The Biggest Career Mistakes Students Can Ever Make

The first years after college are brutal. Everyone knows that. Because even though they keep telling you over and over again what you have to do or where you have to focus on finding a decent job, the truth is that all young adults have to go through the same crummy jobs during some periods. And just like the same many students can also make career mistakes which can affect their professional journey. So, one should always try you avoid these career mistakes.

But it is precisely in that phase where the most important decisions we can and should make are to be found. Because even though we may have spent half a decade or more studying a particular field, the truth is that the decisions we make after college are the ones that will set us on the path to a bright future or a wholly unravelled future.

So, here are the four career mistakes to avoid if you want to end up working in what you truly love without having to go through unnecessary mazes and existential crises.

These are the Career Mistakes Students Can Probably Make and Should Avoid It At All Cost:

Never Walk Away from Your Passion

Although sometimes it may be difficult, perseverance will save your future. Because your passion feeds persistence. Let’s say, for example, that during all your studies, you were guided by the desire to attain an ideal job in your chosen field. If you keep that passion alive, that same job will never feel like a chore but a treat that you will want to do every day.

On top of that, you will feel that you are doing something valuable that you love, and that is the only way to become an expert in your work.

But following your passion is indeed very difficult, whatever the professional sector. And the philosopher Alan Watts has put it very well, asking us the question, what would we do if money was no object? What would you do all the time if you didn’t have to hunt for money every day? This will surely help you reflect a little on what you want to do from your heart and not what you are driven by money.

Never Settle for Less

Having expectations is very important. Always. Because if you set your limits too low, then the best you can achieve is mediocrity. Think about it: the less you demand of yourself, the less you will receive in return. It makes sense.

Only ambition will serve as fuel for your career. Although many do not know it or do not want to admit it, all human beings are competitive. And really, no one wants to get lost in an infinite limbo of the tedious and mediocre. Because most of the time, we may blame it on our faculties or talents, but the main problem comes from our professional vision.

Take Advantage of the Eternal Quest for Experience

Okay, nowadays, all companies seem to be looking for more years of experience than years of life. That’s why words like internships, volunteering, and the most beloved by interviewers: work experience.

But don’t be fooled by the experience that a company requires. Please do it for the knowledge that suits you. Because it is not up to you to satisfy an interviewer or an employer, but you have to use your experience to your advantage to find what you like about your professional environment.

The more you know about your career and your industry, the more you will learn about the specifics and where you want to focus your skills and tastes. So don’t be afraid to venture into something that will give you that experience, even if it may pay poorly from time to time.

Because even if it is poorly paid or the hours of work are hard, if you get the opportunity to work in a position temporarily that can give you experience and knowledge of the environment that you are passionate about, it will serve you much better than one that will pay you a little more money to pay the rent at the end of the month.

Don’t Slam The Door Shut, Once You’ve Gone Through It

One of the most common mistakes everyone makes is also one of the biggest taboos in the professional environment. Because, once you’re in your desired position, there’s not much more left to collect. Or is there?

We always see that the goal is to reach the desired job position, but no one ever gives advice or talks about it when you are already in that position. And this is where the terms networking and bridging with other people in the industry come into play.

The professional world is all about grabbing the opportunities that come our way. Keep that always in mind. Because we can only grow in what we do if we both support and allow ourselves to be supported by those around us. And you will quickly realize that as soon as you help and connect with others, situations and opportunities will promptly appear. Some of which you never even thought about.

So, stick with what you’ve been told so unassumingly so many times. Things don’t depend on what you know but on who you know. And this is not just a Hollywood saying but applies more and more every day to the global professional environment.


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In Conclusion

If you have doubts about your future career goals, don’t worry. It’s completely normal. We have all gone through that difficult moment of not knowing where to go next to achieve our dreams. But in the end, things become pretty clear to us.

Whether you’re talking about passion, determination, experience, or contacts, the most important thing to be clear about is to stay on the right path and not get side-tracked by distractions. Just because they might temporarily offer you better conditions.

You will find that if you stick with determination and perseverance, just as you have done during your years of study, you will find your perfect career sooner than you think.

About the Author –
Dave Torrance, MA, CBA, is an author and educational psychologist with several decades of experience. As a expert, Dave is always looking for opportunities to share his knowledge and experience in research paper with those who need it most. Dave is proud to serve as moral support for students worldwide.