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Public Safety Officer

Pierce Transit – Lakewood, WA

Pierce Transit is dedicated to fulfilling the mission of improving the quality of life in our community by providing safe, reliable, innovative, and useful transportation services that are locally based and regionally connected.

We are currently recruiting to fill multiple vacant Public Safety Officer positions.
The Public Safety Officer plays an integral role in Pierce Transit s ability to deliver safe service to the community. The individuals selected for these positions are provided with training that will equip them for success in facing and managing the routine elements of the job as well as the unexpected challenges. The Public Safety Officer s role is to create a security presence with-in the Pierce Transit system by being visible, observing, reporting, and engaging customers. The Public Safety Officer works in partnership with Pierce Transit s fully commissioned law enforcement officers in protecting the customers and employees of Pierce Transit. Public Safety Officers are not fully commissioned law enforcement and do not have arrest powers.
The ideal candidate for this role is an individual with excellent communication skills, a reputation for demonstrating maturity and sound judgment, and someone who excels in a team environment. There are elements of this position that will be physically demanding so the successful candidate will need to be physically fit and ready to take on all the role entails including:
  • Patrolling on foot and by bicycle through parking structures, park and ride facilities, transit centers, bus stops, etc.
  • Riding the transit system buses within the service area providing a uniformed presence on board the buses.
  • Searching transit facilities and vehicles for suspicious devices and/or people and conducting assessments of transit facilities, physical security breaches, threats to employees, customers and assets.
  • Assisting Pierce Transit Police as necessary and working closely with neighboring police agencies.
  • Using Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) to conduct active surveillance of Transit Facilities, capturing video evidence for use in criminal and civil proceedings, testifying in court as required, listening and responding to radio traffic, responding to employee reports of suspicious activity, investigating and reporting on suspicious activity and notifying Pierce Transit Police or other police agencies of criminal activity.
  • Preparing detailed reports and taking photographic evidence for reporting purposes.

Public Safety Officers hold a Special Commission and are Specially Commissioned Peace Officers. They are not fully commissioned law enforcement officers, do not carry firearms when performing their duties and do not have full powers of arrest as defined by RCW 10.93.020(5).

The following functions are not intended to serve as a comprehensive list of all duties performed in this classification, only a representative summary of the primary duties and responsibilities. Incumbent(s) may not be required to perform all duties listed and may be required to perform additional, position-specific duties.

  • Issue passenger exclusion orders according to established procedures as part of the exclusion program
  • Issues notices of infractions for parking violations that occur on Transit property.
  • Conducts thorough patrols on foot and bicycles of various parking structures, park and ride facilities, transit centers, bus stops, etc. Rides the transit system buses as a means of transportation from various locations within the service area and provides a uniformed presence on board the buses.
  • Uses department issued cell phone to communicate to supervisor, Transit Police, South Sound 911, and other police agencies.
  • Completes various reports including Security Incident reports, use of force reports, and monthly reports. Also enters key information into a security database.
  • Works closely with neighboring police agencies.
  • Conducts assessments of transit facilities, reports inoperable equipment, conducts vehicle inspections, physical security breaches, assesses threats to employees, customers and assets.
  • Searches transit facilities and vehicles for suspicious devices and/or people. Provides customer service to include taking complaints, answering questions and responding to requests for assistance
  • With the use of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), conducts active surveillance of Transit Facilities, captures video evidence for use in criminal and civil proceedings, testifies in court as required, listens and responds to radio traffic, responds to employee reports of suspicious activity, investigates and reports suspicious activity, notifies Transit Police or other police agencies of criminal activity and prepares detailed, specific reports; takes photographs of evidence for reporting purposes.
  • Conducts traffic control and employee escorts as requested.
  • Demonstrates regular and predictable attendance.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.

Other Functions:
  • May serve as a Field Training Officer (FTO) to other Public Safety Officers or become certified department instructors in other specialized training techniques.
  • May administer first aid and CPR if needed.
  • Does not use firearms but may use defensive tactics strategies to physically subdue threatening individuals where personal safety or safety of the public is at stake.
  • May temporarily perform Sergeant duties in the absence of the Public Safety Sergeants.

The incumbent will possess knowledge of and skill in applying:
  • Policies and procedures regarding access to buildings, vehicles and property;
  • General safety precautions and fire safety procedures;
  • Methods in communicating and dealing effectively with staff, customers and members of the public;
  • First aid and other basic first responder techniques;
  • Effective methods of observation and report writing.

In addition, the following skills and abilities are required:
  • Use basic communication devices such as cellular phones, radios, and computers;
  • Use monitoring devices such as CCTV;
  • Use fire extinguishers;
  • Observe behavior, gather pertinent information and report facts accurately and concisely;
  • Verbally diffuse or de-escalate tense, intimidating or threatening situations;
  • Remain calm and focused in situations where personal safety or safety of others may appear to be at risk;
  • Understand and apply written and verbal directions;
  • Use sound, independent judgment within the scope of authority, policies, and procedures;
  • Maintain positive working relationships with staff, customers and supporting organizations, such as law enforcement, to promote confidence in the safe and secure delivery of transit services.

To be considered for this position, applicants must meet the following minimum requirements:
  • High school graduation or GED.
  • Valid driver s license with a driving record that meets the hiring standard at the point of hire and throughout employment in this position.
  • One year of work experience in the public sector providing service to the public or customers, preferably within the last five years.

The ideal candidate will submit an application that includes:
  • Experience in public transportation security.
  • One year of experience in the public-sector security field, military police, corrections or related field.
  • Basic knowledge of criminal justice system and criminal law.

Additional Requirements:
  • Must be able to pass a 200-hour in-house academy which includes a 40-hour IPMBA police cyclist course, a 40-hour Defensive tactics course and Taser training.
  • Must be able to work a flexible schedule including weekends and night shifts.
  • Must be available to respond to public safety incidents throughout the service area.
  • Must have an exemplary driving record and be able to obtain a valid Washington State driver s license prior to employment and successfully pass a thorough criminal and civil background check.
  • Must meet the Pierce Transit Department of Public Safety Certification of Standards as part of the pre-screening process.
  • This position is represented by the International Association of Machinists. Dues will be required as a condition of employment


To be considered, applicants must:

  • Submit a completed electronic application that provides details for all employment and employment gaps for the last ten years.
  • Complete the supplemental questionnaire portion of the electronic application.
  • Upload a cover letter that explains your qualifications as related to this vacancy and your interest in the position.

As candidates are evaluated and at the request of Pierce Transit, the most competitive candidates will be required to:
  • Review and acknowledge receipt of the certification of standards if you receive this document from Pierce Transit. Return the signed document to Pierce Transit.
  • Provide complete references
  • Authorize and submit a notarized criminal background release form if you receive this request from Pierce Transit.
  • Complete the assessment questionnaire
  • Participate in the psychological and polygraph exam
  • Be fingerprinted
  • Participate in a bicycle assessment and a physical with drug screen
  • Fully cooperate with an extensive background investigation
  • Participate in a series of interviews

  • Carefully review your application for accuracy, spelling and grammar before submitting.
  • Please ensure that your work history has been updated to include employment end dates as applicable.
  • The initial screening of applications will be solely based on the information provided in the supplemental questions and the content and completeness of the work experience and education sections of your application at www.piercetransit/careers/.
  • A resume will not substitute for completing the work experience section of the application.
  • All information may be verified and documentation may be required.

If you are having technical difficulties creating, accessing or completing your application, please call NEOGOV toll-free at (855) 524-5627 or email [email protected]
Pierce Transit Is An Equal Employment Opportunity Employer
Pierce Transit has a strong commitment to the community we serve and our employees. As an equal opportunity employer, we strive to have a workforce that reflects the community we serve. No person is unlawfully excluded from employment opportunities based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex (including gender identity, sexual orientation and pregnancy), age, genetic information, disability, veteran status, or other protected class.
Pierce Transit s Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) policy applies to all employment actions, including but not limited to recruitment, hiring, selection for training, promotion, transfer, demotion, layoff, termination, rates of pay or other forms of compensation.
/>3701 96th St. SW
Lakewood, WA 98499
[email protected]
Position #19037
Public Safety Officer Supplemental Questionnaire

  • 1. This position requires proof of citizenship. Are you a citizen of the United States of America?
  • 2. Do you currently possess a valid Driver s License?
  • 3. Do you have any of the following violations on your driving record in the last five (5) years? Select all that apply.
    Reckless or negligent driving
    Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
    Hit and run incident
    Vehicular homicide or vehicular assault
    Open container violation
    More than one at-fault accident
    Other serious offense not listed
    None of the above
  • 4. Have you ever attended, been enrolled in or participated in any of the following? Please select all that apply.
    Basic Law Enforcement
    Fire Service Academy
    Military Reserves
    National Guard
    Similar organization
    None of the above.
  • 5. Which of the following best describes your experience and/or training as related to the minimum qualifications for this position? Important note: responses must be supported by the information provided in the application.
    I have one (1) or more year(s) in a job that required me to provide service to the public.
    I have one (1) or more year(s) experience in a security, police, corrections or related role.
    I have one (1) or more year(s) experience in a public transportation security role.
    I have one (1) or more years of participation in an organization that serves the public and/or involves training and equipping participants with skills including ROTC, Scouts, CAP, Explorer or others.
    None of these options describe my experience.
  • 6. If selected to move forward in this recruitment process, will you grant Pierce Transit authorization to conduct a pre-employment background investigation to solicit information about you by releasing all information to include work records, reputation; medical records; psychological testing analysis and recommendation; military service records; responses to any pre-polygraph questions; polygraph testing and/or analysis; fingerprinting and a review of financial history records and status? Information of a confidential or privileged nature shall also be included in the request to assist Pierce Transit in determining qualifications for the position. I understand my rights under Title 5, United States Code, Section 552a, the Privacy Act of 1974, and waive these rights with the understanding that the information furnished could potentially be used by other law enforcement agencies in conjunction with employment procedures.
  • 7. This position is a Specially Commissioned Peace Officer. The requirements include strict hiring standards. If you are selected to move forward in the hiring process, you will be required to respond to a series of questions during a polygraph test. UNTRUTHFUL RESPONSES WILL RESULT IN YOUR DISQUALIFICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT WITH OUR AGENCY. You will be required to respond to a series of questions regarding your past history as related to drug use. POSSESSION is defined as having actual physical control of any illegal (non-prescribed) drug for personal use or otherwise. USE is defined as trying, testing, or experimenting - which includes but is not limited to tasting, smoking, injecting, absorbing, sniffing, or inhaling. Do you understand the importance of the requirement to answer these questions honestly AND that untruthful responses will disqualify you from employment with Pierce Transit?
  • 8. Public Safety Officers work shifts as assigned to include days, swing and night shift. These will include weekends and holidays.
    Yes, I am aware of this requirement and willing and able to comply.
    No, I am not willing or able to meet this requirement.
  • Required Question
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