Digital Program Manager

Yes You Can! – Miami, FL

The Integrator will be responsible for implementing the complete launch strategy, branding, and marketing strategy (all digital only) for a personal brand and its digital products. The incumbent will work closely with the team strategist and consultant for the roadmap and guidance for the launch of the digital platform. The Integrator is the nucleus of each project and will be held responsible for the satisfactory completion of each project associated with the brand launch and expansion. Responsibilities: Proactively seeks out digital opportunities, commission digital outputs and manage their outcomes with the aim of enhancing the overall customer experience. Obtains and influences business requirement. The successful candidate will drive the strategic plan to integrate digital approaches and best practices across the brand's processes, thus ensuring that customer and business opportunities are identified and maximized from stakeholders. Evaluates each project daily to make ensure proper pace and prioritize product flow as needed. Manages to expand and contract the team as needed for each project. Collaborates with team members (freelance) including as the Content Manager, Social Media Coordinator, Videographer, Customer Service and Community Manager, Copywriter, Programmers, etc.). Responsible for acquiring status updates from team members regularly. Ensures the development of and adherence to SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) and that each team member meets or is ahead of expected deadlines. Reviews each increment for functionality (i.e. the creation of an opt-in page). Manages Task-Board (Project scope broke down by task status and updated daily) Conducts routine “Stand-Ups” or “Scrums” to ensure team members are focused and moving forward on the correct task-board item. Provides weekly updates to brand owner/leadership (Brand Consultant and or CEO) Serves as the final check before launching live initiatives Quality Checks each task to ensure that it is ready to publish. Tracks analyze and inform leadership on how the content output and sales are performing and any other relevant KPI’s, as requested. Knowledge/Skills/Abilities: Strong ability to assess the quality of work and adherence to brand image and target audience needs. Knowledge regarding the use and relevance of digital tools and technology, including the strengths, benefits, limitations, and costs. Understanding of long-term objectives related to brand digital outputs and their goals. Keen ability to internally and externally maneuver information and maximize potential despite occasional limitations in resources. Qualifications: Experience: Bachelor’s Degree in Internet Marketing, Digital Communications or other relevant areas of study 3-5 Years of experience in project management Excellent communication and written skills in English and Spanish Understanding of celebrity marketing and branding Experience working across multiple geographies

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