How to Renew Indian Passport in USA and Tatkal Process

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If you are an Indian residing in USA and your passport has expired, you might be getting panic attacks by now on Indian passport renewal in USA.Many Indians are unaware about what to do in case their passport expires and they are still in USA. It is very much possible to renew an Indian passport in USA by visiting CKGS application centers. These center details are listed below.

The Indian passport can be easily renewed in the USA. A step to step guide can be really helpful for you especially when you are about to deal with getting Indian passports renewed.

An Indian passport is generally valid for 10 years since the day it was issued. The travel permit is issued for five years only for people under 18 years of age.

There is some mandatory documents checklist which you are required to carry with you and it largely depends on the passport service availed by the applicant. Here are some more details on the Indian passport renewal in the USA.

Documents Required for Renewal of Indian Passport in the USA:

  • Copy of the CKGS Order Form
  • A Filled and Signed Document Checklist
  • CKGS Online Payment Receipt.
  • Documents and Letter and Forms all specified in Checklist
  • 3 Copies of the filled Nationality Verification Form/ Personal Particulars form
  • 3 recent color photographs (White background).
  • 8 photographs are required in case the passport is expired for more than 3 years. See photo requirements.
  • US Legal Status details – A notarized color copy of Green Card or Employment Authorization card or a copy of legal status in the US such as I – 797, H1B/ B1/ B2 Visa, whichever is applicable.
  • Recent Original Indian Passport
  • Parents Passport(if minor)
  • USA Residence Proof
  • Applicable Fee that is non-refundable.

Indian Passport Renewal in the USA Document Checklist:

The checklist is an important document and holds a lot of value which will help you keep track of the documents required for your passport application. You need to print the checklist, tick it and arrange the application in that order before you submit the form in person or by post.

  1. Online application form filled and signed by the applicant

All the applicants are required to fill i.e. the online application form online. You need to take a print out of the form after filling it for your own record.

  1. Copy of the filled Nationality Verification Form

In the Nationality Verification form, a photograph needs to be attached. Also, normally, only one such form is needed. In case the passport gets stolen or damaged or if the same happens with the passport application with expired visa status, 8 copies of Nationality verification form are needed.

  1. Recent Original Indian Passport

First of all, you will be required to attach the original passport

  • Ensure that the passport photograph is not less than 5 years old. If that’s the case, you need to attach the previous passport too.
  • After that, attach photocopies of the first 5 pages and last two pages of the current passport.
  1. Color Photographs

3 recent color photographs have to be included in the application.

  • 2″ X 2″ color, front-facing against a white background, check more photo requirements.
  • You will be required to paste one photo on the first page of the online application form in the space provided.
  • The second photograph has to be pasted on the National Verification form
  • And the rest of the photographs need to be stapled to the last page of the application form.
  1. Return Envelope

If you choose the mode of submission as “Shipping”, you have to send a document in the envelope at the consulate designated address.

  • If you want your passport to be returned by mail, you need to include a self-addressed USPS express envelope in your application form.
  • You must include the correct CKGS which generates its own shipping label that should be affixed to either a FedEx envelope or a UPS.

Notarized Documents required for Indian Passport:

All photocopies of supporting documents have to be notarized that you are required for Indian Passport application or renewal:

  1. Proof of legal status in the US

Applicants need to attach documents that would prove their legal status in the US. Those who are in the US for a short stay e.g. Visitors or tourists cannot avail the passport services in the USA.

Applicants should attach a notarized color photocopy of their current valid US visa such as F1 visa /H1B/ L1 Visa, EAD card or I-797 approval notice documents, whichever is applicable. Student visa holders’ need to attach the I-20 document.

  1. Proof of Residence in the USA

It is required of you to give proof of address as mentioned in your passport application. You can submit the following as proof of your residence.

  • Notarized photocopy of the residential proof of the applicant such as Utility bills, State ID, Driver’s license, Mortgage Bill or Rental Lease Agreement.
  • For applicants who are above the 60 years age and do not have the required documents, they can submit a copy of State ID.
  • In the case of minors, the proof of address of the legal guardians would be accepted.
  • Students who live on campus or dorms, an original letterhead letter with the address from their educational institution can be submitted.
  • In case, the current passport doesn’t include your spouse’s name a notarized photocopy of the marriage certificate would be required. A copy of the spouse’s passport or United States ID would be required in the application.

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Also, note that you need to attach notarized affidavits to your passport application for different application criteria.

  • Notarized no status affidavit

In case your visa gets expired, or if you have the receipt notice for the visa extension, a notarized no status affidavit and notarized photocopies of the valid passport is required and the GC of two witnesses is a mandatory requirement.  This is applicable only for San Francisco, New York, and Houston applicants.

Atlanta, Houston, Washington, and Chicago applicants must go to the Consulate in person for an interview at their respective application center for applying.

  • Notarized affidavit for change in name

If the applicants are females, they will be required to include a notarized affidavit of change in name from maiden to married. In case, the female is divorced and then remarried, the spouse’s name should be replaced with the current spouse’s name.

  • Notarized affidavit for change in appearance

An affidavit for change of appearance and a current photo is required to update if the applicant’s look has changed significantly in comparison to the photo in the current passport.

  • Notarized affidavit for Minor’s passport

A notarized affidavit from the parents would be required to apply for the minor child’s passport.

  • For House Jurisdiction

If the passport has expired for more than 6 months, the Houston applicants are required to get a notarized 4-point affidavit.

  • Letters of Authority

Various letters would be required which largely depends on the kind of passport service you require:

  • The applicant would be required to get a letter of authority in case he/she chooses to send a representative to apply for the passport.
  • The letter is required for the minor’s passport in case any of the parents is not present in person.
  • If the case is that the passport is expired for less than 6 months, a self-explanation from the applicant – “why the passport was not renewed in the required time frame.”

Apart from the above-mentioned, some additional documents might be required and that depends on the kind of service you require. Also, you can check with the Consulate/Embassy or the Passport application center in your jurisdiction if more documents are needed or not for your Indian passport application.

Indian passport renewal in USA Processing Timeline:

Keep all the details, information and documents ready before filing this form. Here are the steps you can follow for passport processing:

Step 1: Identify the consular jurisdiction in which you want to apply for the passport services.

There are 6 Indian Embassy, Consulate & Jurisdiction consular Locations in the USA:

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Step 2: Go to the Link: ‘PASSPORT Application – Get Started’ to start your passport application process.

Step 3: Check your eligibility by filling widget questions.

Step 4: Check the result page having the following information:

  1. Document Checklist
  2. Passport fees
  3. Processing Time
  4. Temporary Number

Step 5: Fill up complete supplementary forms and letters.

Step 6: Check specifications and then upload them, photograph/signature.

Step 7: Choose your application submission mode to CKGS.

  • Shipping through CKGS – send a completed application (all documents & complete payment) through Shipping.
  • Walk-In – to continue filling your ‘application’, complete the ‘Appointment Process’.
    Choose Your Appointment Date and Time and submit your application at the CKGS Application Center at designated date and time

Step 8: Payment-Make payments online using Credit Card.

Step 9: After Payment, click the link to go to the Government of India Online PASSPORT website. Register and fill complete details.

On the CKGS website, we have given you a sample of how to fill the Government online PASSPORT form. And avoid mistakes while filling the form.

You will get a NEW APPLICATION REFERENCE NUMBER from the Government Online NRI passport application.

Step 10: After Completion of the Government of India Passport form, please go to CKGS website.

On the CKGS website home, click on the ‘Already Filled in Government Online NRI form and continue the process’  box and fill in the ‘New Web Reference Number’ received from the government site along with your Passport Number and your Date of Birth, to continue the passport application process.

After completing the online application process, submit your physical application via shipping or walk-in option as you selected to the CKGS Indian Passport Application Center as per the Jurisdiction of your application.

  • Arrange all forms, letters, and documents in the same order as mentioned in the document checklist.
  • As indicated on the checklist, see if the number of documents, original and copies notarization and self-attestation is done.
  • Tick off the boxes on the checklist(s), as you have the documents in the envelope of your Application.
  • Enclose a copy of the document checklist in your envelope.

CKGS Indian Passport Application Center will process and commence the application process only if they receive the physical application

Fees for Indian Passport Renewal Services in the US:

Service Consular Fee ICWF Fee CKGS Fee Total
Application for re-issue of passport after 10 years

New/Passport Renewal / Re-issue / Change of Address / Correction of Spelling of Name/ Change of Date and Place of Birth / Correction of Parents Name / Addition of Spouse Name after Marriage / Deletion of Spouse Name

$75 – ordinary booklet – 36 pages $3 $19.95 $97.95
$100 – jumbo booklet – 60 pages $3 $19.95 $122.95
Duplicate passport in lieu of a Lost/Stolen/ Damaged Passport $150 – ordinary booklet – 36 pages $3 $19.95 $172.95
$175 – jumbo booklet – 60 pages $3 $19.95 $197.95
Application for re-issue/renewal of passport for a minor child Child below 14 years: $50 $3 $19.95 $72.95
Child 14 years and above: $75 $3 $19.95 $97.95
Application – Change of Address / Correction of Spelling of Name/ Change of Date and Place of Birth / Correction of Parents Name for Minors Passport $50 $3 $19.95 $72.95
TATKAL Process for any Passport Service includes an additional TATKAL fee of $150 i.e. (Consular Fee + $150)

(Source: CKGS USA )

Indian Passport Renewal in USA Processing Time

Washington DC:

  • Minimum 1 – 3 week
  • Processing time of your cases will increase by 6 weeks or more if your case refers for clearance.

New York, NY:

  • Regular processing time: Additional 10 days

San Francisco, CA:

  • Regular processing time 2-3 Weeks

Chicago, IL:

  • Regular processing time: Minimum 4 weeks
  • Lost and Damaged Passport: Minimum 3-6 weeks (if details are not traceable the process takes even more than three months)

Houston, TX:

  • Minimum 1 – 3 week
  • Processing time of your cases will increase by 6 weeks or more if your case refers for clearance.

Atlanta, GA:

  • Regular Processing Time: 6 to 8 weeks.
  • Processing time of your case will take an additional four weeks if your case refers for clearance.
  • Lost/damaged passport: 7 to 9 weeks ( if details are not available and need clearance from Passport Issuing Authority, processing can take up to even three months or more

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‘TATKAL’ is an ‘Emergency’ service which applicants use to expedite the processing time on any type of passport service. It is subject to approval to apply under ‘TATKAL’ from the Consulates of India in the USA.

Steps to apply for a TATKAL Service.

Step 1: You have to send an email to CKGS ([email protected]) with the subject line ‘TATKAL Service Required’ including below mandatory details:

  • Name of the Applicant
  • Passport Number
  • Email ID (must be contactable else we will not be able to reach you)
  • Contact number (must be contactable else we will not be able to reach you)
  • Reason/document scanned for opting TATKAL service
  • Remarks (if any)

Attach Scanned Copy of Documents mentioned below to the email:

  • Valid Current Passport
  • Any of the documents to show Legal Status
  • Residence Proof

Documents required to apply for TATKAL Service for Indian Passport Services:

  • Passport Application Form.
  • TATKAL Request approval confirmation email.
  • All relevant documents, letters, and forms as per the document checklist.
  • Recent Original Indian Passport
  • Spouse Passport (If endorsing spouse name)
  • Parents Passport (if minor)
  • US Legal Status details
  • Residence proof as per the Consular Jurisdiction of the Embassy

Step 2: CKGS will coordinate with the Embassy/Consulate for approval as to whether the applicant can apply under TATKAL Processing based on the nature or reason of emergency. The reason for Tatkal request must be to the satisfaction of the Embassy. Once CKGS receives the Embassy’s confirmation, you will be confirmed by email.


  • The approval from the Consulate/Embassy usually takes 1 to 2 business days.
  • If the applicant will not be able to justify the reason for Tatkal Process request, the application may not get approved and the case application will undergo the regular application process.

Step 3: On the receipt of Tatkal Request approval from the Consulate, the applicant can apply the Tatkal Application process on the CKGS website.

The Indian passport application/renewal processing time for Tatkal process is about 2 to 4 business days after receiving the application at Embassy. Application processing may, however, take longer if additional information or clearance is required. Source: Tatkal Process

Give a thorough read to and follow the steps diligently as no mistake would be tolerable in such scenarios.

We wish you all the best!