How to find jobs in USA for OPT Students?

How to find Jobs in USA for OPT Students?

How to find jobs in USA for OPT Students?

An international student enrolled in any college or university based in the USA. It is entitled to a work authorization under the F1 visa status. The authorization extends from working either while pre-completion or post-completion. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services are responsible for permitting an F1 Visa holder allowing him to find OPT jobs in USA. OPT stands for Optional Practical Training which is a privileged permit, an OPT students can only get the opportunity to work in the field of their education only.

This is done with the view that they will get the chance to practically learn their subject besides classroom learning. It helps them grow intellectually and develop into a professionally grown individual. They also learn about recent industry trends and corporate culture. It would give them worldly exposure while learning and working with the global market.

For instance, a student enrolled as a Computer science student he can work as a software developer only and not otherwise, an accountancy student can only work as an accountant, financial advisor, or economic policy maker and not as an architect or interior designer. It only gives OPT students the security to get a job in their own educational field, the practical learning based on their conceptual learning gives them an experience for a lifetime. 

Opportunities for OPT students

An OPT student is entitle to temporary authorization to work in their own educational field, for a span of 12 months; they can either work pre-completion or post-completion of their graduation or specialization. There are various kinds of jobs in USA for OPT students, they can work during the session in which they can work 20 hours per week, and they are entitled to complete the rest six months duration after completing their degree or course.

Students who look for OPT jobs in USA after completing the degree are entitled to get 12 months period to work in the field of their Major or specialization. There is some more elasticity give to the STEM (Science, Technology. Engineering and mathematics) students they get an extension of 24 months besides 12 months, in total, they get the authorization to work for 36 months. It is a way to contain the talent and training in the US job market as the potential talent won’t go out and will productively help the market grow. 

The OPT students while looking for OPT jobs in USA, might get varied offers of employment, such as they might get the offer to do internships, volunteering, full-time or part-time, and even they can be hired for short-term and can work for different employers on a contractual basis. This helps the students to get well-verse with the pattern of the market. And the demand of their profession in the industry. It is essential to stay up to date with the vibrant market trends, as we have observed that industrial demands are inconsistent, so in a way, an OPT student needs guidance and assistance while looking for opportunities. 

Challenges to finding jobs in USA for OPT students 

An international student studying abroad is expect to sail through a lot; a new place brings a whole new set of challenges. One such challenge is to make themselves better, for the accomplishment of their desired goals. Many such students seek opportunities to excel in their professional lives, for which they needed proper guidance and assistance so that they won’t waste their time by beating the bush and could grab OPT jobs in USA.

The OPT student struggles a bit as they do not have large social groups and enough social connections. It could be a reliable source to sack a job for themselves. And are obviously incapable to have all the knowledge of the US job market. In order to seek the right guidance they need a helping hand. OPTnation is one such online forum which not only serves as a platform between the recruiter and the candidate. But also provides services to the candidates at various stages of employment hunting.

When a student approaches the team OPTnation, the resume of the candidate is keep in the huge Resume Database. It is then modify according to the job description submit by the recruiter. If the resume fits the job description and criteria of the recruiter are then shortlist and send to the recruiter. It is then the recruiter moves on with the shortlist resumes and starts the interview process with the select candidates.

The recruiter gets a refined search so it is feasible to choose the right match for the company. This way the OPT students are serve with care and trust. They can expect an offer letter from a suitable employer in a few days. This way a candidate is save from fraud and other exploiting recruiters and unhealthy working environments. So, it saves time and energy for the OPT student while they are exploring the US job market.

Recruiters’ expectations from OPT students

The recruiters while listing out jobs in USA for OPT students look for a complete package that could suit their company in a more potent way. Sometimes recruiters end up hiring a not-great fit for the company and regret it later. So to avoid this mess and to cut the clutter. They also need reliable assistance who could conduct screening of profiles and analyze it accordingly. OPTnation is one such organization which assists recruiters by providing services. In which they short-list the set of resumes and forward the precisely matching set of resumes. According to the criteria set by the employer. 

Employers also look for educational background, professional experience, skills and other relevant skills. Like management and team coordination, and time management. Not only hard skills but soft skills are also essential before hiring an individual. So an OPT student should be ready in every aspect and be up to date with the job market. 

Quick ways to find OPT jobs in USA 

There are many ways in which an OPT student can look for OPT jobs in USA

  • Create a professional resume 
  • The resume should have all the essentials of education, professional experiences and soft skills.
  • The resume must be tailor according to the job description
  • The relevant skills and experiences must be highlight accordingly. 
  • An OPT student must take assistance and guidance from a team of experts like OPTnation
  • OPTnation guides the OPT candidates to find a decent job 
  • OPTnation helps in modifying the resume of the candidates as per the sweet taste of the employer
  • As OPTnation provides job offers within a reasonable time. A candidate does not have to waste a lot of time while exploring a suitable yet decent job. 


  • The OPT students are entitle to temporary work authorization under F1 visa status, either pre-completion or post-completion of their degree 
  • A regular OPT student gets a permit to work for a period of 12 months. If he chooses to work pre-completion of their degree they get 20 hours per week. Otherwise, a student can do OPT jobs in USA post-completion of the degree program. Whereas a STEM student gets a total span of 36 months. 
  • OPTnation is an online forum which extends its services to candidates and the employer. For the OPT students the team of OPTnation provides the option to drop the resume in their huge database of resumes, from which the resumes are short-list. 
  • The team shortlist the resumes based on their educational qualification, professional experience and skills which an employer might find relevant for the given job vacancy. 
  • There are various types of employment offered jobs in USA for OPT students, short-term, contractual, full-time or part-time, internships, and volunteering. 
  • A recruiter looks for hard skills and soft skills in an employee. As he wants them to be an asset to the company. 
  • OPTnation bridges the gap between the employer and the employee by providing a platform on which the recruiter can meet the right math for his company. This assistance saves time and energy for the candidate and also it is user-friendly and pocket friendly for the recruiter. 
  • It is essential for candidates to look for reliable assistance to save themselves from fraud and other possible dangers. 
  • It is in the best interest of the US job market to have employees who are train from their institutes only. This way they could utilize their learning and talent and can train for better opportunities. 
  • There are many benefits which a candidate can seek while doing an OPT job in USA, one such benefit is, they get training in one of the finest markets in the world, see competitions, and construct capabilities which could help them while grabbing opportunities outside or in USA. 
  • The global experience will be fruitful in building up a decent career and it will create a great impression on employers.