Top Careers in Blockchain Industry

Careers in Blockchain Industry

In the world of finance and technological advancements, blockchain industry is the ultimate revolution that is changing the face of the world.  While these technological developments are rapidly affecting all fields of life, with it come many career opportunities for people who are looking to land a good job in a world full of uncertainties and competition. 

Let’s start by learning what Blockchain Technology actually is:

To put it simply, blockchain is the digital ledger or a record of transactions. Blockchain stores the information so that no one can either change or hack it. As the name suggests, the individual records of information (blocks) are connected together in a list (chain), thus creating a chain of blocks. For example, single pages in a book are the blocks, while the whole book is the chain of the blocks. 

Blockchain is not only the ideal system for cryptocurrencies, but it is also crucial in providing information because it is responsible for providing immediate, shared and fully transparent data that only the permissioned members can access. You can track orders, transactions, accounts and much more with the incentives of authenticity and safety. 

Since blockchain is decentralized, which means no third party or intermediaries have authority over your money or data, it grew significantly, especially during the pandemic. 

As the internet expands, so does the ever-evolving world of the blockchain industry, making the lives of millions and millions of people easier.  Hence, it offers career opportunities for people from every walk of life. 

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain:

Blockchain is the technology behind cryptocurrency. 

Blockchain makes cryptocurrencies:

  • Secure
  • Fast
  • Authentic 
  • Transparent
  • Decentralized 

Blockchain is the driving force behind the fast-growing popularity of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Ripple. People buy XRP on paybis and then easily trade or exchange it without the fear of fraud, hack or change. 

Careers in the Blockchain Industry:

The following are some of the most significant and high paying jobs in the blockchain industry:

  • Blockchain Developer:

The most in-demand role for a blockchain career is that of the Blockchain Developer. As people realize the importance of blockchain in their lives, being a Blockchain Developer will be the most rewarding. Blockchain developers are programmers working to create applications for blockchain. Their main work is with the C++, Python, and JavaScript programming languages. It is one of the most high-ranking positions in the blockchain industry hence attention to detail, background knowledge of blockchain, and technical expertise are the crucial skills to master the job. 

  • Blockchain UI Designer:

As blockchain is touching almost every industry, it has impacted the design and user interface fields too. The main job of the blockchain designer is to create, design and shape such a user interface that is appealing, easy to use and creates a sense of trust for the user. Having an artistic touch, attention to detail and time management are most needed. Blockchain designers need to have a feel of aesthetics and art. 

  • Blockchain Content Writer:

Companies are continuously looking for a writer that is familiar with the blockchain technology, cryptocurrency industry and their use cases in order to provide material for the platform and write whitepapers for freshly launched applications. 

The majority of content writing jobs are tied to the development and marketing strategies of the writing firm, such as producing technical blogs to educate readers about their blockchain projects and looking for ways to share the material.

  • Blockchain Solution Architect:

Blockchain Solution Architect designs, assigns and connects blockchain components with the administrators, developers and designers.  Blockchain Solution Architects work closely with the IT Operations that are responsible for developing the complete Blockchain Solution. Effective communication and organizing skills are the most important strategies needed for this role. 

  • Smart Contract Developer: 

Smart contract developers design Ethereum smart contracts using the Solidity programming language and APIs to write and update data on the blockchain. By learning Ethereum, a traditional developer may understand the solidity programming language and other technologies. 

  • Blockchain Quality Engineer:

A quality engineer is the one who ensures that all areas of the project are running smoothly with the required value of quality. Testing and automation of frameworks is the main job of quality engineers. Sharp observation skills and quick and effective communication are a must. 

Here are a few important roles connected with the Blockchain Industry:

  • Public Relations
  • Accountants
  • Legal Advisors
  • Journalists (blockchain or crypto specialists)
  • Marketers
  • Brokers
  • Managers


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Let’s see who hires for such roles?

  1. Governments are hiring blockchain and cryptocurrency experts to advise and inform them of the latest trends. Governments recognize the advantages of blockchain, so blockchain professionals are in high demand. 
  2. Startups that are independent businesses are always looking for blockchain enthusiasts to join their talented teams.
  3. Tech firms are most likely to hire people who know blockchain technology since tech is all about revolution through decentralized systems. 
  4. Industries such as banks, retailers, and many more hire such individuals as they are always looking to keep their systems up to date with technology. 

Some Tips for you to Get Started in the Blockchain Industry:

  • If you want to land a high in-demand job in the blockchain industry, the first and foremost thing to do is to obtain background knowledge on blockchain, decentralization and cryptocurrency space. The more you read, the better. 
  • Creating a strategy to keep learning and creating effective plans will prove to be a major skill in your life.
  • Hard work and persistence, all the way.