OPT jobs in USA

OPT Jobs In USA, 1000+ Job Openings

OPT jobs in USA

The United States is deemed the holy grail of higher studies and dream job opportunities. This country is drawing students from every nook and corner of the world as it allows students to deepen their skills in their field of interest, which gives them fruitful benefits in professional and personal growth. If we go with the latest statistics we’ll find that every year more than 1 million candidates across the globe apply for OPT jobs in  USA and gain experience from many reputed companies headquartered in the USA.

Many immigrants dream of working with a well-reputed company in the US after achieving services by OPTnation. One of the main reasons why everyone wants to study in the US is because it is a hub of almost 50 percent of the world’s top 10 universities and OPTnation is working with these universities.

The idea of living a better life in the US has magnetized millions of people around the world, but is getting into the radar of the top companies hiring OPT students to look for diamond assets for their organization. It’s not impossible, in fact, easy with OPT training. Yes, if you’re not familiar with the term OPT then you’ve just landed in the right place. Let’s learn from scratch about OPT and how it can be your ticket to the US.

What is OPT? 

The term OPT stands for Optional Practical Training, in which graduate and undergraduate students having F-1 status who have completed or pursued degrees for more than nine months are qualified to work in the USA for 12 months in their field of studies. Most students prefer to pursue OPT after graduation: this training system allows you to focus on your studies during your degree and live in the USA for longer.

How to get OPT jobs in the USA? 

Many students dream to work or at least interning at the top reputed organization in the US, but most of them face lots of hardships at the beginning. If you’re also on a treasure hunt to find your perfect job then start with the initial steps which are as follows-

The first step is to apply for the OPT card with the help of OPTnation. Which allows you to work in the United States. It can take a few times. According to the USCIS. To land your dream OPT jobs in USA, you need to create a perfect OPT resume that speaks about yourself. Companies hiring fresher’s in the USA are always on the hunt for potential assets, so don’t forget to add your Academic achievements and scoreboards. Your resume should consist of internships, education, and experience.

Importance of resume for Employers

A good OPT resume is the only way to get yourself on the radar of top companies hiring in the USA. Now that you have a good-looking CV! The next step is listing your desired job in the area of your mastered skills. Also, thorough job research is important to ace your job interview. You might also have to work as an intern, which is the greatest perk to knowing the organization inside-out.  List your resume on OPTnation jobs portals, so make a list of some good OPT jobs sites which are reliable and easy to use. You have to get registered in order to apply for various job positions. But, remember that you only add your accessible phone number and email ID to get contacted by the recruiter.

What kind of visa is Optional Practical Training?

OPT is an F-1 visa that allows students to apply for Optional Practical Training opportunities jobs before completing their degrees. The OPT F-1 status allows students to pursue employment, practical training, or internship in their field of study.

How much do international students earn in the USA? 

There are no specific numbers as pay rates always be different and vary from location to location and company as well. But with OPT jobs in the USA, international students can make around $15.00 per hour to $20.00 per hour. But again, there are no exact numbers you might make less in your entry-level opt jobs at the initial stages, experience matters everywhere.

Is it tough to get jobs in USA? 

Yes, but without good knowledge only. You need to have head-to-toe information about the work culture and expectations of the companies hiring in the USA. Also, nothing comes easy, it’s tough but not impossible. Just keep pushing through, and discover the ways that didn’t work out for you. One day you will have your day.

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OPT jobs in USA