Quality Assurance Training

Quality Assurance Training

Quality Assurance Training

About Quality Assurance – QA Training Certification Course

OPTnation is offering the definitive training in Quality Analysis that can be taken by professionals and students to become a certified Quality analyst. As part of the training you will learn the necessary skills and knowledge in Quality analysis. The quality assurance training course will include software testing to assure there are no bugs, and make sure that the user interface is efficient so it will be easier for the customers to use the software. You will work on real world projects and case studies to help you get hands-on experience.

What is Quality Assurance?

QA stands for Quality Assurance. It includes activities that ensure the implementation of procedures, processes, and standards in terms to verification of developed software. It focuses on procedures rather than conducting actual testing on the system. It performs process-oriented activities and does preventive activities. It is a subset of STLC (software test life cycle). QA in software development is the continuous monitoring of the SDC (software development cycle) in order to improve the performance and see that the expected results are obtained. QA is crucial to save cost, efforts, time, and the standard of the product. Emphasis is put on tests to find and reporting bugs.
QA certification is the best way to upgrade your career to standards never set before. The biggest organizations are in search for fresh and dynamic QA experts.

What does a Quality Analyst or QA Tester do?

QA analysts are testers and problem solvers. A Quality assurance analyst job duties include testing websites or software for problems, documenting any issues and ensuring errors are corrected. They are a crucial component to any software development process. Quality assurance analysts stop problems before they begin by working in a testing environment even before software is released to the public. Once the QA analyst—or team of analysts—gives their stamp of approval, the program is considered acceptable for release to the public. This reduces any frustration and wasted time, and ultimately benefits the entire organization.

Why learn Quality Assurance?

The IT industry has always been on the leading edge and is expected to outperform other industry sectors with its future growth of 5-7% every year.

The QA tester careers are promising and rewarding in the IT industry with positive job growth and job security.

So, if you want to start, switch or enhance your career in the IT industry and you are new to Information Technology field, Software Quality Assurance and Engineering is one of the best options in this rewarding and promising job market.

What you will learn in this Quality Analyst training course?

  • Developing use cases for software based on customer needs
  • High income because of the high demand and significance of the QA professionals in the industry
  • Communicating the complex issues to marketing professionals and software engineers
  • Routine software audits scheduling
  • Implementation of multiple testing methods
  • Resolving the conflicts between competing stakeholders during the QA process

Who should take this Quality analyst training?

  • Fresh Graduate from college and Looking for career in IT world
  • If you are looking for software testing certification
  • QA professionals interested to polish their skills and knowledge
  • Experienced professionals from any other field and interested to switch their career

Quality Analyst Training Course Highlights

  • Knowledge in quality management processes, fundamental concepts in software testing process, manual testing process and automation testing process
  • Potential to segregate different activities of Quality Assurance, quality control, and quality planning
  • Capacity to recognize the importance of standards in the quality management process and their influence on the final product
  • Calibre to apply quality tools to control and monitor processes to help in continuous improvement at workplace
  • Knowledge and skills to crack few globally recognized Quality Assurance certification programs


  • Familiarity with Windows is required.
  • Not necessary but knowledge of programming language will be helpful.

How OPTnation Training can help you

  • 48 Hours of hands-on session per batch and once enrolled you can take any number of batches for 90 days
  • 24x7 Expert Support and GTA (Global Teaching Assistant, SME) support available even to schedule a one on one session for doubt clearing
  • Project Based learning approach with evaluation after each module
  • Project Submission mandatory for Certification and thoroughly evaluated
  • 3 Months Experience Certificate on successful project completion (Project Mentor also available) 

For becoming a Quality Assurance Analyst / QA expert, choose our best Training and Placement Program. If you are interested in joining the OPTnation team, please email at training@optnation.com.

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