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Cook County Health & Hospitals System – Chicago, IL

The Regional Director of Renal Dialysis Services, CCH (Director) is an independent Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) by license and training with experience in planning, development and implementation of inpatient, outpatient and home dialysis services. The Director will be experienced in providing direct patient care and performing both Peritoneal and Hemodialysis procedures. The Director will responsible for direct oversight and coordination of care for patients on the dialysis services. The Director will also develop in collaboration with the Chair of the Division of Renal Diseases in Nephrology strategic plans in alignment with organizational initiatives to deliver dialysis services across Cook County Health (CCH). The Director will oversee the delivery of care provided by the dialysis staff, clinic manager and Advance Practice Providers (APP) on the service to ensure quality and efficiency of care. The Director in collaboration with Clinic Managers and APP will develop training opportunities to ensure that staff have the skills and resources necessary to provide care. The Director will be responsible for the overseeing the daily operations to ensure effective and efficient delivery of dialysis services across the health system. The Director will provide direct care to patients on dialysis and patients with advanced kidney disease to facilitate seamless transition to dialysis.

General Administrative Responsibilities

Collective Bargaining

Review applicable Collective Bargaining Agreements and consult with Labor Relations to generate management proposals Participate in collective bargaining negotiations, caucus discussions and working meeting


Document, recommend and effectuate discipline at all levels Work closely with labor relations and/or labor counsel to effectuate and enforce applicable Collective Bargaining Agreements Initiate, authorize and complete disciplinary action pursuant to CCH system rules, policies, procedures and provision of applicable collective bargaining agreements


Direct and effectuate CCH management policies practices Access and proficiently navigate CCH records system to obtain and review information necessary to execute provisions of applicable collective bargaining agreements


Contribute to the management of CCH staff and CCHs systemic development and success Discuss and develop CCH system policy and procedure Consistently use independent judgment to identify operational staffing issues and needs and perform the following functions as necessary; hire. transfer, suspend, layoff, recall, promote, discharge, assign, direct or discipline employees pursuant to applicable Collective Bargaining Agreements Work with Labor Relations to discern past practice when necessary

Typical Duties

Patient Care

Provides Independent care by diagnosing and treating patients with Chronic Kidney Disease and End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) on dialysis. Coordinates all aspects of patient care with the appropriate staff members from the time of admission to discharge. Ensures education of the patient regarding quality measures, transplant options, modality awareness, and access care, including catheter reduction and adherence to treatment regime. Accounts for timely completion of patient care assessments and care plans by organizing meetings of the facilitys Interdisciplinary team to discuss patient care plans and to resolve patient problems. Directs initiation, maintenance and communication of efficient and timely patient schedules to ensure maximization of the facility station efficiency. Works in collaboration with Clinic Manager and Dialysis staff to ensure timely completion of all inpatient and outpatient dialysis treatments. Develops, implements, and oversees a mechanism or process for knowing the specific situation of each patient, including hospitalizations, no-shows, catheter use, and any significant change in-patient care status. Develops action plans for unexcused and missed treatments in collaboration with the Clinic Manager or Dialysis staff. Provides clinical expertise and serves as a resource for staff to manage patients with chronic kidney disease and ESRD on dialysis. Coordinates continuity of care between the hospital and other health care settings.

Administrative Responsibilities:

Engages in planning, development and implementation of new dialysis programs in collaboration with the Chair or as assigned. Ensures strategic alignment with CCH strategic plan to establish new out-patient dialysis centers at Provident Hospital, expansion of Stroger Hospital dialysis services and home based services (Peritoneal and Hemo-Dialysis). Responsible for supporting and driving CCH quality standards through meeting all ESRD regulatory requirements and the practice of Quality Assessment and Improvement (QAI), including use of Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and Renal Network QAI tools. Implements CMS and CCH quality goals and develops specific action plans in order to achieve quality standards. Accounts for outstanding quality of patient care, as defined by the CCH quality goals, by working with the Chair or as assigned. Responsible for implementing appropriate training for staff to ensure ongoing compliance with all policies and procedures. Responsible for aggressively addressing and acting on adverse events and action thresholds. Accounts for compliance with all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations. Ensures all Clinical Quality policies and procedures are communicated to and implemented by the facility staff. Maintains the integrity of medical records and other CCH administrative and operational records. Complies with all data collections and auditing activities. Maintains Dialysis facility environmental integrity, including safety.

Additional Duties

Ensures regular and effective communication with all physicians and have regular meetings with Clinical Manager and Dialysis Staff. Schedules and coordinates Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) meetings with physicians. Participates in the recruitment and interview process, and decision to hire new personnel. Ensures completion of new hiring orientation and training. Ensures documentation completed for annual in-service training, and policy and procedure in service updates. Responsible for all patient care employees receiving appropriate training including training to ensure ongoing compliance with all CCH policies. Provides training to support the development for professional growth. Responsible for overseeing performance of all licensed personnel, direct patient care staff, reporting indirect patient care personnel as assigned, and when necessary, technical staff. Provides employee education and guidance, and feedback related to performance. Provides counseling for all clinical staff members at regular intervals offering support and encouraging professional growth. Initiates plans for progressive discipline for staff members who are in violation of CCH policies and procedures. Completes timely employee evaluations and establishes annual goals for staff. Provides written documentation of all disciplinary conferences in accordance with the established personnel policies, and confers with the Chair for further guidance as needed. Ensures a strong communication and educational process with facility staff, Area Manager, and other ancillary departments serving dialysis units. Creates, maintains, and communicates efficient and timely employee schedules according to the needs of the facility. Creates and implements a Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Process Improvement Team that involves staff in problem solving. Responsible for maintaining and updating all Dialysis manuals. Checks correspondence whether electronic, paper or voice mail, and responds as appropriate. Directs information gathering as required supporting billing and collection activities. Responsible for efficient utilization of medication, laboratory, inventory, supplies and equipment. Responsible for the integrity and safety of the facility water system. Must be knowledgeable in the operation of all facility equipment and technology. Must be able to work with clinic managers, procurement and supply chain department, maintaining inventory and writing budget proposals. Responsible for participating in all required Network reporting and on-site state or federal surveys. Performs other patient care and administrative duties as assigned.

Reporting Relationships

Reports to the Chair of the Division of Renal Diseases in Nephrology


Licensed as an Advanced Practice Nurse- Nurse Practitioner in the State of Illinois or ability to obtain prior to starting employment Current DEA license or the ability to obtain license within six (6) months of hire. (If already obtained, must bring at time of interview) Current IL Controlled Substance License or the ability to obtain within six (6) months of hire. (If already obtained, must bring at time of interview) Five (5) years of experience as an APN-CNP providing direct patient care to patients needing dialysis Five (5) years of experience coordinating care for dialysis patients (i.e. home health care) Three (3) years of management experience Valid Basic Life Support (BLS) certification or able to obtain one within two (2) weeks of starting (If already obtained must provide at time of interview) Current Nephrology Nursing Certification or able to obtain one within two (2) weeks of starting (If already obtained must provide at time of interview)


Three (3) years of work experience as a facility administrator of dialysis services



Excellent interpersonal skills to establish and maintain appropriate professional relationships with patients, members of the health care team and other personnel. Ability to assess information, apply critical thinking to determine course of action and relay this information to patients, families and clinical staff. Strong customer service and empathy skills.



When applying for employment with the Cook County Health & Hospitals System, preference is given to honorably discharged Veterans who have served in the Armed Forces of the United States for not less than 6 months of continuous service.

To take advantage of this preference a Veteran must:

  • Meet the minimum qualifications for the position.
  • Identify self as a Veteran on the employment application by answering yes to the question by answering yes to the question, Are you a Military Veteran?
  • Attach a copy of their DD 214, DD 215 or NGB 22 (Notice of Separation at time of application filing). Please note: If you have multiple DD214s, 215s, or NGB 22S, Please submit the one with the latest date. Coast Guard must submit a certified copy of the military separation from either the Department of Transportation (Before 9/11) or the Department of Homeland Security (After 9/11). Discharge papers must list an Honorable Discharge Status. Discharge papers not listing an Honorable Discharge Status are not acceptable OR

A copy of a valid State ID Card or Drivers License which identifies the holder of the ID as a Veteran, may also be attached to the application at time of filing.

If items are not attached, you will not be eligible for Veteran Preference



  • Medical, Dental, and Vision Coverage
  • Basic Term Life Insurance
  • Pension Plan
  • Deferred Compensation Program
  • Paid Holidays, Vacation, and Sick Time
  • You may also qualify for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program (PSLF)
  • 100% Tuition Reimbursement for nursing-related programs

For further information on our excellent benefits package, please click on the following link:

Must successfully meet the credentialing standards established by the Cook County Health to include a State of Illinois APN license and any other license, certification or specialized training, etc. no later than two (2) weeks prior to the candidates start date.

  • Degrees awarded outside the United States with the exception of those awarded in one of the United States territories and Canada must be credentialed by an approved U.S. credential evaluation service belonging to the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES) or the Association of International Credential Evaluators (AICE). Original credentialing documents must be presented at time of interview.

  • Please note all offers of Employment are contingent upon the following conditions: satisfactory professional & employment references, healthcare and criminal background checks, appropriate licensure/certifications and the successful completion of a physical and pre-employment drug screen.

  • CCHHS is strictly prohibited from conditioning, basing or knowingly prejudicing or affecting any term or aspect of County employment or hiring upon or because of any political reason or factor.


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