Best Businesses That Employee International F1 OPT Students

Best Businesses That Employ International F1 OPT Students

Best Businesses That Employee International F1 OPT Students


 International students in USA want to work for a company that would help them launch a successful career in a field related to their major. Students begin their job search before graduation, particularly OPT CPT visa holders, or even after they have finished their studies. OPTnation is committed to facilitating the job hunt for international students studying in the USA. A major accomplishment in the career path of an international student through OPT jobs would be to begin working in USA as soon as they graduate for reputable companies. We are on the list of leading American businesses that employ foreign students.

Top 5 guidelines for identifying firm hiring international students

Finding the best employer for overseas OPT candidates might be difficult, but these suggestions will make the process easier. Check out the following tips:

  1. Speak with your career services office: You can get assistance with the list of American businesses that hire international students from the career services department at your school. For assistance with career resources, the list is typically publicized or otherwise made public on their websites. However, occasionally it is only given out privately and usefully to university students.
  2. Alumni List data: You can use this list of former overseas students to learn more about the companies’ profiles and hiring practices by looking up their LinkedIn profiles. By contacting them, you can get information for your employment search. Set up informational interviews with them; they may be able to assist you as they work with employers who hire international students. Upload your OPT resume to different portals for better chances of getting a job.
  3. College websites: Various university websites may be useful for locating organizations that hire international students. You can locate posts of lists hiring international students at their university on the majority of school websites.
  4. Feature for LinkedIn Alumni: There is a feature for finding alumni over the ability to use LinkedIn will make it simpler for international students in the US to access information. This function provides you with a list of graduates in the USA along with the businesses where they are employed. Utilize this tool to conduct research with various employers who employ international OPT students.
  5. Employment Statistics: The list of reports linked to employment is prepared by universities. Candidates should consult the employment reports if the majority of the pupils are from abroad in the educational program. The schools’ employment reports provide information on the businesses that hire overseas students. This list is useful to start your job search because it includes information on businesses in your field.

Top USA companies hiring international students:

The top employers in the USA who take on international students are represented on the list. The finest employment prospects at these companies are for overseas students.


Infosys Technologies Limited 243,545 (2019) Outsourcing, Consulting
IBM Corporation 352,600 (2019) Outsourcing, Consulting
Capgemini U.S. LLC 219,314 (2019) Outsourcing, Consulting
Tech Mahindra 131,522 (2019) Outsourcing, Consulting
Accenture 505,000 (2019) Strategy & Consulting
Amazon Corporate 798,000 (2019) Web Services
Google Inc. 114,096 (2019) Internet services & products
Ernst & Young 270,000 (2019) Professional Services
Cognizant Technology 292500 IT Services
Wipro Limited 171,425 (2019) IT & Consulting
Syntel Consulting Inc. 120000 IT & Consulting
UST Global Inc. 23000 IT Services
People Tech Group Inc. 1290 IT Services
Microsoft 151,163 (2019) Computer Software and online services
JP Morgan 256,981 (2019) Investment and financial services
Facebook 44,942 (2019) Social networking services
Intel 110,200 (2019) Semiconductors
PWC 250,930 (2019) Professional Services
Walmart 2.2 Million Retail Corporation
LinkedIn 15000+ (2019) Employment related services
Salesforce 49000 (2020) Cloud Computing Service
Capital One 48000 (2019) Bank holding company
Tesla 48016 (2019) Electric Vehicle & Clean Energy
Ebay 30000 Ecommerce Corporation
Goldman Sachs 38,300 (2019) Investment and financial services
HCL America 147,123 (2019) Information Technology
Larsen & Toubro Infotech 31419 IT & Consulting
L&T Technology Services 19000 + (2020) Engineering Services
Adobe Systems 22635 (2020) Computer Software company
Oracle America 136000 (2019) Computer technology Corporation
Yahoo 8600 (2017) Web Services
Uber Technologies 22263 (2019) Transportation
Kforce 1001-5000 Staffing Agency
Amensys Inc 51-200 IT Solutions
Apex Systems 1001-5000 Technology Services
Edge IT 1001-5000 Staffing Agency
Modis E&T 1001-5000 Staffing Agency
Randstad Technologies 1001-5000 Staffing Agency

These are the six best ways to implement them when applying to companies that employ international students:

Errors to prevent when applying:

  • When applying for a job, avoid getting confused about your visa status. To prevent confusion, submit a copy of the original documents together with the authorization information.
  • Verify again whether the employing organization is happy to deal with foreign students.
  • Maintain your professionalism and loyalty to the employing company, as they may feel uneasy about having you work for them.
  • Being able to communicate well is important since overseas students’ communication abilities are sometimes called into question.

Establish a safe area:

  • International students in the United States who are searching for field employment have a limited amount of time to find a career that matches their major and choice. As a result, you shouldn’t hold off till after graduation.
  • To ensure a job is on time, start looking for opportunities in advance and submit applications frequently. Because it requires a certain amount of time to find a sponsoring employer.

Respect the law: 

  • You must comprehend and adhere to the laws and rules that apply to your position.
  • Be sure to provide all the necessary information, such as the deadlines, possible routes, and associated prices.
  • If you gather the data prior to applying, it will assist you in developing your confidence in relation to the job role.

Obtain information about the employer:

  • Please research the employer and the company before applying for a position.
  • Check and analyze the company’s track record with regard to sponsoring visas as well as the qualifications of alumni hired by the company.


  • After submitting a job application, always follow up with the employer within two or three weeks.
  • It will be beneficial to follow up even to see if they received your profile.


While it may seem difficult to find a company that assists international students in finding employment relevant to their majors and sponsors visas, doing some preliminary research and taking the steps outlined above will undoubtedly be helpful at this early stage of your career as an international student in the USA. Register with us because thousands of employers look for OPT resumes in USA through our website. OPTnation is committed to assisting international students in the USA in locating employment that fits their academic interests and desired fields of employment. With our help, you can have a successful career journey.