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Tohme Management LLC dba Jimmy John\'s – Royal Oak, MI

Listed below is our description of the delivery driver position, along with requirements that must be met to become a driver with our company. Upon hiring, you will sign a consent form for us to run a Motor Vehicle Report. If you meet the criteria and do not have any of the infractions listed below, please continue to apply for this job. If any of the infractions are on your record, please apply to work in the stores! Below are the requirements:

Be at least eighteen (18) years old, hold a valid drivers license and provide proof of a two (2) year driving history. This two (2) year period must be the two (2) year period immediately preceding the date of the MVR evaluation. The driving history must be evidenced by an official Motor Vehicle Report kept by an appropriate governmental authority. If the person has not been licensed in the state for the minimum amount of time for the driving history requirement, you must obtain an MVR or proof of license from the persons previous statae, states or foreign government. You must also provide your car insurance documents and resubmit upon expiration.

  • The learners permit period may be used for the documentation of driving history. An appropriate governmental authority must document the permit period.
  • If a driver is 19 years of age or older, they must have proof of at least 1 year of driving history. This (1) year period must be the (1) year period immediately preceding the date of the MVR evaluation.
  • A reasonable break in the driving history will be allowed, less than six (6) months in total length. This break in history may not appear at the beginning of the documented minimum driving history required or shorten the required minimum driving history.
  • No one will be allowed to drive a personal vehicle without proof of insurance and a valid drivers license
  • Anyone who does not comply with the eligibility standards can only work in a non-driving capacity.
  • No Employee will be allowed to drive with a suspended , provisional , court restricted , revoked , learners permit or junior license. In the event of a probationary license, an employee will be allowed to drive if the history requirements is fulfilled. Additional endorsements are acceptable.
  • No employee owned vehicle will be allowed to be used for business purposes unless the vehicle passes a periodic inspection

To be employed as a delivery driver, the applicants MVR must meet the following criteria:


  • No more than two (2) violations within the past 24 months (2 years). Violations include, but are not limited to: speeding; failure to yield or stop; no safety belt; improper lane change; fail to obey traffic signal/device; improper turn; careless driving; following too closely; using cell phone while driving; etc.
  • No more than three (3) violations within the past 36 months (3 years).
  • Grading for the above is not to include equipment violations or regulation violations.
  • Violations will be graded using the violation date.


  • No more than one (1) at-fault accident in the past 36 months (3 years). Note: If a moving violation appears on the MVR as the cause of the accideent, you are allowed oen (1) other moving or safety violation. If an accident appears on the MVR, but no citation is given, a police report may be necessary to determine fault.


  • No more than (1) cited accident plus (2) other violations in the past 36 months (3 years), with at least one incident occuring in the third year.


An employee may not drive for a minimum of five (5) years form the date of the violation if any of the following violations appear on the MVR:

  • Driving while under the influence of drugs or alchol, or any other alcohol or dru related violations or suspenses.
  • Participating in a speed contest
  • Reckless Driving. Some jurisdictions consider careless driving a serious offense. If the state that issued the violation considers careless driving a serious offense, you will not be allowed to drive
  • Leaving the scene of an accident.
  • Speed over 100 m.p.h.
  • Hit and run.
  • Vehicle homidice of assault
  • Eluding or attempting to elude the police

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