Best Paying Data Analyst Jobs in USA in 2023-2024

Data analyst jobs in USA

A data analyst job is one of the most desired fields. After the lockdown, the job market took a setback but it all revived again and everything became normal. New businesses and start-ups began to flourish and every recruiter wanted to start afresh with new strategies. The team must be strategically updated and efficient to run the business smoothly. Some key responsibilities include analyzing, collecting, managing, and interpreting. The vacancies in the US job market for data analysts have been rising recently. A report from the Bureau of labor statistics is also circulating which says that data analysis is a booming career opportunity from 2022 to 2030. It is an affirmative sign for those who want to build their careers in data analysis data management or quality analysis.

What is data analysis?

Data analysis is a job position in a company, that has some key responsibilities such as the collection of data, and management of data. And identifying issues for beneficial growth in a company. A data analyst is supposed to meet other requirements such as data screening, visualization, and interpretation of data. Recruiters hire data analysts for framing financial policies that enhance the growth of the company as a whole. As a whole, the staff is associated with the growth of the company.

Entry-level data analysts are offered a competitive salary, the more experience the candidate gets the more his salary will increase.  Recruiters are more inclined in finding data analysts who are more dedicated and have relevant experience in running the company. Apart from educational qualifications the Data analysts must have professional experience and relevant skills;

  • They must be good at problem-solving and other related assessments. They should analyze the financial issues and possible ways to resolve the issues. They must be good at analyzation of the problem and its consequences.
  • They have the responsibility to take care of the expenses of a company. The data analysts are also expected to form a report regarding the financial growth and advancements.
  • They have to read and analyze the data as per the past performance and frame policies that could benefit the company in the future.
  • They must work on the costs incurred in the projects started by the company. They should figure out ways that could cut the expenses of the company.

Entry Level Data Analyst Jobs in USA

What is a data analyst?

Data analyst is a job position in a company that has certain key responsibilities to perform. They operate as a financial caretaker for the company, from managing and collecting data to interpreting it into important pieces of information. Such data is processed into something which could be beneficial for the growth of business and the formation of new ideas. Generally, new ideas are required to get the business to new heights.

Data analysis is a wide spectrum, it includes various aspects apart from data analysis. Other duties are also associated with this profile. Hence, many opportunities are created based on this qualification. Different sectors required different types of data analysts, such as healthcare analysts, market research analysts, intelligence analysts, and business analysts.

The scope of data analysis is also extended to remote data analysts job possibilities. Candidates qualified for becoming data analysts can apply for remote jobs. Some of the key skills that are required for a data analyst include:

  • They must know how to interpret data, after collecting the data which is relevant for the company. The collection of data also includes data analysis, data interpretation is also an important skill.
  • Data collection, and analysis, also include data management. The data analysts must be good in interpretation and management.
  • Presentation of collected data is another responsibility for the data analysts to perform. They can deliver the ideas of collected data through presentations in many forms, graphs, PPT, or some other simplified yet effective way. This will enable the other teams to understand the ideas or concerns raised in the presentation.
  • The data analysts in a company are expected to be good at communication. While dealing with the financial issues in a company, they must understand that they are coordinating between different teams.
  • They must carry out effective coordination, the communication also includes coordinating between different teams and team members. They must convey the ideas of adding effective techniques, to add financial benefits to the business policies.
  • They must be equally good at framing policies for the beneficial growth of their company. The policies framed by the data analysts are based on the past performances of the company.

Tips for getting a data analyst job

The field of data analysis is one of the booming career opportunities. Recruiters are also hiring for entry-level jobs, at a competitive salary package. Although good experience is preferred in this field, candidates must do internships or OPT and CPT training. These data analyst jobs require professional experiences that count up in future employment offers.

To begin with, you must follow the steps mentioned hereunder:

  • You must have a relevant educational qualification, the candidates must opt for a valid undergraduate degree. This will be the basis of getting relevant job offers in this field. A degree or specialization in this field is a plus point apart from skills. Students in the USA are entitled to work in OPT CPT jobs only after having a valid degree in a related field of their Major.
  • The candidates hoping to work in the field of data analysis must have a relevant skill set. This skill set will help them to get a more suitable job offer. The other skills include data screening, data analysis, data management, data interpretation, communication, and team coordination.
  • They must have leadership qualities to work and manage different teams effectively. A data analyst must be able to convey his findings and measurements to the other members who are a part of the project or are connected with the company.
  • Relevant certification is needed for getting a suitable job. It is important to develop relevant skills which could help the candidate to perform the job role. Advanced-level skills help the candidates to achieve a more stable career, as experienced and skilled candidates are in demand.
  • Recruiters seek potential candidates for hiring as it will help them to boost the economic growth of the company. The recruiters in the US job market are most likely to offer the candidates full-time job offers after recognizing their talents in this domain.

Several other skills that will make your CV stand out

There are many skills that are required to get a job in these fields. For getting a data analysts job the candidates must focus on certain other skills, such as software and hardware skills. To name some:

  • They must understand the working of Microsoft Excel for creating sheets. Visual representation is also necessary to make the relevant teams understand the values and technicalities. They must have a wide understanding of the range of spreadsheets, and tools.
  • They must be good at the presentation and visualization of issues relating to the business. The data analysts must be good at communicating the problems with the team at various stages.
  • Data filtration and data handling analysis, along with all the other requirements for data analysis job position. Candidates are expected to analyze, interpret and handle the data collected.
  • To learn about programming and SQL, Structured Query Language, as it is a fundamental skill. Python and SQL are the foundation stones for getting a lucrative salary package as a data analyst in USA.
  • Along with Python other languages like Scala, Javascript, and skills in data science are also preferable for the posts. This advanced skill set helps the entry level data analyst to secure a decent job offer in USA. The aspirants must learn Python as this is the most common step in the direction of getting a good job offer.

Top companies hiring for data analyst in USA

Many companies based in the USA are offering good compensation packages for data analyst jobs. Working in the US job market is a privilege for personal and professional growth for a candidate. Employees get global exposure in the market, and working with global competitors give a new outlook to the professional experience. Candidates who work in OPT CPT jobs are also entitled for certain benefits. Employees get the required exposure and sometimes they manage to get full-time job opportunities in this field. Companies do offer H1B visa sponsorship for potential and capable employees who can be an asset for the company.

Major companies like Amazon, Accenture, Google, and JP Morgan also hire potential employees for their companies. They offer a competitive salary for employees ranging between $70,000 to $80,000. Many banks also hire data analysts for monitoring finance policies, banking, and accounting.

Renowned companies like Barclays and PayPal also hire data analysts for reviewing and interpreting their financial policies. And recreating policies for financial growth and benefits.