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Senior Strategic IO Planner and On Site Manager

Alion Science and Technology – Doral, FL


Requires experience, and knowledge of basic advertising elements, concepts, and practices. Provide analysis to measure the effectiveness of all IO programs and shall employ database marketing, database management, or quantitative and statistical studies to evaluate existing and potential target audiences. Ensure assessment of IO programs is synchronized with the Command Strategic Assessment. Develop and maintain reporting procedures for all IO activities.

  • Support and serve as lead functional expert and action officer for IO conducting strategic and theater deliberate, contingency, and crisis planning support at the COCOM level. Provide briefings to CDR USSOUTHCOM and Jstaff directors and other staff elements when required. When required, conduct meetings and briefings with US ambassadors and country teams, and foreign military and civilian officials.
  • Support coordination between the SOUTHCOM J39 and other internal and external senior and junior staff agencies and elements.
  • Provide support on IO actions, policy and authorities, which may include developing proposed IO Strategy,
  • Guidance, Concept of Operations (CONOP), coordinating themes and messages, gaining situational awareness and
  • providing support to Operational Planning Teams (OPT) and working groups, and preparing IO input for
  • USSOUTHCOM Numbered Plans, OPORDS, FRAGOs, and EXORDs. These documents, CONOPS, briefings, etc., must be ready and error free 48 hours prior to due date.
  • Provide support to unified, component, subordinate commands and JTF level staffs to communicate current IO, OPSEC, EW, and MISO policy, doctrine, best practices, procedures, and employment.
  • Provide support compiling and reporting accurate data to measure the performance of all IO programs and activities. Support Theater IO campaign planning ISO the Theater Campaign Plan. These documents, CONOPS, briefings, etc., must be ready and error free 48 hours prior to due date.
  • Preparation of information papers, decision papers, CONOPs, correspondence, briefings, SJS taskings, and other joint documents required to support the IO mission 24 hours prior to suspense date with all rewrites completed.
  • Support the Government with coordination and synchronization of USSOUTHCOM IO and IRC in the
  • AOR with coordinations completed per Government timelines. Coordinate IO with other COCOMs and DOD IO supporting agencies with no outstanding issues 72 hours prior to execution of mission or approved plan.
  • Provide IO planning support and coordination to U.S. Country Team and Office of Security Cooperation to assist in the planning and conduct of IO to include assisting PNs develop a capacity to conduct IO with no outstanding issues 72 hours prior to execution of mission or approved plan.
  • Provide blue force integration support of IO into USSOUTHCOM exercise programs.
  • Provide support and inputs to the Joint Training Management System (JTMS), Joint Lessons Learned System (JLLS), and Defense Reporting Readiness System (DRRS), and Theater Security Cooperation Management Information System (TSCMIS).
  • Support the integration of DOD Rewards Program into USSOUTHCOM IO plans, programs, and activities.
  • Support with the development and planning of Electronic Warfare (EW) activities for both exercises and real world contingencies to include the support of development of EW portions of USSOUTHCOM CONPLANs,
  • and OPORDs.
  • Provide operational planning support through nomination of EW recommended targets, effects, and indicators in support of operational planning to include assistance with EW staff taskings related to the development of EW doctrine, policies, and procedures.
  • Support the identification of Partner Nations EW capability and assist Partner Nation (PN) build capabilities as required and authorized.
  • Contractor shall provide simultaneous planner support for the following key areas: Current Operations, Future Operations, Future Plans, Military Information Support Operations (MISO), Deliberate Theater and Strategic Plans, Contingency and Crisis Operations.
  • Contractor shall provide planner support for Theater Integration, Readiness and Command Exercises and
  • Conferences, OPSEC Surveys, Counter Transnational Organized Crime (CTOC), PN and USSOUTHCOM Campaign Plan (SCP) engagements, Network Exploitation, FBI and Interagency, assigned Battle Rhythm Boards, Bureaus, Centers, Cells, and Working Groups (B2C2WG) and Operational Planning Teams.
  • Maintain coordination with the USSOUTHCOM Public Affairs Office, J5, J7/9, Strategic Communications Office, and other Interagency offices and organizations as required weekly and daily during crisis events.
  • Contractor shall moderate IO and IRC working groups and OPTs when required.
  • When tasked, provide advice and assistance to senior USSOUTHCOM leadership on planning, conducting, and coordinating strategic and operational IO.
  • Submit monthly status reports NLT 10 days after the first day of the following month covering key tasks completed during the previous month.
  • USSOUTHCOM IO advisor to the J39, Information Related Capabilities Working Group, and other staff offices for all matters of information operations and staffing daily.
  • Plan and draft work schedules, meetings, operational planning teams, and other staff managerial functions per J39 timeline to support COCOM planning and operations.
  • Assist daily in the management of J39 IO planning support to ensure proper staff functioning to incude briefing preparation, IO portal page maintenance, document preparation, IO travel coordination, IT support coordination, weekly property accountability, maintenance of work area, support in materials acquisition.
  • Standard is no errors 72 hours prior to task requirement date. Must meet USSOUTHCOM policy objectives or per guidance from Chief of Staff, Office of Primary Responsibility, or J39provided standards.
  • Focus and coordinate IO team representation daily in the Joint Effects Steering Group, Joint Effects Working Group, Strategic Assessments Working Group, Joint Effects Board, and the CDRs Effects Board.
  • Action and coordinate taskings by these groups and provide required inputs. This is to be done for every B2C2WG event when scheduled.
  • Assist daily in the development of nonkinetic targets and integrate into command target priority list.
  • Assist weekly in planning IO support to J5 PN assistance program.
  • Maintain required daily coordination across the USSOUTHCOM staff Interagency and DOD targeting, effects, and assessments offices and organizations.
  • Consolidation situation reports, monthly division briefings, and coordination of operational requirements to outside agencies, Joint Staff and service components. Data prepared without error 72 hours prior to submission to tasking authority.
  • Responsible daily for maintaining government property inventory for contract personnel to include common items used to support contract functions.
  • Assist daily in the preparation of documents, memorandums, and system support and content to computer based IO and IRC data prepared without error 72 hours prior to submission to tasking authority.
  • Assist daily in executive preparation of materials (briefings, etc.) to ensure the functioning of staff tasks.
  • Data prepared without error 72 hours prior to submission to tasking authority.
  • Submit monthly status work report NLT 10 days after the last day of the month the tasks were performed.

  • Minimum requirements: Five years as a combatant command or component headquarters IO strategic
    planner and/or Joint Information Operations Planners Course graduate with two (2) years of joint service:
    including three (3) years of Program Manager experience
  • USSOUTHCOM AOR Experience.
  • A minimum of 3 years experience as a Joint Task Force/Combatant Command level operations planner.
  • Fluency in Spanish is not required but advantageous
  • TS/SCI Clearance Required based upon a SSBI completed within the past five (5) years,


Security Clearance

SCI Eligible

Diversity Statement

Women, minorities, individuals with disabilities and veterans are encouraged to apply. Alion will provide a reasonable accommodation to individuals with disabilities and disabled veterans who need assistance to apply. Please visit the Alion Careers site for more information
U.S. Citizenship Required.

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