How to Get A Job in USA after MS for International Students

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As the population increases day by day throughout the world. The employment search process in the superpower country of the world USA becomes more challenging, especially for graduate students. The USA already has a huge number of international students housed in their premises. Approximately 1.9 million international students are studying in the USA and the graph has kept on increasing since. These students contribute about $42.4 billion to the US economy through tuition, room, and other expenses, according to the U.S Department of Commerce. Now the question arises is in is the survival of most of the international students in the USA job market. Being the most powerful country in the world, the US has a huge competition when it comes to the job market in the USA for international students.

It becomes even more difficult when faced with problems that are not under your control, such as work visa issues for international graduate students seeking career opportunities in the United States. So if you are one of those international students struggling to find a job in the US markets, here are some suggestions and tips that may help you to precisely plan your job search. Here are some suggestions on “how to get a job in the USA after MS”.

There is an enormous number of international students undergoing academics in various institutions across the USA. Although the job market in the USA for international students has slowed down for due Trump Administration new immigrants policies which have had a detrimental effect on jobs for international students in the USA. But still, there are substantial job opportunities for international students. Only thing is you need to make employers aware of current rules and regulations pertaining to international students.


Key factors that affect your job hunting campaign in the job market in USA for international students.

Start early

Beginning to look for work earlier is crucial to stay away from getting wedged without any choices immediately after you graduate. It’s about to have you much longer to discover work with a business which is going to sponsor personnel that requires job visas, therefore the faster you begin, more likely are chances of success.

Go for the best choice

Work possibilities for international pupils are definitely more minimal compared to people that are actually inhabitants within the US. It’s within your best interests to check out employment potentials which ideal satisfy your practical experience as well as pursuits. It’s not generally an effortless job for businesses to employ international pupils – the primary cause staying that this price of employing a different pupil is usually above this of employing USA students.


Certain states in the USA are more lucrative for international students to find jobs as they are more accommodating in acceptance of foreign students like New York, California or Texas. So probably if you try for jobs in such states that it might be beneficial and chances of job hunting success is more.

Rules and Regulations

Keep a track of rules and regulations that affect your employment status in the United States.

Utilize your Universities Placement Department

Another factor that may affect your success in job hunting is how well you utilize your college or Universities placement resources.


Around 70% of jobs are found to local connections. So contact your college alumni, list your profile on networking sites like LinkedIn and attend events relevant to your subject area.


Take professional help to develop a resume as per the requirements of the industry as it is one of the most important factors and can be a distinguishing factor to your success.

Start with Self-Assessment

Before you start digging about all the jobs you could avail as a student, one should have deep knowledge of their own self. If you have the knowledge required to know and assess yourself from the within then there are chances that you could find a job made just for you. This process focuses on identifying what you are good at and what you are passionate about.

Try a variety of jobs and take as many experiences as you can. For example, if you are interested in being a teacher, contact your university professors and volunteer for it so that you could gain some knowledge about the job. University offices hire for volunteer and part-time positions, and these positions are often given to the graduate students of their own university. As there are always jobs available on the campus job market in USA for international students.

Such jobs provide an experience beyond your knowledge, enabling you to realize what you enjoy (or do not enjoy) doing. It will also provide you with a nice experience which is always appreciated. Self-exploration processes and designing a career path are relevant for international graduate students generally, including those not seeking jobs after MS in USA. It can be especially challenging to conduct a job search in the United States as an international student for survival in the United States job market.

Now the solution to this problem can be solved by consulting an expert career counselors or even foreign friends who have gone through all this hassle and are now working peacefully. Consider your response to an employer asking “Are you eligible to work in the United States?” your answer should be “yes” because there is still a chance of you applying for visas which will authorize your work, such as CPT (Curricular Practical Training), OPT (Optional Practical Training), AT(Academic training) and many more. By doing so you won’t be permitted to work permanently in the United States but you will surely get a chance to extend your stay legally for a certain period of time but they will allow you to begin the process of acquiring permanent resident status (green card).

Now it is your responsibility to understand the rules and regulations of your status before applying for jobs. To learn more about these employment regulations you could contact a career counselor or go to your university faculties for proper guidance. You can also consult with our Career Experts at OPTnation, email at [email protected] or contact us at OPTnation.

Find more people like you (international talents and employers)

Once you have identified your career interest and have enlightened yourself with employment authorization regulations, it is time for you to develop your career goals. That includes being aware of what you want in terms of your career which you can accomplish by conducting research to identify which employers are interested to hire international talent.

Although you have skills and experience there are chances of employers not hiring you for many different reasons beyond your control, it is wise to look for employers who have a history of employing international talents like you on work visas. Such employers are more likely to even sponsor for you when the time comes. This is what a job market in USA looks like for an international student.

As per the new rules and regulations of US administration new H1-B Rules (2019 -2020) to Give Priority to Masters and Ph.D. Grads from the US. Now the obvious questions arise how to get a job in the USA after MS? Sixty to seventy % of leading twenty-five educational institutions on the planet happens to be in the US, based on QS and also the surveys. And so, not surprising that the reason the US draws in a huge number of international pupils each year to learn within the US. With over 950,000 international pupils learning within the USA as well as an unemployment speed of under 4%, USA is unquestionably the “land of opportunities” for your international students. Now there number students who complete their MS from various US Universities and many are faced with looming question how to get a job in the USA after MS?

Few Tips To Help Your Job Search for Jobs After MS In USA:

You are able to do internships to come down with businesses that are serious as Intel, Amazon, Google, Facebook and other put there as the time that is full, Intel often has an inner policy of coverage band at least 75% of interns to regular.

  • Nearly every business wishes to employ fresher, as they’re introducing an understanding of leading-edge engineering, a lot more receptive for alterations as well as minimum essential they’re much less pricey.
  • Even if you don’ receive responses within above 2 areas you will find a large number of jobs offered from mid-sized start-ups and so they like H1’s experiencing a very good ability.
  • The alumni networking of yours will likewise make it easier to harnessing role within the business.
  • At last, although not the very least, you could make a profile on dice and other job sites like LinkedIn.
  • Give a try to career consultancies like OPTnation who support you to find an H-1B visa sponsor from their network of employers.

What are jobs after MS in USA?

A lot of Fortune 500 firms are actually headquartered with the US, which includes the largest tech businesses as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, and Facebook and so on. And so, lots of employment potentials can be found for MS students within the US.

With the entry-level, an MS graduate is able to buy a task having a yearly income of around USD 69,000 to USD 90,000 an annum. Increased having to pay tasks are often obtainable in management domains, engineering, IT, finance, and advertising.

Some designations that are associated with jobs after MS in USA are:

Software Engineer, Business Analyst, Telecom Engineer, Computer systems Analyst, Web Developer, Health Information Technician, and several other positions.

Jobs are abundant but you should have the right qualifications for it.

There are a number of companies in the USA that need fresh talent. Check out the list of companies that hire international students as there are a number of companies across the US that are open to the recruitment of international students.

Just go for it!!