How to find OPT Student’s Resumes Database in USA

How to find OPT Student's Resumes Database in USA

How to find OPT Student’s Resumes Database in USA

Looking for a potential OPT Resumes in USA is quite a task for the recruiter; there is a figure of approximately 1 million international students who enter the US job market every year. Not every student is suitable for every type of job; there is a need to categorize workers according to their skills and qualifications. The F1 visa holders are entitle to work as OPT(Optional Practical Training) for 12 months, on the contrary, if they are STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) students they are entitle to a duration of 36 months in total. 

This is done so that the students contribute their learning in the US job market. Recruiters by hiring OPT students in USA, give the students a chance to refine their talents and by training them they give them global exposure, which is ultimately very beneficial for their professional lives.

The students are permit to work in their educational field only, it is in their best interest of them, work is then not a distraction for them instead they learn and train themselves for a bright future. There is an extensive demand in the industry for entry-level job seekers, and majorly international students find work as full-time or part-time employees. 

The team of professionals at OPTnation provides its services to the recruiters after subscription and it will ease their work efficiently, as OPTnation deliver potential and quality OPT resumes in USA to the recruiter.                                                                                           

Scope of quality OPT Resumes in USA 

Every employer would want a potential candidate, who could contribute their skills and professional experiences to the growth of the company. The team OPTnation ensures quality in the resume short-listing, and the experts make sure that. They would deliver the right set of matching resumes to the recruiter. The needs of the recruiter are identify and prioritise, and extensive research is conduct while profile screening.

The OPT resumes in USA, recommended by the team of professionals are based on verified leads and it is done on the factual basis of categorization. For instance, the basis of criteria is educational qualification and current field of study, visa status and visa category, professional experience if any, key skills and capabilities and other soft skills. Soft skills include time management, team coordination, working under pressure, dedication and commitment towards the project, communication skills and other relevant skills as are require for the job role. 

Challenges faced by the recruiter while looking for potential OPT students in USA 

There are certain challenges face by recruiters if they are looking for potential OPT students in USA for hiring: 

  • The job description does not target the right set of candidates always. Sometimes there is unambiguity and hence mismatch profiles approach the employer. 
  • The qualification employer is seeking should be mention clearly. Otherwise, multiple profiles will approach but not with the suitable educational qualification. 
  • Sometimes the recruiters delay completing the process of hiring the candidates. And have to wait for a prolong period which is undesirable for any candidate. After the interview is conduct the result must be announce as soon as possible. 
  • If the reputation of the company name is shady or not great in the market. The potential candidates won’t approach the company. So a recruiter must invest in keeping a good reputation in the market and must remain in good books. 
  • Sometimes a candidate is hire purely base on educational qualifications and lacks other qualities. So, before hiring the employer must seek the soft skills of the candidate always. 

Why recruiters should rely on OPTnation

  • A huge database of resumes: The team OPTnation has a vast treasure of resumes which are drop in by the OPT students in USA. So why is it done? When a student approaches the online forum of the team OPTnation, they subscribe for assistance and guidance from the expert. The resume is under the guidance of the experts, and then it is modify in a professional manner. So, that it could increase the chances to make a good impression on the employer. The relevant skills and experiences are highlight and the plethora of resumes is then short-list for the employer. 
  • 100% assured leads: The team OPTnation ensures that the employer must get the latest and up-to-date set of resumes, and the team stays in touch with the candidate so that they could simultaneously be aware of the current situation of the candidate. After the profile is final and short-list receiving the response of the candidate. It is very essential for the further process of hiring by the recruiter. So fresh OPT resumes in USA are provide to the recruiters.
  • Verified resumes: the resumes are verified by the team, initially when the candidate approaches the team OPTnation the profile screening is done. Extensive research is conduct for the background check, visa category and status, educational qualification, professional experience and other relevant experiences. It is important that the recommendation present to the recruiter is well vet. And must fit the criteria submit by the recruiter. 
  • Easy access to resume database: OPTnation provides accessibility to the resume database, which helps the recruiter to pick up suitable resumes as per the criteria and requirements of the job role. The access is grant and new and updat sets of resumes are always post in the database. The employer can search the suitable OPT resumes in USA, using keywords also. The other way is to take the assistance of the team. And they will provide a precisely matching set of resumes to the recruiter.  
  • Subscribe to resume letters: The recruiter can subscribe to the services of OPTnation in which they will receive emails regarding the new set of resumes arriving, and for precisely matching set of resumes. This will keep the recruiter update about the fresh resume coming in. And they have the option to approach the candidates through it. 
  • Unlimited job opportunities: There is a wide variety of opportunities that are posted on online for daily basis. As Recruiters are always looking for a suitable fit for their company who is beneficial. And could contribute to the expansion of the company’s growth. There are lots of opportunities for OPT students in the USA the right assistance can lead to the path of decent jobs and the candidates can be part of the US job market. This will give the students the global exposure and the opportunity to develop new skills and sharpen the existing ones. So it will be beneficial for their professional growth. Their contributions will consecutively benefit the economic growth of the market.  
  • Reliable services: The team OPTnation is always ready to render their services like a good friend, implying hereby that sincerity and responsibility are not compromised. Only a bunch of potential and quality resumes are deliver to the recruiter. 
  • Get in touch with the candidates: OPTnation stays in touch with the candidates to ensure their response at all stages of the hiring. After the resumes are short-list the recruiters are at the ease to access their candidates. So, that they can discuss further and move forward. And if in any case the candidate is not select for some particular role. They can always try for other opportunities. And the team will assist and guide them throughout the process. 


  • Potential OPT resumes in USA are in demand; the recruiters want to get their hands on talented and young candidates who are dedicated and capable of making a promising career. 
  • OPTnation provides services which are easily accessible by the recruiters. The OPT students’ recruiters the Team OPTnation provides a huge database of resumes which is easily accessible by the recruiter. But after the subscription. 
  • Recruiters can search for the resumes of suitable candidates through keywords also. This gives them the flexibility to short-list the resumes on their own. 
  • They can also take assistance from the team, for getting a precisely matching set of resumes. But based on a job description. The short-listing is done once the screening of profiles. And categorization base on educational qualification, a study of major, visa status and professional experiences. 
  • The recruiters can also subscribe to the resume alerts so that if fresh or matching OPT resumes in USA resumes arrive in the database, the recruiters already know. 
  • The OPTnation provide fresh and updated resumes. Based on 100% assured leads, the recruiters do not have to wait for a prolonged period. 
  • The verification and screening are carry on the part of the OPTnation. Hence only reliable and verify resumes are deliver. 
  • There are several complex processes which are conduct even before selecting and calling the candidates for an interview. So, to save time and energy the recruiter should rely on OPTnation which is a reliable platform. For both the recruiters and the candidates.