How To Find Entry Level Business Analyst Jobs in USA?

How To Find Entry Level Business Analyst Jobs In USA?

A business analyst job position is the backbone of any organization, they work in many aspects. Such as collecting data related to product development, and services. Later, they analyze this data for the profitable growth of the business. The primary responsibility is to make good growth and to extract positive results in the long term. Recruiters hire business analysts to monitor the business process, make financial policies, management of costs, and deal with the data. A business analyst acts as a bridge between IT and achieving business goals. They must have the capacity to build, test and analyze data plus they must have sound knowledge of programming and software.

Deployment of software in contemporary times is some of the key skills require to be employable. Many recruiters hire candidates for entry level business analyst jobs. Freshers get employment opportunities in many forms such as internships, part-time or short-term hires. A majority of OPT students find opportunities to get hire at entry-level positions in a company. The growth of this profession is affirmatively increasing in the US job market. There are a plethora of opportunities in the market.

Roles And Responsibilities Of A Business Analyst Job

Several essential functions are to be perform by a business analyst while he is working in such a position. Recruiters hire candidates for business analyst jobs so candidates must possess certain skills and qualifications to perm these responsibilities:

  • They have to perform the function of Quality Assurance.
  • Making reports, after analyzing and collecting data, and making the administration of all the alterations and requirements.
  • Develop coordination and communication with other teams to create an effective relationship.
  • Healthy communication helps the team members to agree and support new ideas for the beneficial growth of this organization.
  • Maintain system process, designed and make relevant documents.
  • Report and analyze contemporary issues related to costs, finances, accounting, and other aspects.
  • Making relevant observations, and giving key insights for developing products and services.
  • They must work on the development of the business. Decisions must be taken following the development of the business.
  • Their responsibility is not just restricted to providing their insight for the business. But also they must care about what the business delivers and provides for the customers.
  • They must work to improve and make the weaker areas more efficient. Keeping the growth of the company in mind.
  • They must incorporate new ideas and new policies, for desirable financial growth.

Qualifications For Business Analysts Job

  • The candidate must hold a relevant degree in the relevant field of education.
  • They must have some professional experience and exposure in this field.
  • For an Entry-level Business analyst job, a candidate must have a strong analytical approach, vibrant thinking, and sound knowledge of computer and IT.
  • They must have the skills to write SQL.
  • They must know how to generate a document.
  • They must be able to handle system processes.
  • They must have other soft skills such as communication, management, and coordination.
  • They must know how to use other computer tools.

Scope Of Entry-Level Business Analyst Jobs

In contemporary times, the profession of Business analyst jobs is monitoring healthy growth. The demand for Business analysts both at the senior level and entry level is increasing. The US job market has observed a total rise in demand of 14.3%. California, Florida, and Virginia are some of the places where business analysts are high in demand by recruiters. The average salary of an entry-level business analyst may vary between $ 90,000 to $100,000. Many recruiters want additional skills such as a sound knowledge of IT and other computer applications. Apart from educational qualifications, the candidate must have professional experience.

OPT students who live in the USA, and find potential jobs as Business analysts in the US job market, can avail themselves of the opportunities by working in this field. They get global exposure and the chance to work in some of the most renowned companies. There is a lot more scope after becoming a business analyst, such as they can work for Quality Assurance, managing finance, and accounting. A Business analyst is required to have strong analytical and mathematical skills to form an opinion regarding figures. Candidates who are good decision-makers and have critical thinking are very essential for the stakeholders.

Although the compensation package changes with the change of location. Such as BA in California get around $100,000 whereas in Texas this package drops down to $ 40,000 approx. so it depends upon the candidate what he has to offer to the recruiter and his organization.


  • It takes much more to become a business analyst, a candidate must possess certain qualifications such as good observation, communication, critical thinking, policy making, and good decision-making.
  • It will help the business to grow and will be beneficial for the candidate in many aspects. Employer seeks potential and skill-oriented candidates for entry level business analyst jobs.
  • They act as a bridge between the teams and also act as a link between Information systems and technology and actual business goals.
  • They must know the deployment of software tools, such as programming languages and computer skills, for smooth working.
  • From 2016-2026 the demand for business analysts in the market is expected to grow by 14.3%.
  • The demand for business analyst jobs is increasing. Recruiters require potential and capable candidates to monitor and advise for the beneficial growth of their business.
  • A Business Analyst in California gets around $100,000, whereas in Florida it ranges between $40,000-$50,000.
  • Location and companies also change the pay scale of the candidate.
  • Many candidates get good compensation based on their experience, recruiters need potential Business analysts with relevant experience.
  • For an Entry-level Business analyst job, a candidate must have a strong analytical approach, vibrant thinking, and sound knowledge of computer and IT.
  • They must have the skills to write SQL.