Life After Graduation – What Next To Do

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You have spent the last years of your life completing your college degree, your homework, and your exams. Finally, your time at university has come to an end, and it’s time to have a thought about what you want to do next after graduation.

Once the graduation party gets over and the initial euphoria has worn off, you might find yourself feeling a little lost about which direction to head in. of course, some people you know have lined up their field job already, but there’s no disgrace in still not having a firm plan for your future yet.

What To Do After Graduation – Here Are Some TipsFor Life After Graduation From University

Ease off and go traveling

After grinding so hard for three years you deserve to take a break. Whether you choose to have a short vacation, go traveling for an extended period of time. Experiencing a variety of cultures can be good for you in numerous ways, from developing your independence and becoming more open-minded.

There are a lot of choices available for you and pick a destination which will interest you in its culture and also get you inquisitive. There are also people who make a living out of traveling by blogging about their experiences, meaning you could even monetize your experience if you want to. But for that, you must have excellent written and oral skills. Enjoy photography, try new things and be committed to posting your blogs regularly.

Continue with your studies

Well, if you just can’t say goodbye to your college/university, then maybe you should consider continuing with your studies. Postgraduate study isn’t for everyone but for some career’s it’s quite important to have a master’s degree.  If you have done your research and are aware off your future qualifications then you could enhance your employability by doing further study in your area of interest.

One thing for sure is that you are not wasting your time if you are studying, so if you are really sure and focused about your goal with this degree then and only then you should go for it. As of now even the practical experience gets valued so choose your option wisely.

Find a graduate job

Even this late in the game, it’s never too late to find a graduate job. The competition can be tough but you will manage your way through. Look for companies that offer career advancement so that once you’ve completed your graduate placement you might have a chance of moving into a permanent role within the company. Some companies will rotate you around different departments so you can get a vague overview of what sort of area you might want to progress into. These include the various branches of an Organization or you can even plan for a start-up if you are confident about your plans.

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Become an Entrepreneur

IF you don’t fancy a Nine-five job then why not try to go it alone and be your own boss? Having a strong idea is very important to start as an entrepreneur, so ask your family members or friends who have started up their own successful business for some decent advice. There are various other things to take into account when you are self-employed, such as keeping a record of all your incomings and outgoings.

There’s a ton of advice out there for people who want to start up their own company- one just needs the research. Your university may be able to guide you, in the right direction, and may even offer a start-up grant. Also, don’t miss out on free seminars, talks and courses which are aimed at young entrepreneurs at these will be a good networking opportunity.

Get an internship

Internships have been here for a long time, and they have evolved with time. You, shouldn’t have to take an unpaid position to strive to find somewhere that’s willing to at least pay a minimum wage. Moreover, if you are doing an internship, then why not aim high? This is your chance to get into a company that you really want to work for but it’s not guaranteed to lead to a job. Carry this in your mind and do your best to create a positive impression on your co-workers. There are high chances of you landing in an entry level OPT jobs as a student after your graduation so do give It a thought.

Life After Graduation: What Next To Do

Graduation from college can be inspiring. But life after college can be daunting and stressful. The graduates are faced with major life-changing decisions such as initiating a job search, deciding to begin a career, or maybe continuing with their education. Here is a list of events that might happen to you after your graduation:

  1. It takes a little while adjusting to a life without attendance and semesters. All your life you have been accustomed to monotonous productivity. Nothing lasts in front of time so even if you disliked the chemistry professor you eventually ended up bearing them after a certain amount of time. But this doesn’t happen when you have a job and live in something which is not a hostel room. You can’t just move or quit every few months to take a break or freshen up because adulthood is the longest bluff of them all.
  2. One good thing about it is that no one is watching to make sure you don’t screw up, it seems great until you actually do screw up and have no one to blame but yourself. But being responsible for your mistakes is the best thing because when you accomplish something great, you will be able to feel super-proud about yourself.
  3. Not having to do homework is the best thing ever after graduation. When you leave your job at the end of every day there is no homework, that’s all for the day, all done. It is truly a satisfying feeling to have some time just to yourself without any work.
  4. One knows how expensive it is to be a person in this world. You thought you knew what all the expenses would be, but I swear it is not that hard living an adult life.
  5. Basically, you get to reinvent yourself. This comes from how rapidly your taste and interests will change once you graduate. You will have to restructure your life according to the new rules and regulations you have made for your adult life. And there is no harm in choosing what you want as everybody around you would be doing the same.
  6. Your friends become an important part of your life. They will feel more like relatives now, and it’s a beautiful feeling to have. Even if you have fewer friends than before, the bonds are much stronger because adult life hard and real which is why you need constant support and even help at times to go out and just relax for a while.
  7. Self-care increases and you will feel pity about the way you have treated yourself throughout the college. You will start eating healthier wash your face twice a day and things like that. Your biological clock would be lined up and things will get much sorted.
  8. The only person standing between you and your goal is only YOU. So set out your goals and start reaching them now. Having goals is very important for your mind and body, and now as an adult, you have to start finding and reaching them now.
  9. You might get your dream job only to realize it’s not your dream at all. At least for the majority of us or maybe you might land at a job you thought you hate only to fall in love with it.
  10. Times speeds up at almost an alarming rate. When time is measured by the paychecks you receive it goes by way faster and all of a sudden you realize what your parents said all the time.
  11. Finally, you can take holidays and feel true guilt-free about abandoning all responsibility for a few days because you work hard and deserve it.


No one expects you to have it all figured out, but you should learn how to “fake it till you make it”. It is one of the biggest learnings in your adulthood. Beneath everyone’s stoic surface is a teen version of themselves crying and freaking out just as much as you are. In fact, the biggest thing you will learn after post-grad is that no one around you.  It’s truly peaceful to accept that and just give your best shot at it anyway. Last but not least if you want to take a change and work as well at the same time. Then I highly recommend you to go look for an international internship program. As there are a lot of benefits one can acquire by doing an international internship, even if you are an international student, Benefits of Internship for International Students are much greater then they seem.