How to find Engineering Job for OPT Student in USA?

How to find Engineering Job for OPT Student in USA?

How to find Engineering Job for OPT Student in USA?

Engineering is a field which opens up in various streams in itself, we see chemical, civil, and mechanical, computer science, electronics, petroleum engineering, aeronautical engineering and electrical engineering. It is a vast space for enthusiasts who are dedicated to designing and changing the world for the people. Skills and reasoning are the two major pillars on which engineering stands. It is not mandatory for the students to choose a specific branch in order to become a success. Every branch is different and influential in its own way.  

There is a very high demand in the Computer Science field which is then followed by Electronics. There are several opportunities in tech companies that are aggressively hiring. Such as Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft, Cognizant, Infosys for the positions of software developers. They are eligible for different roles such as technical analysts, network engineers, and communication engineers, they are also hired for managerial posts and in Public Sector Undertakings there are various opportunities for Engineering jobs for OPT students

Eligibility for getting a job for OPT students

It is essential for an international student to hold F1 Visa Status, which is a temporary authorization to work. The F1 Visa holders are eligible to work while enrolled in any full-time course or degree program in any college or university based in the USA. It is mandatory for the students to request the start of the application process. It takes up to 90 days to complete the procedure of acceptance of the authorization if the student is planning for a pre-completion OPT permit. The process should be sum up in 60 days if they are looking for post-completion OPT job opportunities. 

At the Pre-completion stage, there are several jobs for OPT students in various industries such as consultancies, staffing industry, IT companies or financial services. They are allowed to work for 20 hours per week, while they have not complete their degree. They can work on the weekends or during their summer or winter break. The work permit is only extend to their field of education only, meaning thereby they can only be employed in the field of their Major. This assists them to get their hands-on practical training, while classroom learning. 

At the Post-completion stage, the OPT students are authorized to work on a full-time basis, in the field of their Major area of study. They get a total duration of 60 days to apply for a suitable job, for a period of 12 months, although this duration is varied for STEM students. They get a total of 36 months, after completing the work duration for 12 months the student can apply for an extension of that period. 

A STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) student is eligible to work for 36 months; it is essential for them to have an educational qualification and must be employee with an E-verify tech company. This method of training OPT STEM students in their field helps the students to enhance their skills and get global exposure by working with top-notch companies. Companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Deloitte, JP Morgan and many companies actively hire freshers. 

This Optional Practical Training (OPT) is a system where the students contribute to the US job market. This fresh young talent arrives every year in one of the largest job markets, in multiple streams, they are eligible for various job for OPT student in USA for different roles including financial services, tech and non-the job roles, analyst, consultants or accountants. 

Scope of Engineering job for OPT student in USA 

Apart from the mainstream branches like Civil Engineering, Mechanical, Electronics, Electrical, and Computer science engineering, there are other blooming branches such as Petroleum engineering, Marine engineering, Environmental, Bio-medical, and Bio-chemical, Robotics, Aerospace, Telecommunication and so on. These fields are booming the demand for these branches is escalating, and companies do offer lucrative packages. The perk of being a part of the US job market is that the people employed in the tech industry have a relatively high standard of living. People do migrate to the USA for a better livelihood and global exposure, with the escalating experience in this field the compensation also rises. 

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics also published a report about the expansion of the field of engineering and the rising number of fresh Engineering jobs for OPT students. New opportunities are born when new ways are discover. The US job market witnesses the arrival of a million international students, out of which 80% of them come to the US. It is for better opportunities in the field of engineering. 

Among youngsters who choose Machine learning which is a trend in contemporary times, makes them eligible for different streams such as Artificial Intelligence (AI). There are several other streams of IT security, Web designing, software testing, interior designing and many more related opportunities. Automobile industries hire freshers actively, there are many job roles which are offer to entry-level workers. This give them the opportunity to get the chance to work with global competitors and contribute their skills. 

Key Points to remember while searching engineering jobs for OPT students

  • To know the scope of the degree in the US job market, if they have chosen a dynamic degree.  
  • To know the fields where they can work after completing their graduation or specialization.
  • The OPT students must conduct extensive research about the company which offers job for OPT student in USA.  
  • The OPT students must utilize the 90 days duration well while searching for a suitable job. 
  • They must know about the company and its founders, and a little bit of historical background. It will help to prevent them from falling into the trap of fraud
  • The OPT students must be cautious of the working environment offered in any firm or company. As it will directly affect their mental health and focus on their academics. 
  • Relying on authentic resources to find a suitable job in their field of education. There are many job agencies and online forums which offer guaranteed jobs but in return. They charge compensation from the candidates. 
  • A reliable online forum like OPTnation has a team of professionals who understand the US job market well. And they are well aware of the scope of the various degrees. 
  • The OPT students must invest their time in networking, with peers, classmates or even professors. So, they could assist the students in finding a suitable job in the market. 
  • The candidate must keep a positive attitude while exploring the industry for decent jobs. 
  • The candidate must create a professional resume, highlighting key experiences and skills for the targeted job field. 
  • Although there has been a sharp increase in job opportunities in the tech field so the competition is high. The candidates must have to be exceptional and must look outstanding on their resume. 
  • The team of experts at OPTnation tailors the resume professionally and forwards it to the recruiter. As per the job description submitted by the recruiter. 
  • Follow the official website of the company for day-to-day updates. It will help them be aware of the new job post by the recruiter. 


  • There are several companies which are actively hiring freshers, for various job positions. Such as consultants, financial services, staffing industry, and tech or non-tech companies. 
  • Top-notch companies like Microsoft, Amazon, JP Morgan, Cognizant, Facebook and so on which hire freshers hence creating engineering jobs for OPT students
  • There are several other branches of engineering including bio-medical, chemical, petroleum, solar, wind engineering. Apart from mainstream branches like mechanical and civil engineering. 
  • There is an expansion of the engineering field hence more opportunities are create. Every year there is a spike in the demand for freshers in the tech field. 
  • The STEM OPT students get an extension of 24 months after working for 12 months, at their pre-completion stage. 
  • The STEM students get 36 months in total as compared to the non-STEM who only get 12 months’ work permits. 
  • The OPT work authorization is approve by the United States Immigration and Citizenship Services (USICS). They provides EAD to OPT, students, which is mandatory for them to get employment. 
  • The OPT students get a total of 90 days duration to search for a suitable job opportunity. At the pre-completion stage and 60 days at the post-completion of the degree. 
  • The candidates must rely on authentic sources for getting updates regarding job postings. 
  • The OPT students must get into networking with the people around them it will save them from the possible fraud existing under the veil of corporate culture. It generally charges compensation from the students in return for a job offer. 
  • The OPT candidates must reflect all the key skills and experiences in the resume. 
  • Educational qualifications along with soft skills are relevant for the specific job position post by the employer. 
  • The OPT candidates must conduct extensive research about the company in which they are looking for job for OPT student in USA.