Counter Threat Finance (CTF) SME (CONTINGENT)

METIS Solutions – Doral, FL

METIS is a Small Business founded by some of the senior-most leaders in strategic solutions and planning in the defense, homeland defense, intelligence and commercial arenas. METIS provides strategy and policy support, intelligence and operations support, program management, and international business development services to U.S. government and commercial clients around the globe. Our Senior Leaders, Subject Matter Experts, and Operational Specialists have direct, on-the-ground expertise in planning and executing the most critical missions our country and business sectors have faced with current operations ongoing in the Middle East, South Asia, Afghanistan, Latin America, Europe, or Africa.

Applicants selected will be subject to a government security investigation and must meet eligibility requirements for access to classified information. Top Secret/SCI clearance is required.


  • Provide intelligence analysis services pursuant to 10 U.S.C. 284 and to Section 1022 of the NDAA for FY 2004, as amended
  • Provide CTF/TFI analysis that contributes to DoD strategic, operational, and tactical support to law enforcement agencies. Analysts may contribute to the development of theater-wide TFI analytical products to support CTF activities
  • Provide CTF/TFI analysis to enable identifying, detecting, and providing targeting and interdiction recommendations for CD/CTOC/CT activities. This support may include research and analysis of AOR issues relevant to strategic effects planning
  • Provide support to the planning, organizing, and coordinating of CTF activities in respective CCMD AORs/AOIs, and in support of other DoD Components efforts to support law enforcement agencies. Support DoD CTF program reporting requirements by drafting correspondence and briefings for DoD and for USG law enforcement agency personnel
  • Monitor and provide CTF/TFI-related advice on finance-oriented assessments that contribute to DoD s support to law enforcement agencies development of case files, evidentiary material, and designation packages, to include actionable intelligence. Analyze, develop courses of action, and provide specific operational alternatives to DoD Component leadership, in support of DoD s responses to law enforcement agencies requests
  • Provide briefings to DoD Component leadership and provide analytical products to support DoD briefings to law enforcement agency personnel
  • Assist in the development of TFI analysis-derived action plans, papers, reports, and target packages described below, as required:
  • Action Plans: Narrative and/or briefing products that may include the following:
  • (1) descriptions of strategic, operational, and/or tactical objectives against an adversary s financial network
  • (2) lists of interagency operations, activities, and actions (OAAs) to be pursued to support an objective
  • (3) lists of interagency intelligence analysis activities that may help illuminate an adversary s financial vulnerabilities
  • (4) lists of interagency OAAs that can synchronize with military operations to increase impact against an adversary network
  • Papers: Narrative products that highlight:
  • (1) an adversary s financial network (e.g., financial assets, methods of storage, processes for financial transfer)
  • (2) the vulnerabilities in an adversary s financial network, and interagency capabilities that can exploit those vulnerabilities
  • Reports: Narrative and/or briefing products that provide updates to OAAs; describe lessons learned from OAAs; and summarize ongoing OAAs or intelligence analysis support
  • Target Packages: Combinations of narrative and/or briefing products that may describe a specific target, the significance of the target to the network in which they operate, the target s centers of gravity and vulnerabilities, the effect on the network if the target s activities are disrupted, and community reporting on the target. (The term Target Packages is used in the Law Enforcement sense, such as the target of an investigation.)
  • Provide program and policy support including, but not limited to:
  • Provide support for CTF-focused conferences, to include planning, set-up, execution, removal and follow-on support related to conference activities
  • Assist in drafting guidance and provide expertise on matters related to implementing DoD CD/CTOC/CTF policy and DoD efforts to support law enforcement agencies CD/CTOC/CTF/CT-related programs
  • Assist in the development of strategic documents, DoD Directives and Instructions, and other DoD policy issuances that affect DoD activities to counter-threat finance challenges to U.S. national security
  • Assist DoD s work with the law enforcement and intelligence communities, and with other Federal departments and agencies for the purpose of supporting law enforcement agencies on CTF/CTOC/CD/CT issues
  • Analyze highly complex strategic, policy, and program issues, and provide analysis to DoD components as part of DoD s support to law enforcement agencies
  • Receive and analyze TFI information disseminated by DoD Components or elements of the Intelligence Community, including Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information (TS/SCI)
  • Requirements:

  • Active TS/SCI Security Clearance required
  • Bachelor s degree from a 4-yr college or university accredited by a body recognized by the U.S. Department of Education
  • Minimum of eight (8) years of specialized experience in the required area of expertise
  • Finance-specific analytical experience dealing with identifying / detecting, targeting, and interdicting threat, terrorist, and/or criminal finance activities, and networks
  • Experience shall include CTF, and may include human intelligence and signals reporting, criminal and regulatory investigations, cases for designation, and experience with Bank Secrecy Act reporting mechanisms such as Suspicious Activity Reports (SAR)
  • Experience providing support to law enforcement agencies
  • Expert level of skill in working with U.S Government Departments and Agencies (other than DoD) in areas such as policy formulation, acquisition, finance, drug law enforcement, security, policy formulation, and at disrupting and degrading the national security threats posed by drug trafficking, piracy, transnational organized crime, and threat finance networks reasonably related to illicit drug trafficking activities.
  • In all cases, the specialized knowledge and experience shall directly support the technical requirements of this contract
  • Desired Skills:

  • Additional certification, such as CAMS (Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist) or CFE (Certified Fraud Examiner) is preferred

  • Other Details:

  • The positions will be primarily located in SOUTHCOM Headquarters in Doral, FL, but also may include the Embassy Intelligence Fusion Center, Bogota, COL, Joint Interagency Task Force South in Key West, FL, U.S. Army South, San Antonio, TX, and Special Operations Command South, Homestead, FL.
  • The principal place of performance for these positions is subject to change during the performance of this T/O.
  • Personnel filling these positions may be required to relocate dependent upon mission requirements and DoD Contract Personnel Office (DOCPER) and Partner Nation approval. The focus for these efforts includes analysis that enables law enforcement agencies to detect, disrupt, and dismantle threat network financial infrastructure that impacts the Homeland, the AOR, and other GCCs
  • METIS Solutions, LLC. is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, protected veteran status, disability status, sexual orientation or gender identity.

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