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How to Use Facts and Figures in your Resumé

Facts and Figures in your Resume

A resume is an essential tool when applying for a job as it allows you to convey your personality and corporate value via paper. In other words, you get the opportunity to convince the organization to hire based on your resume.

However, most businesses are moved by facts and figures, indicating that you’re an invaluable asset that delivers results. Therefore, to maximize your chances of getting employed, consider including these crucial elements when writing your resume for the first time.

In this article, you’ll learn some crucial tips and recommendations on successfully incorporating these facts and figures into your resume.

Consider Using A Resume Builder

Before proceeding with using facts and figures in your resume, it’s worth noting that creating such a vital document is tricky. This is due to the vast requirements needed to complete the document, including text size, font, page format, headings, and many more.

These factors become more mentally tasking if document creation isn’t a skill you possess. In this case, why not ease the hassle and use Resume Builder Pro.

This resume builder presents you with over 4000 resume templates, allowing you to edit and insert your details with little to no time wastage. You also get a guide on the best resume practices to make your document compelling.

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1. Show an Increase

When displaying your experience and skills, best practices in resume writing require that you make the section more engaging and relevant. In other words, show the hiring manager what metrics revealed the intensity of your impact at your previous job.

Some examples include:

  •     Reduced wait time for new customers by 20%
  •     Increased sales by 13% via implementation of new digital marketing
  •     Increased website traffic by 30% in the third quarter of 2018

Ensure not to fabricate or guess these figures as they can immediately disqualify you from getting employed once spotted.


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2. Assign a Range

If your previous jobs rarely assessed results or provided some form of metric to calculate how much corporate progress was made during that time, there are other methods to indicate your achievements.

Instead of assigning false values to previous successes, we recommend using language that converts the change from a fixed figure to a range of approximations.

Some examples include:

  •     Raising monthly sales and profit by over 10%
  •     Increased customer satisfaction for multiple months
  •     Increased product test scores by 10-20 points
  •     Produced positive SEO rankings for over 30% of written content

Avoid setting unrealistic ranges except they are demonstrably true as such claims may warrant inquiries from the hiring manager during an interview

3. Mention How You Got the Results

While hiring managers are attracted to figures present in your resume, you can take it a step further and reveal the action that produced the result. In other words, support your claim by telling the employer how you got your result.

Besides buttressing your statement, adding the key to success shows that you’re an effective communicator focused on producing results.

Some examples of this recommendation include:

  •     Increased repeat patronage by 24% by implementing new customer service practices
  •     Reduced workplace accidents from 27 per month to 6 per month via employee training programs
  •     Reduced workplace misconduct by 80% via implementing strict and realistic corporate rules.

Showing how you achieved the result effectively convinces the hiring manager of your efficacy as an employee.

4. Emphasise your Dedication to Work

While it’s essential to maintain a good balance between work and daily life, employers want to see your commitment to tasks. This may include working double shifts, offering regular suggestions, completing projects before their deadlines, and anything of the sort.

Fortunately, you can indicate your dedication to the call of duty via numerical indicators, whether small, insignificant, or unnecessary. Your ability to pay attention to detail and effectively communicate such elements is required here.

Some examples include:

  •     Completed a 17-day rebranding project in 12 days under a budget
  •     Worked over 50 hours weekly to complete the audit before the corporate year ended

Your ability to work extra time or complete tasks before their deadline indicates your value as an employee, thereby raising your chances for employment.


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Facts and Figures to Include in your Professional Resume

Here are a few noteworthy facts and figures to include in your resume to further convey your value as a corporate asset:

1. Increased Revenue

Businesses exist primarily to make money, which is visible in the total earnings the establishment generated through its operations. Therefore, highlighting if and how you positively affected your previous place of work’s cash flow is guaranteed to set you apart from other candidates with less impactful accomplishments.

2. New Customer or Client Acquisitions

Customer or client acquisitions refer to gaining new individuals or organizations that patronize a business’s offering(s). This factor often involves implementing new strategies that attract more people to the establishment, thereby directly affecting profits, investments, and brand perception.

Consider using your resume to indicate how much effort you or your team applied to grow the company’s customer base positively.

3. Client Retention

Bringing new clients is one thing; keeping them is another, and according to business experts, businesses with higher customer retention are more successful.

For context, customer retention refers to a buyer’s willingness to patronize the company’s offering after their initial purchase repeatedly. The retention rate is the duration you kept these customers interested in your product or service.

If you directly impacted this area, it’s best to mention it in your experience section to improve your chances of getting employed.

4. Internet Traffic

The 21st century requires businesses to have a concrete online presence, and buyers now rely on the World Wide Web for information about a product. Internet traffic refers to how many people interact with the company’s website for inquiries or purchasing.

Mentioning your impact on your previous place of work’s website traffic on your resume is a recommended action as such a feat requires hard skills to accomplish.

5. Budget Management

An office’s workforce is split into teams of varying numbers, with each department having calculated budgets for completing specific tasks. Sometimes, some factors can cause an underestimation of the financial requirements of a project, promoting the financial department to make adjustments.

Showing that you can avoid such preventable discomfort by properly calculating and managing budgets for tasks makes you an invaluable asset.

For example, Reduced budget underestimating per department by 40% for two years. period


Facts and Figures are essential in business as corporations use them to make important decisions, including hiring a new employee. For this reason, we recommend prioritizing these factors and incorporating them into your resume.

If the task of creating a professional resume from scratch is mentally tasking, we recommend visiting Resume Builder Pro. This platform’s templates and instinctive guides are excellent for completing this document in a few clicks, thereby saving you time and energy.