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Most versatile and dynamic field of Engineering is Mechanical Engineering. The study of Mechanical Engineering includes knowledge of all the core subjects giving plenty of skills which opens door of number of career options. The Mechanical Engineering is tagged be an “Ever Green” field. It does not make any difference what is the ongoing trend presently in market, the Mechanical Engineer adjusts itself to the prevalent conditions and finds a lucrative job. In the Engineering discipline, it is broadest term.

Getting admission in the field of mechanical engineering is like dream come true for the Indian students. This field of Engineering is the dream destination for almost every student Indian. All the Mechanical Engineers who have completed their degree in India are set to fly overseas and are looking forward to pursue their studies at United States of America.

In the field of Mechanical Engineering there are various options for the further specialization for any kind of international students in the USA universities. While the graduation is on the verge of completion the candidate can start the preparation for GRE through which one can appear for MS course in any university of USA.

Mechanical Engineer or Industrial Engineer
Tekwissen – Ohio City, OH
Skills: Manufacturing Engineer, Mechanical Engineer
Job Description:  Role: Production Associate Job Description: Loads bins with parts, Loads parts into robotic weld cells, If trained, may perform manual spot/repair weld functions…

Mechanical engineering is a perfect field as it does not have speed breakers of recession and empowers one with an opportunity to start one’s own business. Demand for mechanical engineers has increased and so is perhaps the best choice for those who aspire to climb the success ladder.

Mechanical engineers are known for their skills like designing, implementing, operating the mechanical devices like various automated machines, engines and systems. They have the ability to convince the people for new technology and machinery. Mechanical Engineering has consistently been top rated field among the graduates. The field may not be new but the new breed engineers can take up the challenges ranging from the traditional industries to areas which use new materials and have sustainable development. The Mechanical Engineering course is highly integrated course with the design and application.

USA attracts high number of students every year to take admission in its state and private universities. The campus of these universities allows the students to work while pursuing their graduation. The fees to get enrollment in these universities are really high not affordable by everyone. It is quite costly to bear the expense of staying in USA along with other involved costs to earn a degree.

Courses in popular subjects such as mechanical engineering tend to be especially heavy on the pocket and any external financial aid is usually welcomed. All the leading universities in the USA offer the support to international students from overseas students pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in mechanical engineering and related disciplines. These Universities in coordination with USCIS provide job to the Mechanical Engineering Students on OPT.

Job prospect for the mechanical engineering in the overall USA is expected to be pretty good but the best results would be shown if the students in trained in the software tools. Usage of these tools saves time and gives the design with lot of precision. The time in making prototype is invested in the better place. 3-D printing is the new course of mechanical engineering in which students are taking interest to have the bright future. This calls for the student to remain updated with the latest upcoming technologies.

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Opportunities for Mechanical Engineering Students on OPT

There is lot of job opportunities for mechanical engineering students on OPT. It is easy only for IT or Electrical students to fetch jobs on OPT is just a myth. Mechanical Engineering students must apply in universities located in East Coast of USA like Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida where there is lot of mechanical job opportunities. This side of USA has the companies who are willing to sponsor H1B visa for the Mechanical engineering students on OPT.

Also searching jobs while on OPT would be easy if before pursuing the masters the candidate has some years of work experience because the company hiring manager look for the candidates problem solving ability which can be gained only through the onsite training. The other qualities that are looked for are creativity, proper communication and listening skills, strong mathematics and mechanical skills.

Subjects of Mechanical Engineering consist of Mechanics, Designing, Thermodynamics, Thermal Engineering, Power Plant Engineering, HVAC, Production Engineering, Metrology and Quality Control, Maintenance Engineering, etc. The field such as Mechanics and designing has more job option but yet Mechanical Engineering students on Opt go for Thermal Science, Solid mechanic with CAD, MEMS or Semiconductor Fab. Getting training in all the Computer Aided Designing software’s makes the person eligible to get high paying job. The way to convert the temporary job to the permanent is take up the summer internship and give ample time to search for best job offering company.

There may be times when the student may fail to get an internship offer; these are the times when one has to use the time efficiently. Take up some work under professor and do some research even if it is for free and there won’t be stipend. The work experience matters a lot which can be added to your resume. It is important to follow the immigration rules especially if you are based on OPT, CPT, H1B Visa and then make decision about coming to the USA do MS because behind gaining the degree in USA there is a huge investment of money.

General task undertaken by the engineers is to research, design, develop and test the devices or tools. Mechanical Engineering students on OPT has to analyze problem giving solution, design or redesign devices using software, develop and test prototypes. They have the responsibility of analyzing the test results and change the design as needed. The students are trained to handle and learn the manufacturing process of the device. A lot of work for mechanical engineers is based on computer these days so they can easily fetch jobs which are computer based.

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