Explore Entry-Level OPT jobs in USA

Explore Entry-level OPT jobs in USA

Explore Entry-level OPT jobs in USA 

International students in the USA often find it challenging to find a decent OPT jobs in USA. OPT is a privileged work permit for the F1 visa holder. In this student is enrolled in any degree or program in any college based in the USA. The degree must be a full-time course and the international student is at the discretion. They have to choose either pre-completion OPT or post-completion. 

Pre-completion allows the students to work 20 hours per week. On the contrary, post-completion allows them to work full-time for 12 months. For the STEM students, this period can be extended to 24 months, hence they get 36 months in total. More than 400 recruiters look forward to hiring candidates for OPT jobs in USA. Freshers get the chance to step up into one of the largest global markets in the world. This could be a lifetime experience for the OPT candidate wanting to kick start their careers. 

The process of documentation must be completed in 60 days, and by the time the candidate is applying for employment. They must have Employment Authorization Document (EAD). The good part is OPT candidates can work with more than one employer. This will help them a lot in managing their finances and get a plethora of experience based on thier work. 

Many industries are actively hiring fresh OPT candidates, such as Consulting, audit and finances, staffing industries, and tech jobs are also offered by big companies like Google, Meta, Microsoft, and Amazon, and non-tech jobs are also offered by companies like Deloitte, E&Y and local recruiters. 


Being in a new place among new people, it is a little tricky to know all the pros and cons of working at some place or being with a kind of people. Lack of networking might be a drawback for a student who is looking for potential opportunities to work. Although it is not impossible to find a decent job in their educational field. That one is eligible for OPT only if it is related to the academic field. 

Students may find entry-level OPT jobs on the website of the companies where it is posted officially. Though it is impossible to check every company’s website on the daily basis. So, they need is a guide or mentor who could update them with recent job postings related to their field of education. Many recruiters look forward to hiring potential candidates for entry-level jobs. Because they can easily be hire on a contractual basis. 

For STEM students there are many opportunities in tech and non-tech companies, at the entry level. Though the compensation may vary on the capabilities and qualifications of the candidate. But the chance to become better with experience is always there, no candidate should underestimate their capacity to work. Good references might give the OPT candidate a chance to excel in whatever stream they like. And good positions can be offer with lucrative salary packages depending upon the experience. The students need to get place in the right company where they could learn and start their careers. 

OPTnation provides reliable leads for OPT jobs in USA  

OPTnation is a reliable platform it works as a launchpad for OPT students who are looking for suitable OPT jobs in USA. They allow the candidates to drop their resumes in the database, by which the recruiters choose the suitable ones. Employers often look for the best OPT candidates based on different things. For example educational qualifications, professional experience, team management, coordination, etc. 

OPTnation updates the recent job postings on their website daily. So, that the OPT candidates could choose and apply for the relevant job positions. A team of experts at OPTnation modifies the resume and highlights relevant experience and key skills creating a professional impression on the recruiter. Having a professional resume boosts the chances to be pick up by the recruiter if the resume matches the job description. 

The professional team at OPTnation provides valuable assistance and guidance to the candidates, which would ensure them a decent job with good compensation, as they have a better understanding of the job market. The changing market trends will automatically create more opportunities in some fields. So it is better to have guidance regarding sensitive matters like the scope of a specific degree or program while choosing OPT jobs in USA. 

The team can boost your resume and it will show up on the top of the recruiter’s screen, it will help the candidate get notice and increases the chances to get shortlist. Otherwise, the team itself provides a shortlist to the recruiter of the relevant resumes whose qualifications match the job description. It will create an easement for the recruiter to choose among them. 


  • A new beginning in a whole new place with different people is surely a challenge for a person who has moved abroad for academics. 
  • The F1 visa holders are privilege to get a work permit while they are enroll in any full-time degree in any educational institution based in the USA. 
  • There are multiple streams in which the international student could have a promising career, but more than 80% of the students arrive in the world’s largest global market with a STEM background to work in tech positions. 
  • More than 400 recruiters actively hire fresh OPT students, on a contractual basis at entry-level jobs in USA. Contracts of employment can be extend if the employer is satisfy with the services offer by the candidate. 
  • OPT gives the candidate the option to choose among the pre-completion or post-completion of the degree. Pre-completion allows the candidate to work for 20 hours per week, whereas post-completion allows the opportunity to work full-time. The OPT candidates can work for multiple employers after getting the authorization. 
  • It is a start of a promising career, working with global competitors and gaining practical training is surely a guarantee to begin a professional journey with a proper skillset and refined knowledge. 
  •  A candidate must explore all the ways to find a decent job, whether it be surfing the company’s official sites or recommendations of friends and peers. A candidate also can rely upon authentic online forums like OPTnation. 
  • OPTnation has a set of reliable recruiters who seek forward to hiring a potential and suitable set of candidates. The job updates are post daily on the website so that the candidate can apply for the relevant job opportunity. 
  • OPTnation has a team of experts that handles and modifies the resume highlighting relevant skills and professional experiences which will create a professional impression. Also, counseling sessions are provided to boost the confidence of the candidate to appear in the interviews. 
  • OPTnation also provides a shortlist of candidates for the reference of the recruiter, to choose among the relevant resumes. 
  • Many industries like tech and non-tech offer different entry-level positions for fresh OPT students, consulting, audit and finances, staffing, architecture, and tech and non-tech jobs. A proper counseling session is organize for the guidance of the candidate.