Hiring Job in USA for OPT students

Hiring Jobs in USA for OPT students

Hiring Job in USA for OPT students

OPT (Optional Practical Training) entitles international students under the F1 visa category to experience practical training in their educational field. It is permitted by the United States Immigration and Citizenship Services (USICS), it is a paid training in which the student can work either part-time or full-time it is his discretion after completing the degree or before completing the degree. It is a complex process as documentation is done with proper caution, so a period of 90 days is given to a student to apply and search for suitable employment. A student must have EAD while starting his term of employment. 

What is an OPT job?

An international student under the F1 Visa category is entitled to a work permit of Optional Practical Training (OPT) which is of 12 months, in which they can work either at a part-time or a full-time position. The student can work either at the pre-completion or post-completion of the degree or program. The permit to work at the pre-completion of their degree allows them to work while they are still enrolled in an educational institution, for 20 hours per week. If they opt for post-completion they can work as full-time or part-time employees.

The international student does not need sponsorship for an OPT Job in USA from the employer; they just need to fulfill the criteria of being enrolled in a full-time degree or program in any college or university based in the USA. Also, it is discretionary on the part of the part to work for any employer, until the employment is related to their field of education. There is a relaxation of 90 days given to the OPT students if they tend to find a job post-completion. 

Although the employer may offer various types of employment such as full-time, part-time, contractual, short-term, and internship. 

Scope for OPT students in USA:

There are amazing opportunities for students seeking OPT jobs in USA, either at the pre-completion of their degree or post-completion. If international students want to get themselves a job before completing their degree or program they have to contact their DSO (Designated School Officer) with an application requesting them to recommend them for the OPT job permit. Further steps relating to documentation and other formalities will be complete with the United States Immigration and Citizenship Services (USICS). The authorization extends to working 20 hours per week if the student is working during the session. Else they can work during summer breaks or other vacations.  

If the student is planning to get into the OPT job, they have to make an application for the EAD (Employment Authorization Document) with the USICS. There is a temporary authorization for 12 months to work full-time. 

An international student must know their educational field and its demand in the market. They must understand the pattern of the industry while conducting research regarding the scope of their major field of education and also the scope of Jobs in USA for OPT students

Even after the OPT permit is over, the candidate can apply for job opportunities in the USA under different visa categories, H1B, E Visas, and L visas. 

Hiring in USA for OPT students:

Almost every field has an affirmative approach regarding hiring OPT students. They may enter the job market as entry-level job seekers: 

  • The E-commerce industry is expanding and certain top companies are always hiring and posting vacancies regarding the required job role. 
  • Accounting students get job opportunities in the field of accounting, finance, financial advisors. Also as economic policymakers for any organization. 
  • Several jobs are post in the fields of IT solutions and online services, it is majorly for STEM students. 
  • Also, the staffing industry is witnessing a sharp increase in the industry, creating opportunities for freshers. 
  • Outsourcing and consulting companies are also flourishing and there is a spike in the job creation of entry-level jobs 
  • Management services are expanding, creating further opportunities for new management students, hotel management or tourism management or business administration. 
  • There are OPT Jobs in USA in the field of engineering and internships in architecture also. 
  • There are software companies which are offering job opportunities, IT services and so on. 

There are opportunities post daily. It is on the part of the candidate that they have to target the companies. And apply for the opportunities as per their academic field. Initial steps while beginning the job hunt are essential, a candidate must approach the company with a professional resume which consists of all the basic information, educational qualifications, specializations, professional experiences, internships or volunteering and other relevant skills and capabilities. It should give an insight into your personality. It will help the employer to know you better as the person you are. 

Process for getting OPT job in USA: 

There are various less complex ways in which an OPT student can look for suitable job opportunities, on their own, by friend’s reference, etc. All these processes might be an uphill task as managing job hunting while doing academics might confuse your priorities. So to avoid the hustle while job hunting there are online forums which provide assistance and guidance to the student and help them to bag decent jobs in USA for OPT students. Team OPTnation can assist the student to sack a decent job:  

  • Job hunting– The OPT student while exploring the possible and suitable opportunities must know their education well, must understand the demand for their degree in the job market, and must also record the pattern of hiring in the industry. 
  • To know: An OPT student must know about the company and the founder, and also must know about the reputation of the company in the market they have chosen to work with. 
  • What to choose: The OPT student must target the right kind of companies which are suitable for that particular field and can serve the best interest of the candidate. Which ensures a safe and healthy working environment for the employees. 
  • Reliable forums: there are many online forums which assure job guarantee but in reality, the candidate ends up waiting or they get an undesirable opportunity. So to avoid such a mess a candidate must rely on. And approach reputed online forums that are known to deliver quality. 
  • Vigilance: The OPT students must be vigilant and active while they are exploring job opportunities, on the official websites of the companies, or even when they are in touch with the HR manager of the company. It is essential to make networks which could be beneficial for your professional growth. 


  • An international student searching for OPT Jobs in USA must be aware of his field of education and his capabilities to perform in that particular field. The scope of the academic field in the US job market. The hiring parameters and the demand of the profession. Some basics before opting for any field of education of choice. 
  • Before searching for OPT jobs the student must complete the documentation process. He/she must have EAD in hand before beginning the work with any employer. 
  • It depends on the student whether they want to work pre-completion of their degree or post-completion of the degree. 
  • The type of employment may vary, as the employer can offer full-time or part-time jobs, short-term hire or contractual opportunities. An OPT student can also work for multiple employers as per his sweet will. 
  • There are many top-notch companies and start-ups as well that are hiring entry-level workers. Such as in the field of IT and software, the staffing industry, consultancies and management services. 
  • There are jobs relating to the field of accounting such as financial advisor, economic policymaker, and accountant. 
  • STEM students can work in their fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Moreover, they get an extension of 24 months after completing their degree. This way they can contribute their training and skills to the US job market. And can get lifetime opportunities by working in one of the largest job markets in the world. 
  • The recruiters look for potential and highly talented OPT candidates. So, they can be beneficial to the economic growth of their company and be a great fit in the industry. 
  • It is equally beneficial for the OPT candidate as they get global exposure in the form of paid training. They can refine their skills, and learn new things. It will add up to their professional experience and help them in getting more opportunities to work with global competitors. 
  • There are multiple jobs in USA for OPT students; it is on the students to target the right companies which offer suitable opportunities relating to the field of their academics. 
  • An OPT student must take assistance from a reliable forum like OPTnation. The professional team can help them find a decent job in a reputed company in a reasonable time. OPTnation makes the candidate job ready by modifying the resume and highlighting qualifications and skills to match the job description.