Tips and Importance of Networking as an International Students in the US

mportance of Networking for International Students in USA

“Networking has been cited as the number one unwritten rule of success in business. Who you know really impacts what you know.”

This famous line by Sallie Krawcheck, in simple words, explains what importance Networking carries along with it. It an important factor to help you fetch a job after you graduate with ease. It is even more important for students of USA.

So, what is networking exactly?

In simple words, you can define networking as establishing relationships with other people. Fundamentally, you have a career conversation with people for the purpose of exploring careers or searching for jobs or any such options.

Why is it so important and what impact does it have on people who are fresher’s?

When you build a good network, you are in constant touch with people who have some experience with the professional world and you are definitely going to be benefitted from it. When you pick people, make sure they would be able to add value to your circle.

Soon, you gain access to the hidden job market and this extremely crucial as you would be surprised to know that most statistics indicate that around 60-70% of positions are not listed publicly at all.

So, when you build a good network, you will be in the vicinity of great opportunities which otherwise you wouldn’t have got the chance to encounter.

When you get a job offer with the help of the group of people you have known through networking which actually means accessing the job position before the general public and that would definitely give you an edge over all the other candidates looking for a job.

And, so networking would turn out to be a complete asset as far as fetching a job is considered.

There are various sites as well specially designed for this purpose. You must have heard of sites like LinkedIn or Indeed.

Numerous job offers are posted on a daily basis and along with that you also get to connect with amazing people. You can go through their profiles and use various features/filters to find the right people as in the kind of people who could help you fetch the job of your choice. You would also be required to maintain your profile and be up to date.

People would show some interest in your profile if you put the correct and adequate information and also, your chances would be brighter because maybe you could get in touch with people who are looking out for people with the same interests. It works both ways.

Since you have such amazing and easy to use applications available, you must make the most of it.

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You are definitely required to do something extra to fetch a job considering the number of people vying for the same job is in huge numbers. To fight those and grabbing that one position, you need to have an upper hand and networking would do that for you.

In this technological era, phones and the internet play an important role in finding better opportunities than roaming here and there. The power of social media is immense these days and this indirectly means “networking” could be the hero in your story!

As an international student, especially, you are likely to encounter many people who travel from and to the United States. When you have a long layover, you would want to sit back and read some novel to while away your time. But how about chatting with a stranger about their worldviews or their interests. At least for me, it has always been that way. Why even leave a single chance of talking about something that is so crucial for you. Believe it or not, you will definitely get to know something valuable by interacting with such strangers. You would be definitely amazed at the number of people you meet on your travels and exchange information with.

Networking Tips for International Students

Here is one tip for you which might turn to be a savior:

Carry a business card sort of a thing, and in case a stranger asks for your contact, you have something handy for you to save time and allow yourselves to look professional.

Attend seminars, educational meets, and events where careers are discussed

It is often the most useful time that you spend in such seminars where you get to meet important people, experienced ones, and also people like you who must be attending the session for the same purpose.

Such sessions can do wonders for you. You would be able to collect so much information related to the professional world that would have been difficult otherwise.

Do your homework!

Now, before you begin networking, it would be required of you to do a little homework. Today, the internet is an amazing tool available to all of us, so why not make the most of it. Almost everything that you would want to know about is readily available on the Internet. Just Google it!

You must have at least some clarity about the kind of job opportunity that you are looking for and if you know even a little about it, it would be helpful to you. When you do so, you would only make your job search an easy process and won’t stress about it much. Also, the people whom you meet should see if you are really making some effort to get where you want to. You would be able to get in better circles if you are good yourself. So, do work on the research part, first!

In the USA, if you want an internship or a job, the following are the options available for you:

For any of the options that you would want to consider, networking would help you achieve it.

Final Words

For an international student like you, it is definitely not going to be easy to figure out your career path. So, make sure you network better and make the most of your resources.

Networking is essential for your career in the United States and as an international student, it becomes important to take advantage of the opportunities to meet new people and build your own support network. Building meaningful relationships will help you develop as a professional and would definitely help you achieve your goals.