How To Get A Job On OPT For International Students

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Get A Job On OPT For International Students

An Optional Practical Training is meant for students with a valid student visa in the USA. A student with any degree or any background can apply for OPT.

An OPT candidate in USA can work with multiple employers.

A student can find jobs in their field of study. Now, many students worry about the part where they have to do job hunting. For them, we have a few points to discuss:

1. Basic information for OPT 

Before finding a job, it is important to know the whole process of OPT. Primarily, a student has to file an I-20 form i.e an OPT request form to the USCIS.

To get OPT student jobs, a student can apply for them before 90 days of their academic program or after 60 days of their completion.

A student can work for 12 months under any OPT jobs in USA under which they can also change employers.

The application of the OPT has followed an employment authorization document (EAD) which is also very important. A student can expect 3-5 months for the whole approval.

A student then also needs approval from the designated school official (DSO) for pursuing their OPT.

2. Things for job hunting

All the documents including the EAD and I-20 approved form are required. A student also needs resumes for OPT resume bank that is stored in universities and the company’s database.

An OPT resume database is very functional when it comes to hiring. There is job hunting from both ways. Mean an employer is also looking for OPT candidate in USA when an OPT candidate is looking for an employer.

A resume is an important source of communication as well.

Students can distribute and make connections in their fields. OPT resume bank is also made my agents and recruitment portals that help in hiring.

The usage is simple. All the resumes that are related to the same field of study are stored in OPT resume database and are used for hiring.

3. Job hunting process for OPT jobs in USA

There are many types of jobs that are found under OPT. A student can find the one suitable for them. OPT job portals are the first place to look for.

The online availability for every kind of source is higher than ever. A student can look through certain sources for job hunting.

There are many OPT jobs in USA that are found through them only. The job-hunting process is very important.

A student with no experience can also look for entry-level OPT jobs here. There are various categories available and there are active responses.


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4. Things to consider for OPT

As there are many jobs for OPT students, there are some rules to consider. Students can find jobs full-time during their breaks being the first thing.

A student can also look for a paid or unpaid job in the USA.

There are many states where volunteer work is also provided easily, so a student can do that as well.

A student can also work within their campus or with their faculties under OPT.

There are no restrictions on how many employers a student can work with.

Self-employment is also considered a mode of employment during OPT. So, a student can start their own business and even hire others to work with them.

A student must maintain their legal status in the USA during their entire work authorization and H1B visa.

A student also gets a grace period of 60 days after which their OPT will expire. In that period, a student can either change their status in the USA or leave the country after expiration.

Student has to stay employed during their OPT and they cannot stay unemployed for more than 90 days.

All these rules are about OPT and OPT jobs that a student can do after getting their EAD and OPT approved. A student can extend and even apply for various types of OPT if their legal status is maintained.

Conclusion : OPT Jobs In USA

This article talks about the things that a student should keep in mind when they are preparing for OPT. A student with all the basic information about OPT can know the steps that are required for the application.

Without the approved OPT and EAD there is no job. A student can look for jobs in multiple ways. OPT online portals are among the top one of them.

A student also can understand the small things that are very important to get any job on OPT.

With the list of documents that are mentioned in the article, a student can not ruin their chances of having a job in the USA. There are many jobs for international students, but to get even a single one, a student has to be careful. No documents can be missed by them.

Any student can find a job in the USA under OPT.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) :

  • Which is the best opt job portal for OPT jobs in the USA?

The job portal for OPT students is OPT Nation. Here, a student can find verified employers. There are many types of guidance that a student can get here.

One can learn how to write resumes and also get prioritized for the employers with the help of many features.

  • Does OPT Nation provide opt jobs for international students?

Yes. Along with resume writing, training, job description, and much more OPT Nation help in providing jobs.

A student can find many employers and many different types of jobs here. There are training and easy communication for international students as well.

  • What services does OPT Nation provide for opt International Students?

On OPT Nation, a student can get many services. Starting from resume writing, resume prioritizing, training, placements, and many budget-friendly perks.

A student can learn a lot and communicate with many employers from all over the USA. The employers are verified and reliable. 

  • What companies can hire OPT students?

Companies that are verified by the legal authorities can hire OPT students. They are the American employers that hire OPT students.

There are many brands and multinational companies as well that can hire OPT students.


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