OPT Jobs for Fresher in USA

OPT Jobs for fresher in USA

OPT Jobs for Fresher in USA

Jobs are the perfect job for people who love technology and have always being interesting in working in IT industries. OPT Jobs is a unique company that offers internships to university graduates around the world, and they are looking for students who want to work in their office and gain real experience in their fields. Interning at OPT-Jobs gives OPT students hands-on experience and provides them with the opportunity to learn about the industry while contributing to the day-to-day operations of the company. There are many different kinds of internship opportunities available including Graphic Design, Web Development, Finance, Marketing, IT and Telecom, Health & Hospitality, Aviation etc. Some companies offer paid internships whilst others may only offer unpaid ones. Unpaid internships are good for those trying to save money whilst others just choose to gain valuable experience without any compensation. OPTnation one of the best jobs portal and consultant across world. Lets find OPT Jobs for Fresher in USA.

Fresher Jobs in USA for OPT students and Candidates

Marketing / Sales (This job requires a bachelor’s degree)

You have experience selling products or services  either online or offline  at retail or wholesale levels. Its also includes Online marketing and sales likes digital sales. You’re comfortable interacting with customers to understand their buying behaviors and goals while helping them build brand loyalty. You think strategically and creatively about marketing campaigns and promotions. And you know how to get the word out. You have a great products knowledges and conversation skills with good attitudes.

Customer Service/Support (This job requires a high school diploma)

You are  great at problem-solving. You have got strong interpersonal skills and enjoy working with people. Employee are proactive and thrive on action oriented tasks. Job holders take ownership over customer service issues, ensuring they are resolving promptly and effectively. You stay calm under pressure and put clients’ needs ahead of your own. And also you are responsible for customers feedbacks.

Business Development (This job requires a college degree)

You must highly organize and detail oriented. You excel at research and data analysis, and you bring good judgment and critical thinking to bear. A business degree provides you with a solid foundation in strategic planning and management, as well as broad exposure to various industries.

Accounting & Finance (This job requires a bachelor’s degree)

You should organize and methodical, with attention to detail. Money matters excite you and you like learning about the financial markets. An accounting background gives you valuable insight into numbers and helps you keep track of cash flow. You may work directly with clients or with a company’s internal accounting team to prepare invoices, pay bills and manage receivables.

Graphic Design (This job requires a graphic design degree)

You’re creative, innovative and love designing graphics. Your eye for detail is impeccable; whether you’re editing photos or revamping a logo, you always strive to make things look polished and professional. You’re a fast learner who enjoys tackling complex projects. And you have fun experimenting with different techniques.

Web & Software Developer (This job requires a technical degree)

You thrive on building things that solve problems. Whether you’re developing websites, mobile apps, computer programs or software solutions, you want to help others achieve success. You care deeply about user experience and usability, and you value creativity above all else. You’re committed to providing quality products and services.

Digital Media Producer (This job requires a journalism degree)

You’re driven by curiosity and a deep desire to learn. You have a knack for making interesting stories. More than anything, you’re passionate about telling compelling narratives — whether it’s about a wide-ranging news event or documenting a local story. You’re thorough, detailed and quick to grasp complicated ideas and concepts.

Ecommerce Jobs

This jobs basically refers to buy and selling anything over internet. This job requires an excellent attention to detail and being able to multi-task. You must also have a great knowledge of ecommerce software (Shopify). As the name suggests, this type of work involves selling online products and services directly to customers through websites, mobile apps, social media platforms, etc. Most ecommerce projects are done remotely, using tools and systems over the internet.

Digital Marketing Manager

Digital marketing manager manages digital campaigns for a company’s website or app. They often plan and implement strategies related to their organization’s digital marketing efforts, including content creation, web design, social media promotion, search engine optimization (SEO) and paid advertising, LinkedIn ads, YouTube ads and much more. There are many different types of digital marketing managers, depending on the size of the business. However, they all share some fundamental skills in order to succeed at their jobs.

Social Media Manager

Social media managers build and manage relationships with people interested in what they’re doing. These professionals create, promote, and monitor company pages on various social networks, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest, Landline, Quora, Reddit, Tumbler and much more. They may help maintain existing connections between brands and consumers, or they may try to generate new ones. A good Social media marketing(SMM) should stay current on industry trends, know how to use analytics programs to measure performance, and have a clear understanding of how each platform works.

Content Producer

A content producer creates original material for others to distribute. While these workers often write about newsworthy topics, they don’t always need to do their own research; instead, they rely on editors to take care of the hard work for them. Writers can be employed full time or freelance. Whether working independently or in teams, producers gather information, develop ideas, and produce work that is distributed.


Copywriters focus on writing persuasive content and ads that persuade readers and viewers. Since copywriting is rooted in sales, the ideal candidate understands the importance of persuasion, influence, and empathy in marketing. Good writers think deeply about their message and understand how to make it appeal to their audience. They also know how to test their messages and adjust accordingly.

Data Entry Clerk

Data entry clerks enter data into databases manually, either from paper forms or electronic documents. This includes typing text from images and PDF files, as well as scanning items. If you want to earn extra cash while you sleep, you can sign up to become a virtual assistant. Earnings range from $8-$14 per hour, depending on the employer. Job seekers must have good typing speeds and computer and internet knowledges.

Search Engine Evaluator

Search engine evaluators evaluate the quality of sites that appear in search results. Their primary goal is to determine whether any site violates Google’s guidelines regarding spamming. In addition to evaluating individual sites, SEEs review entire industries and report violations to Google. Monitor  Keywords ranking on Google Search Engine result pages(SERP).

OPT Jobs for Fresher in USA