already a burden on them and being away from home is really traumatizing for them. Although it is difficult to make connections so soon. So, OPTnation is a place where international students can hold on to get a job under the permit to work under OPT. The team of experts at OPTnation guides the students in many ways such as:

  • The team of professionals helps in targeting the right jobs for the OPT students as per their Major area of study. OPT students are allowed to do OPT Jobs in USA, in not just any field but only in the field of their education. 
  • More than 400 recruiters hire aggressively fresh OPT candidates but freshers are not able to know about all the potential opportunities existing in the job market. So it is very beneficial for their careers, to begin with, a decent job that pays well and is also related to their field of education. 
  • OPT students get global exposure and the chase begins with finding a decent job. It is not impossible to get yourself one but certainly, it is recommend to take appropriate guidance from experienced professionals. 
  • OPTnation not only helps in finding a suitable job but also helps the students to transform their resume professionally and prepares them for upcoming interviews. 
  • They held counseling sessions with the OPT students which helps them boost their confidence. And get ready to face industrial culture. 
  • They also match the resumes with the job description given by the recruiter so a sense of clarity is there when both the recruiter and the candidate are expecting to get suitable matches. 
  • By profile screening team OPTnation brings out the best possible matching. And it cuts the chase for both the employers and the employees. 
  • A huge database of resumes is create by the team, in which various streams of resumes arrive every day. The most precisely matching resume is then submit to the recruiters and the further process of hiring begins. 
  • Also, an OPT candidate must sum up the whole documentation process within 90 days. 


  • OPT students can rely on authentic organizations like OPTnation. The team of professionals at OPTnation not only guides them but also assists them in finding a suitable job as per their major area of study. 
  • The OPT students are allow to work while they are enroll in any degree in any educational institution. Many recruiters look forward to hiring fresh OPT candidates on a contractual basis. 
  • OPT students who are looking for OPT jobs in USA, can either find them on their own by keeping a check on the official websites of the company or by sending their resumes to the HR teams of the respective companies. 
  • The team of experts at OPTnation understands the US job market well and the changes are closely observe. The advice given by the team will be beneficial for the OPT candidate. 
  • The team also tailors the resume of the candidate professionally carefully highlighting the relevant skills and experience. It is important to make an impression on the recruiter through the resume. 
  • Also the team OPTnation provides counseling sessions and relevant mentoring to the candidates. Which prepares the candidates for upcoming interviews and boosts their confidence? 
  • Team posts about recent opportunities posted by the recruiters. So, any candidate is never out of opportunities if they are aspiring to find a decent job. 
  • Almost 80% of international students arrive with a STEM background and get opportunities in the tech field. Top-notch companies like Amazon, Meta, Google, and others actively hire capable and young candidates.  
  • It gives OPT students global exposure which will eventually help them get a lifetime experience in their field and boost their confidence and understanding of the scope of their degree. 
  • Opportunities in jobs for OPT students in USA are many, but it takes a more strategic approach when choosing an academic field. Students grow with their chosen path, to make a promising career they must opt for a potential degree. 
  • The OPT student must keep updated with the DSO for any changes in the terms of employment. 
  • OPT candidates need to have their Employment Authorization Document (EAD) based on which they get the offer of employment. Without this document, the employee is not eligible to get any kind of employment.