How to hire OPT Candidates or get OPT Resumes in USA?

How to hire OPT Candidates or get OPT Resumes in USA?

How to hire OPT Candidates or get OPT Resumes in USA? 

International students who are enrolled in any full-time degree or program. In any University or college based in the USA are entitle to get temporary work authorization under the F1 Visa category. Non-STEM students get a total of 12 months’ permit which can be utilized by them. It will be in the pre-completion or post-completion of tier degree. Whereas STEM students get a total authorization for 36 months to work in the US job market. The authorization is needed from the United States Immigration and Citizenship Services which provides an EAD (Employment Authorization Document) to the OPT candidates in USA, based on which they can get the opportunity to sack decent employment, to begin their professional journey.

At the pre-completion, the students can work 20 hours per week and it can be extend only with the permission of the USICS if they are STEM students. It is beneficial for professional career development; the global exposure gives them the golden opportunity to work with global competitors. The recruiters with which the OPT student has worked might offer them, full-time employment, for which the candidate has to apply for different Visa categories H1B, L1A or L1B. Depending on the company policy and sponsorship by the employer.  

The team OPTnation is a reliable online forum which bridges the gap between the recruiter and the candidate. The recruiter can find the best matching profiles for the job role with the assistance of the OPTnation. The OPT candidates can also find decent job opportunities, within a reasonable period. When a student is abroad it is imply that they are short of networking and reliable connections, team OPTnation provides them guidance and a reliable connection to land them a good opportunity to kick start their career. The OPT candidates get the authorization to work in their field of education only. They are not entitle to work in any other field besides their educational qualification. It helps them get professional experience apart from classroom learning and it will enhance their skills, make them ready to step up and get marvelous opportunities to work in top-notch companies. 

Tips for the recruiters to get the right match of the candidates 

The recruiters find it challenging to find the most suitable profiles to hire for their company as it will reflect the reputation of the company. The economic growth of the company depends upon the staff and associates. The employees serve as the building blocks of the company. And the recruiter wants to cut to the chase and hire the most beneficial and potential candidates without wastage of time and resources. Here are the few key points which must be considereby the employer while hiring 

  • The advertisement must be loud and brief; it should reflect the idea specifications required by the company. 
  • The employer while posting for jobs must be ambiguous and direct about the educational qualifications and relevant experiences. 
  • While hiring fresher the employer must mention the visa category required, which is an F1 visa if they are hiring OPT Candidates in USA
  • They can take assistance from reliable forums like OPTnation which is providing their services for recruiters in finding the most suitable profile for their company. 
  • While hiring entry-level workers the employers must be very direct about the salary package and the working hours. 
  • It is requir by the employer to mention the type of employment they are offering, short-term hire, full-time hire, part-term hire and contractual.   
  • The recruiter can save a lot of time; by signing up with the OPTnation they can provide their services for the recruiter. Access to database resume, profile screening, shortlisting of relevant OPT resumes in USA, job postings and advertisements of the company. 
  • The recruiter must overview the full portfolio of the candidate, not only the educational qualifications but also the soft skills which are relevant for the governance of the company and are the requirements of the job position.

OPTnation: OPT Candidates resumes database in USA 

The professional team of OPTnation provides various services for recruiters who are looking for potential OPT candidates to hire. OPTnation has a vast database of resumes which are verified by a team of professionals and categorized on various aspects. The database of resumes is access by the recruiter they can pick the suitable profiles of the OPT students. That they think can be a good fit for the company. There are several other services in which the relevant resumes  as per the job description submitted by the recruiter would appear in the top searches. Also, the recruiters can use keywords to find the most suitable portfolios. So, by which it can ease the hustle of profile screening which is a time-consuming process. 

The team of experts at OPTnation also assists in profile screening and short-listing of relevant resumes. The employers submit the specific requirements of the job position for which they are hiring. The team then analyzes the resumes from the database. And picks some of the precisely matching profiles as per the requirements of the employer. The recommendations of the portfolios are based on extensive research and observation of the qualifications of the candidate. Only relevant OPT resumes in USA are available, for the consideration of the recruiters they can wind up the process of hiring in a reasonable period. It saves time and energy for both the candidate and the employer. 

Tips for OPT Candidates in USA to find a suitable job

While a student is abroad they must keep a few things in mind. Before beginning their search for jobs or educational institutions as it will be the basis of their professional life. 

  • To know the scope of the degree or course in which they are taking admission. 
  • While choosing an educational institution based in the USA the student must conduct extensive research to know the worldwide ranking of the particular institution and its performance in the past recent years. 
  • While finalizing the institution they also should take a look at the environment which the university offers. It is essential for the personality development of the student. 
  • The scope of their degree in the US job market is also an important aspect to consider. It is in the good faith of the student to consider all the possible opportunities to get employment in a reputed firm or company. 
  • Optional Practical Training (OPT) is an essential step towards career building, so the candidate must focus on the initial step. 
  • OPT Candidates in USA under the F1 visa category; get the privileged work permit for 12 months which could be extended for STEM students they get a total of 36 months.
  • The resume must consist of all the relevant information about the candidate, with which the recruiter can judge the candidate’s profile. 
  • The resume must look professional and must mention educational qualifications and all the soft skills and capabilities of the candidate. It is to be tailor to the skills which are require by the recruiter for the specific job role. 


  • The recruiters look for potential candidates to hire as it will reflect in the economic growth of their company. The recruiters look for a good matching profile. But sometimes they are unable to find a good fit for the company. And they have to repeat the whole process of hiring. 
  • To save the recruiters from this scenario of hustle and bustle team OPTnation advice and assist them throughout the hiring by providing them fresh and verified OPT resumes in USA based on 100% assured leads. 
  • The OPT students when looking for universities must take an insight into the academic performance and ranking of the university. 
  • Also when the student is choosing a degree or a program must look for the scope and possible job opportunities. That is related to the educational field as it will serve as the basis of their professional career. 
  • There are various opportunities for OPT students, they can choose either pre-completion or post-completion OPT. They are authorise to work for 20 hours per week on their pre-completion permit. And can work full-time on the post-completion permit. 
  • OPTnation offers various services for recruiters to find suitable profiles for the job positions for which they are hiring. A Huge database of OPT resumes in USA is easily accessed by the recruiter after they have signed up with the team OPTnation. 
  • Other services include profile screening, and recommending relevant resumes of OPT candidates. As per the specific requirements submitted by the employer for the job role.
  • OPTnation provides assistance and guidance to both the recruiter and the candidate; it simplifies the complex processes of job hunting. Similarly, it eases the hustle for the recruiters to find a good fit for their company.