Find Suitable OPT CPT Jobs in USA

Find Suitable OPT CPT Jobs in usa

Find Suitable OPT CPT Jobs

International students who move abroad for better education and better employment opportunities find it exhausting, to begin, a new life. Both personal and professional life is affecte while they have to focus on academics and simultaneously.  They have to begin their professional journey. Although there are many opportunities for those students who want to work with recruiters who offer OPT CPT jobs. All these opportunities do not come easy, students have to work smart rather than hard.

An international student is not expect to know everything relate to the industries and work culture in a foreign land. When they are new they lack social connections, and a lack of networking can lend them some inconvenience related to finding a suitable job. The US job market is a hub of opportunities, there are developments related to the expansion of opportunities for freshers. More than 400 recruiters tend to hire fresh OPT CPT students for entry-level job positions in their companies. The salary offered is competitive, and the type of employment depends on the recruiter, whether part-time, full-time, short-term hire or on a contractual basis.

Who Is Eligible For OPT CPT Jobs In USA

International students who have F1 visas are eligible to get a work permit. While they are enrolle in any full-time degree or course. The educational institution must be based in the USA. The course must be in the English language, it is also a pre-condition that the candidate must be proficient in English.

  1. The students must file their request for an application to get Optional Practical Training OPT jobs with the Designated School Officer (DSO).
  2. DSO is an official representative for any school, college, or university based in the USA and he has to deal with F1 visa holders.
  3. Students must inform any development in their employment and any changes to the DSO.
  4. Students must fulfill the criteria by enrolling in a full-time course which must be of one-year duration.
  5. Students can choose to work either at the pre-completion or post-completion OPT.
  6. Suring pre-completion they can work 20 hours per week. While in post-completion they have to work full-time.
  7. They can work for more than one employer at a time. It depends on the discretion of the student.
  8. They must qualify for all the criteria, expressed by the recruiter.
  9. The students are eligible to work in any field related to their major and not otherwise. This was done with the view of giving them relevant exposure to practical training apart from classroom learning.

CPT jobs in USA

Curricular Practical Training (CPT) is a chance to advance education by getting global exposure in the field of your Major. Candidates can find amazing opportunities for CPT jobs in USA. It is important for a student to complete their one-year academic program in any college based in the USA. The term of employment may be in any form of internship or volunteering, whatever is offer by the recruiter. But the job opportunity must only be offer in the field of education of the candidate. They have to fill up the I-20 form, and the rest of the details can be collect from the United States Immigration and Citizenship Services.

Recruiters look for fresh CPT candidates as they are easily available on a contract basis. Entry-level jobs are offer to fresh CPT students. If the recruiter finds the true potential in the candidate he can offer them a full-time job and Visa sponsorship. The visa sponsorship is offer in the H1B category Visa and not otherwise.

The student must be authorize CPT before he starts to work with the employer. There are opportunities in every industry tech, and non-tech, including IT, engineering, architecture, consultancy, banking, accountancy, finance, hospitality, and housing.

How Optnation Helps The Candidates For OPT CPT Jobs

OPTnation is an online authentic forum, that assists and guides candidates in getting suitable OPT CPT jobs. Approximately a million international students are arriving in the US job market every year, the competition is high in the job market. Students from every stream are available for consideration by the recruiters. More than 80% of the candidates arrive here from a STEM background to work at tech job positions.

OPT is available for 12 months, candidates can work either full-time or part-time OPT. although STEM students can apply for an extension of 36 months after completing 12 months they can apply for 24 months more. This was done to keep talented youth in the US job market.

OPTnation assists OPT CPT candidates in many ways:

  • OPTnation redesign and modifies the OPT resumes professionally, it attracts more relevant job offers. Recruiters judge the profile through resumes, the more informative the resume there is a high chance to get hired.
  • OPTnation also assists the candidates with training and placement. It helps them get more confidence to appear in interviews with different companies.
  • OPTnation has a team of experts that works for candidates who are looking for possible opportunities in CPT jobs in USA, and can approach the team.
  • The team carefully monitors the changes in the market and helps the students to target the most relevant companies for their job applications. As the more specific their target is the more job offers they will get.
  • The team also held counseling sessions to boost the confidence of the candidates and also to get an understanding that what kind of job they are expecting.
  • The resumes are categorized by the team based on educational qualifications, professional experience, and relevant skills and attributes required for the job.
  • The recruiters take out the job description which states the minor details related to the job role and the company. So that only the relevant set of resumes is attracted.
  • The team also creates an email alert for the recruiter in case the precisely matching resume is dropped in the database.
  • OPTnation has a huge database of resumes, belonging to every stream, and they pick out the resumes which are precisely matching with the job description submitted by the recruiter.

OPTnation has a team of efficient members who put in their efforts for the candidates and the recruiters. It bridges the gap between the recruiter and the candidate.