How To Make A Video For Job Application In 6 Easy Steps

How to make a video for job application

If you are pondering over creating a job application video, don’t be afraid! The magnificent element of a video for job application is its control level. It’s very important to create an attractive video for job application which showcase your skills and increase your chances of getting shortlisted. If you can’t shoot it well the first time, you can delete it or modify it at later stages. You may take it back when you make a joke and realize instantly that it was significantly less humorous than you would have wanted!

This is an interview without the inconveniences and subsequent palms and the opportunity to create a fantastic first impression with the additional ability to spend as much time doing this. This gives you a sense of your personality and if you fit within the culture of their business. With this information, you can determine whether to submit yourself for a job interview.

This video for job application may also be useful for you as a candidate. In your curriculum vitae, it is not simple to show your personality and communication abilities. But making a video lets you meet prospective employers more intimately from the minute you contact them. So, here are 6 steps that can help you craft a killer job application video.

6 Steps to Making a Killer Video For Job Application

1. Begin by Planning your Video

You may be tempted to start shooting your application video immediately. We suggest that a strategy be put together first, though. Determine how you would want to respond to any suggestions made by the recruiter or recruiting manager.

Deciding your video’s format is also essential. Would you want your mobile phone or PC to capture your video? You may also build up a slideshow via the slides, with your voice narrating.

Whatever manner you choose to display your film, make sure it matches the job position for which you apply. It should be natural for you, too.

However, your video resume must not be flawless. Funny outtakes or errors may reveal plenty, even revealing your capacity to cope with the unexpected—a crucial quality that’s hard to find in a traditional summary.

Writing a screenplay is also useful to assist you throughout the shooting process. This will make sure that you make your argument clear. It will also offer you an instant thought in the event that you forget anything. Make sure you utilize the script as a guide instead of reading it straight away.

2. Don’t Repeat the Contents of your Resume

Instead of describing previous positions and responsibilities, share an experience or characteristic with you that is relevant, but which may not be reflected in your CV.

You should leverage this video opportunity to highlight facts that might not be listed in your resume.

This enables prospective recruiters to see the professional as well as the non-professional side of your persona and may even enhance your recruitment prospects.

3. Speak About your Experiences & Work Ethics

You may not need to recite your CV in an application video. However, the ideal thing to prevent is that the recruiting manager already has access to your CV. Rather, speak about your experiences or characteristics that are related to the description of your position.

For example, during your present or prior job have you worked on a successful project? You may speak more about this and how you have found the experience and any outcomes that you have contributed to.

This is your opportunity to let prospective employers see your personality and enthusiasm for your job. That is why it is so essential to make sure that your video is powerful.

4. Establish your USPs

The sky’s the limit as to what you are talking about in your video. You can leverage videos to establish your unique selling proposition to the recruiter.

This is a much better way to demonstrate your expertise than simply letting the hiring manager scour through your resume.

If you want to explain or extend anything in your application, you may utilize the video. When the description of the position includes a humorous suggestion such as, “Tell us in 150 words or fewer what makes you so special,” a video may be a fun way to reply.

5. Edit your Videos

An online video editor can help you craftily edit your application video and is simple and easy to use. You don’t have to be an experienced editor to make little, far-reaching adjustments. If you can’t figure out anything, there are many YouTube videos to teach you how.

6. Get Feedback from Friends & Family

When you are done creating your video, email it to anybody who is willing to provide you with feedback. Encourage them to speak honestly and to offer constructive feedback.

Your family and friends may hold back your real emotions in a mistaken but well-meaning ‘supporting’ effort. Be careful to remind them of the harsh honesty you are seeking.

Above everything, try to ensure that the video looks like you. Ask people if your personality shines through or whether it seems like you act. You may have to come back and reshoot if they say the latter.


Video resumes are the future, and we are just beginning to see them in the wild. Since the employment market continues to heat up, it is more essential to stand out from the crowd than ever. Now, jumping into the wave of the video summit can allow you to shape your future employment and exhibit your creativity and talents in a remarkable manner.