Criteria For Consulting Companies who Sponsor H1B visa

criteria for companies who sponsor h1b visas

The international students who are currently working on the OPT, have to face a great deal of worry when their OPT work permit is near to the expiry date. The students in this time period start thinking of how to extend OPT or how to convert their OPT status into H1B status. Converting from OPT to H1B is not easy, as it requires the employers to file the H1B visa application for the candidate. For those who want to have the H1B visa sponsorship jobs, it is very important for them to know that not all the companies give the sponsorship for the H1B visa.

The students or the employees in their mind have the questions of finding the H1B visa sponsors and also how to search through the right platform. Before applying to the companies it is important to get the list of all the companies sponsoring H1B visa to avoid in getting contact with the fraud companies which make the fake promises.

The startups are in demand in the present market scenario. The international students must be very careful while applying for jobs in the startups. Before applying for the job in such start up, find out if they sponsor for the H1B visa and whether they file the petition. There can be many ways to find the reliable company based on the candidates network, reach and capability.

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It is suggested that the candidate must first get the H1B companies sponsoring database and from the entire list try to seek for the Global IT servicing companies. The best way to find out whether the company provides sponsorship is to take up the internship program in the company. While the candidate is on internship and if it works both way then company can itself help with the progression of Opt to H1B visa. Trying to the consulting companies or the American Universities can also be one of the creditable options.

All the mentioned ways are fruitful to find the H1B visa sponsors for the fiscal year. The most effective way is the networking. Candidate should talk to more people and network more to get more information and options regarding companies. Networking will help candidate get in reach of big companies. While doing the investigation it is advised to never be fooled by fraudulent consulting companies Keep observation for what they ask and what they say. It is easy to validate fraud companies form the reliable company by keeping the strong observation.

Even if the company is reliable there are certain conditions which company has to follow in order to file the petition for the H1B visa seeking employee. Generally the small companies do not file the petition for the H1B visa applicants because they have to face many challenges. The hurdles that come in their way of sponsoring the visa are visa fees and time consumed in investigation process. The investigation process is carried out by the USCIS to verify the legitimation of the company including the business plan, office space and the turnover in terms of cash flow. The third point which might become a hindrance for the requirement of H1B visa is the time limitation within which the application has to be filed.

Whether the organization you have applied to is large or small the approval for the filing of application is dependent on the success of the business and the respective organization. If the business is doing well, has a big office space, and has more than minimum number of employees each having the legal documents then the company is authorized for filing the H1B visa application. The process of checking whether the company provides H1B visa or not can also be done online which consumes less amount of time.

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Here are some H1B visa sponsoring companies listed below:
Infosys Technologies
Tata Consultancy Services
Cognizant Technology Solutions, and more.



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In the employer search box given on the page check out the whether the company provides H1B visa or not by typing the name of the company.


Check the displayed result to know if the company sponsors the H1B visa or not.

The above mentioned way was the manual way of checking whether the company support the H1B visa application and helps the candidate by filing the H1B petition or not.

It is common procedure for students to search for the H1B sponsors in the big and the well-established company. The company should have the sufficient turnover and huge staff. Searching for the job in the internationally located companies which are large in size and US based saves time and efforts. These companies approve to file the application for the H1B candidate as they can afford the high visa fees for international students.

This does not mean that small startups would completely fail in giving the sponsorship to the international students seeking for the H1B visa application. If the company knows you or someone at the company references you and if the company is ready to keep the trust on you, then there are visible chances that the company might provide the sponsorship. If the company is keen to hire you and shows willingness to pay the visa application fees then H1B visa application can be filed by them even though they are small.

Finding the H1B sponsoring companies does not end the journey. It is just the half way through the battle. The candidate also has to apply for the eligible job position to have the H1B visa petition filed. The job position cannot be random; it has to qualify as a specialization. Further the job has to pay the prevailing wages according to the demand of position. To apply for the reputed job designation the candidate must hold the bachelor’s degree. It is beneficial to start with the job type and then go for the company.

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