10 Video Interview Tips That Will Help You Get Hired

Video Interview Tips That Will Help You Get Hired

In the era of digitalization, people-to-people contact has been decreased by a shocking percentage and now online contacts are more comfortable as suitable for professional interaction. Video interviews, video resumes, and many more are new forms of interaction but must not be taken lightly. We will cover some video interview tips to prepare you for successful job interviews. Follow these tips to showcase your skills during the video interview and increasing the chances of getting hired. With some very necessary instructions, one can impress and get the job through a video interview.

10 Video Interview Tips That Will Help You in Acing Your Job Interview:

1)   Research

Before going for an interview, it is recommended to do some research. It is advisable to have a little glimpse about the company background, the services, the reviews, and a little bit about their high board members.

By this, confidence will be built and a good interactive interview will take place.

Research about the job profile and the skills mentioned in the resume can work as an important factor to impress the interviewer.

2)   Technical Awareness

When going online, one should be aware of the software and the options of sharing, muting, or anything else that can be done during an interview.

A small error can ruin the whole gist of the interview.

If planning for any kind of presentation, then sharing options must be easy to operate and active.

Along with that, the checking of the mic, camera, and clear display should be checked before going for any video interview.

3)   Presentable Dressing

When going for a walk-in interview, we give full attention to our dressing. So, this is very important among many other video interview tips. Dress well no matter what kind of interview it is.

Putting up a clean and formal shirt with a tie or blazer will give the interviewer the first impression even in video interviews.

The employer should be dressed traditionally which also includes the jewelry they wear, and also the style of hair they choose to opt for.

4)   Body Language

Taking a video interview lightly can cost a lot so mind this video interview tips very seriously. Even if the interviewer cannot see from head to toe, he/she can judge a lot and notice a lot about personality through body language.

The hand gestures, the facial expressions, and the body movements are all parts of body language.

The interviewer can easily notice and make his/her impression from the body language.

5)   Silent Background

When going for a video interview, it is important to keep the background out of noise and disturbance.

As it can distract the interviewer and the employee. This is a practice before starting a video interview that one should keep in mind while preparing for an interview.

The background is the environment one chooses to give an interview in, which includes the whole thing an interview will see and hear apart from the words coming out of the mouth.

During the video interview, it is a must to give a good lasting impression and background plays a very important role.

6)   Prepare Notes

The interview is testing if the person is eligible for the job or not. The video interview tips here are to write about your skill, something different that one has tried and liked or failed, any accident that inspired you, or anything like that which can make a connection will work like noted during the interview so that whatever one prepares to tell or impress the interviewer it is ready.

Any keywords that can change the game or any special thing one has thought to impress must be jotted down in the form of notes.


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7)   Be Punctual

Always be five minutes early on the platform. So that in case the interviewer comes early, one must be ready to face him/her.

The video interview tip here is to treat it just like a face-to-face interview. Be on time or even before time and be ready for the interview from tip to toe.

Punctuality makes the first impression, if the interviewer is kept waiting then it is a big flaw for the employer.

8)   Be A Good Communicator

Try giving some time after the interviewer stops talking. Sometimes, because of any error, there might be video stuck or disconnection so it is important to keep in mind during marking the video interview tips to wait for few seconds before answering or asking anything.

It does not harm the impression if one takes time to think or take a small pause it benefits as the interviewer takes you as one who thinks and then answers.

9)   Make A Conversation

An interview is meant for a job, it is not an interrogation, so being comfortable and confident can work as a very good video interview tip. Have a professional yet simple conversation while treating it as an interview. It comes with practice but eventually will win the interviewer.

Making a bond with a professional attitude is natural and leaves an evergreen impression.

10)   Courtesy

This might be the most important among all the video interview tips. Sometimes, there are some disturbances or issues that are not in control so make a simple gesture.

Courtesy is what makes a person suitable for every kind of job. No matter what if one shows their courtesy? Wherever required use the terms such as ‘Excuse me, ‘Sorry, I didn’t get that, Thank you, yes I understand that, can you please repeat that, and many more. One must always thank the interviewer at the end of the interview and show gratitude.

Courtesy is the most basic video interview tip as it reflects good behavior to the interviewer.

Final Words:

All the video interview tips mentioned above will help the employee get the job with full confidence and will leave a long-lasting good impression. The steps must be followed to at the job and attend interviews online.

The benefit of video interviews is that one can practice before going for an interview by recording and checking it. This is generally recommended for the entry level candidates or people going for video interviews for the first time. All the video interview tips can also be improvised and re-check according to the employee and the interviewer.