Hiring new OPT Students in USA

Hiring new OPT Students in USA

Hiring new OPT Students in USA 

For evry OPT Employer it is a tough job to find out best OPT Resumes in USA of students. In this blog we are going to know how an employer find an ideal match for his job.

Every year we witness an increase in the number of students migrating to the USA, for education or job opportunities, to make an identity in a foreign land. We see a vast puddle of talent coming every year to contribute their skills and experiences in the US job market, in return, they get enhanced skill set global exposure and kick start their career. The majority of the students arrive under the F1 visa category so that they can get training apart from classroom learning in their field of education.

The F1 visa holders are entitled to temporary authorization to work in the Major area of their academics, they can work either at the pre-completion or post-completion of their graduation. At the pre-completion of their degree, they are entitled to work for 20 hours per day and post-completion they can work full-time. The OPT students get a total duration of 12 months and the OPT STEM students get the extension even after completing their 12 months period, so they get a total of 36 months. 

There are more than 400 employers who are looking forward for fresh OPT resumes in USA under the OPT; they have positions for both STEM and NON-STEM students.  A STEM student doesn’t need to work in a tech industry only, they can also work in non-tech industries, which offer jobs like Data analyst in banking and finance services, or software of IT jobs in Consultancies and Staffing Industries that hire them in-house. 

Challenges for OPT students in USA 

There is a challenging environment abroad, as the freshers find it difficult to get suitable OPT Jobs in USA

  • Lack of networking can be a major issue while a student is abroad and is looking for suitable job opportunities. 
  • Lack of reliable connections could be a hurdle as students won’t get recommendations for genuine job offers. 
  • There is a lot of fraud going on with OPT students in the name of job opportunities, these companies ask the students to make the payment in return for a job. 
  • Students abroad are low on confidence; they might doubt their efficiency and could agree to do an under-statement job, so they have to be cautious while opting for a job. 
  • Some employers might see an opportunity with international students and might overburden them with working hours or workload. 
  • The OPT students also can face challenges in the compensation scheme and the type of employment offered by the employer. 

Key Points to remember while applying for OPT jobs in USA 

International students in a foreign land find it a little bit challenging to find a decent job opportunity, which implies an opportunity to gain potential training. There are decent opportunities for students seeking OPT jobs in USA, but due to a lack of communication and networking with peers or fellows, they are unable to get referrals or recommendations for it. 

  • The OPT student must discuss the whole training module with the employer, including the training duration, working days, shift timings and compensation, before filing the Application with the DSO(Designated School officer). 
  • It will then be approve by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), which will take 90 days to process the application and prove the Employment Authorization Document (EAD).    
  • Documentation related to permissions which are require to get authorization is necessary, so it must be complete on time. 
  • OPT STEM students are now entitle to get 150 days in which they can look for jobs; earlier this period was 90 days for working at the pre-completion. 
  • There are various positions offer for STEM OPT students in tech or non-tech companies so they must choose their targeted company wisely.  
  • The OPT student must rely on forums like OPTnation, which can guide them and assist them to target the companies which do hire freshers and have multiple job positions to offer. 
  • The team of professionals working at OPTnation understand the market well and the changing industrial patterns. So they would advise more beneficially. 
  • International students are often confuse when they are new about the possible job opportunities existing in their industry, so they require the relevant changes in their personalities and resumes. OPTnation helps with modifying the resume and also with the interview preparation of the candidate. 

Key points to find potential OPT resumes in USA 

It is surely a challenge for the recruiter to find the most suitable and precisely matching resumes

  • Not every resume which approaches the table of the recruiter is a good fit for the company. 
  • Screening of profiles is a complex and time-consuming process, the team OPTnation will surely ease this process for the recruiter if they sign up for the services offered to them. 
  • The recruiter must be ambiguous and direct about the job description and then post it. The advertisement will then target the right set of candidates. 
  • The recommendations made by the OPTnation team of experts are based on profile verification and 100% assured leads. 
  • While choosing a potential profile the recruiter must look for the educational qualifications, visa category and visa status, professional experience, and relevant skills. 
  • Sometimes the employer ends up hiring a wrong fit for the company, which is a waste of time. 
  • Hiring from point zero again going through the processes of profile screening and analyzing resumes and then interviewing them is a waste of resources and time. 
  • To save time, resources and energy the team OPTnation offers services like profile screening, analyzing and categorizing resumes based on the job description. 


  • Some top-notch companies are actively hiring international students and want the best OPT resumes in USA, to name some of the companies are Deloitte, DELL, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, E&Y and many more. They offer positions for both STEM and NON-STEM students. 
  • The students can target the companies who offer employment opportunities to the freshers in the area of their educational field. 
  • The F1 visa holders are only entitle to work while they are enroll in any degree or program in a university or college which is based in the USA. 
  • International students can look for OPT jobs in USA, but they must have an EAD in hand before work. 
  • They can work part-time, full-time, contractual basis, as short-term hires or can even work for multiple employers. 
  • Although the alteration in training plan or change of employment must always be inform to the DSO. 
  • The OPT students can rely on the OPTnation forum, for finding a decent job according to their Major Field of study. The team of professionals modifies the resume of the candidate so that the employer could find it relevant. 
  • The team of experts also conducts profile screening and short-lists the precisely matching resumes with the job description submitted by the employer.  
  • OPTnation bridges the gap between the recruiter and the candidate.  
  • The team carefully categorizes the qualified set of resumes for the recruiters, which is based on educational qualifications, visa category and visa status, relevant experiences, key skills and capabilities. Which are require by the employer for the specific job role? 
  • The OPT students must be cautious of fraud and must stay away from shady companies.