Benefits of OPT Jobs in USA for International Students

Benefits of OPT jobs in USA for International Students

Approximately a million international students move to the USA to pursue academics. Optional Practical Training OPT is a way for international students to gain practical experience in any field related to their Major of education. Let us understand what is OPT, International students under the F1 category visa arrive in the USA and enroll in any degree or course. The educational institution must be based in the USA, they get the privileged permit to work while they are enrolled in any academic course. They can choose pre-completion OPT and post-completion OPT.

During pre-completion OPT the students can only work 20 hours per week, while in Post-completion OPT they work full-time. The OPT students can work for more than one employer at the same time. But only after they have their Employment Authorization Document. This exposure enhances the skills and potential of a candidate. This training serves many purposes not only financial independence. But it prepares the students for working with global competitors, the candidates gain confidence and learn many new things. International students can find OPT jobs in USA, in their educational fields, otherwise is not permissible.

Who is eligible to get OPT jobs in USA

Candidates have to be very particular while finding OPT jobs, the employment must be in the Major of their academic field.  Those who are interested in getting a suitable job for a kick start of  their careers must follow some guidelines and tips listed:

  • The candidates must have an F1 category visa.
  • They should have completed a year of their academic program. The degree or program must be in the English language.
  • The OPT job they are seeking must be related to the Major of their academic field.
  • They must be enrolled in a full-time course or degree.
  • The university or college they are enrolled in must be based in the USA.
  • The candidates must have a valid Employment Authorization Document.
  • The application for an employment permit is to be approved by the DSO of the particular college or university.

Tips to get OPT jobs in USA

For international students, it is very important to begin their job search as soon as they get an EAD. there are several tips and tricks by which a candidate can get a suitable job in the US job market.

  • Begin with creating a professional resume, this will reflect the professional outlook of the candidate. The foremost step is to impress the recruiter, the more effort you put into your resume the more will be the chances for you to get more job offers. The resume is the very first introduction of a candidate, so it must reflect the relevant qualifications and experiences of a candidate. The candidates must include educational qualifications, and relevant professional experience if any internships or part-time jobs.
  • Target companies that offer relevant positions for your academic qualification. The candidate must prepare a list of the companies and recruiters. And then drop their resumes directly to the recruiters with a cover letter, that highlights why they are a good fit for the job.
  • Take professional assistance, the candidates must register with online forums that offer guidance and assistance. As international students are new and they are not aware of the job market so naturally they need mentors. The professional team at OPTnation helps them to find good companies that offer jobs in a suitable field.
  • After signing up drop the resume in the database of the OPTnation. The database has a large variety of resumes, and recruiters can directly access the resumes. This allows the candidates to get selected from the database.
  • The team at OPTnation has many functions to perform, such as conducting training sessions to help the candidates gain confidence. This confidence will help the candidates to perform well in the interviews. These training sessions boost the confidence of international students, they get reasonable options from different companies to get a job.
  • International students must keep a watch on their applications. The OPT tracker helps the candidates to get an idea of the progress of their applications.

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Q- How to get a job in USA on OPT?

A- International students must have an F1 category visa, they must be enrolled in any full-time degree or program. The students get a privileged permit after getting their application approved by DSO. The students can find jobs in the field related to their Major area of education. Candidates can apply directly with the recruiters, they can email their resumes. The candidates can also take the assistance of professionals in finding suitable jobs in the USA.

Q- What are the advantages of OPT in USA?

A- Several benefits are attached to this training, students get relevant exposure and the chance to work with global competitors. Sometimes students get the chance to work with top-notch companies like Meta, Google, and Microsoft for IT jobs. They can work part-time, or full-time as per the OPT type, pre-completion or post-completion. The OPT students get 12 months to work under OPT. If they are STEM background students they can get an extension of 24 months that is how they get 36 months to work and live in the US job market.

Q- What to do after OPT in USA?

A- If you are a STEM background student you can get an extension of 24 months, to stay and work in the USA. But if you are not and you have completed the 12 months of OPT. then you have to return to your country and apply under a different category of visa. If you want to work, then you have to apply under a different category of visa such as H1B. But if you are interested in academics you can take admission under the F1 category again.

Q- How long can I stay in the USA after OPT?

A- After completing their degree, international students can stay for work for 12 months. The candidates must apply for OPT permit before completing their degree. They get 60 days for finding a suitable job in a field related to their educational qualification. International students are eligible to get training and work experience in the US job market.