How do I find OPT candidates in USA?

How do I find OPT candidates in USA

OPT candidates in the USA arrive in the US job market, under the F1 category visa. The students are entitled to a privileged work permit. Recruiters often hire short-term, contractual, full-time, and part-time OPT candidates. They get reasonable compensation for their term of employment, though they might offer unpaid internships also. During Optional Practical Training, the candidates are allowed to work in the field of their education only. For instance, an accounting Major student will only be allowed to work as an accountant or in a consulting firm in a related job role.

Recruiters are often in a dilemma about hiring the best OPT candidates. Resume screening is a very long and time taking process. And recruiters are in a hurry, so in a short while, they expect to get the best resumes. So a team of professionals at OPTnation helps the candidates to find the resumes of the most suitable OPT candidates.

Get the best OPT resumes with OPTnation

The team of professionals at OPTnation is efficient and they offer the latest and genuine OPT resumes. Recruiters have to sign up for the services offered by the team OPTnation. And they get access to the database of OPT resumes, where they can choose the most relevant resumes. Certain benefits are provided by the team of OPTnation, while they offer their services to the recruiters:

  • The OPTnation has a huge database of OPT resumes which can be accessed by employers once they have signed up for the services of OPTnation. The database contains all the genuine and verified profiles.
  • The team at OPTnation also assists recruiters in choosing the best resumes out of all the relevant resumes.
  • The team recommends all the verified profiles to the recruiters. All the resumes in the database are verified by the team. All the recommendations made by the team are based on 100% reliable leads.
  • The team at OPTnation conducts profile screening by which the resumes are categorized. On various points such as visa status, educational qualification, professional experience, and other relevant skills.
  • The team understands the requirements of the employer, and as per the job description submitted by the employer. The team recommends relevant and suitable resumes as per the job description.
  • The team also verifies every profile, before putting it into the database or recommending it to the employer.
  • OPTnation targets the most relevant OPT resumes in USA, and it saves the time, energy, and resources of the recruiter.
  • Employers can get help from the team in many ways. They not only deliver the most suitable OPT resumes but also assists recruiters through email alerts. Through emails, the recruiters are informed if any suitable resume is dropped in the database.
  • The team at OPTnation also posts and updates the vacancies daily. On the official website, the recent vacancies are posted. This will help to attract candidates with precisely matching resumes.
  • Candidates get to know a lot on the website of the OPTnation about companies and recent postings.
  • The team assists the candidates in finding the best company with a valid job offer.
  • OPTnation is a one-stop destination for both the recruiter and the OPT candidates who are looking for potential jobs in USA.
  • Applicants can also track their applications. The ATS Application Tracking System is a feature that helps candidates to keep track of their application status. It also helps the recruiters to get accountable to the candidates.

Tips to get the best OPT resumes in the USA

Recruiters can follow these simple steps to get their hands on the best OPT resumes.

  • They can rely on the professional team at OPTnation. The team is efficient and is a group of dedicated individuals, who deliver quality results. Though it depends on the recruiters whether or not to choose the services of the OPTnmation. But it is 100% verified and genuine.
  • They can find various other tricks by searching How to get candidates resume for free. But the quality of resumes is not ensured and nor the resumes are fully reliable. The recruiters can surely rely on the team OPTnation and the quality of the resumes delivered speaks for itself. The resumes with the team at OPTnation are genuine and verified.
  • While posting advertisements online and on the company’s official website, recruiters must ensure that the advertisement is loud and clear. The advertisements must specifically signify the requirements and job specifications. Recruiters must also specify the educational qualification, experience if preferred, and mandatory skills.
  • The recruitment team must be available for solving queries of the OPT candidates. This practice will help the candidates to understand the recruitment process. Also, it will make the impression of friendly staff at the company.
  • The advertisements must target the right and relevant set of candidates. OPT students are only allowed to work in the specified area of their Major area of education. The candidates who get the EAD for getting employment can opt for suitable work.
  • Recruiters must create a healthy relationship with all the applicants, it will put a good impression upon other applicants as well.


There is a huge collection of verified and potential resumes in OPT Resume Bank, the OPT resume database. Recruiters can find the best resumes in the OPT resume database of the OPTnation. The team is efficient and a group of professionals assist the recruiters in finding the most suitable resumes. Employers can find the most genuine profiles after signing up for the services of the team OPTnation. Every day new jobs are posted on the website of the OPTnation, which helps recruiters to attract relevant job offers. The team at OPTnation also makes valid and relevant recommendations. After signing up the recruiters get access to the database of the OPTnation resume database.

Employers can directly choose the most relevant resumes from the database and can approach the candidate. All the leads provided by the team OPTnation are genuine and 100% verified. The candidates can get job offers from their desired companies and there is a strong possibility that the whole process can wrap up in one or two weeks. The team matches the most suitable resumes with the job description submitted by the recruiter.