From Applicant to Employee – How to Nail Your OPT Resume in USA

How to nail your OPT resume in USA

International students who move abroad for study are under an F1 category visa. The students must be enrolled in full-time academic courses or degrees. The course must be in the English language, and the students must be fluent in English. The university or college must be based in the USA. These students get the privileged permit, to work and stay in the USA. OPT candidates in USA can opt for pre-completion and post-completion OPT. During pre-completion OPT the students can work for 20 hours per week, while in post-completion the students can work full-time.

Employers want potential and relevant OPT resumes. There are certain points on which international candidates have to understand the strategies. The profile screening is done by the professional team at OPTnation, which helps the candidates in finding suitable matches. Recruiters rely on online job forums such as OPTnation. For OPT students OPTnation is a smart choice, the team is always available for assistance and guidance. There are many jobs for OPT students, including healthcare, banking, finance, accounting, architecture, IT jobs, consulting, housing, and staffing.

Nail the OPT resume in USA

But for every opportunity the candidates must prepare well for any job they are planning to do. Certain strategies can help OPT students stand out from a million other OPT students. The team at OPTnation can be very helpful for the F1 category international students.

  • Prepare a professional resume – OPT students must create a very powerful resume that can speak for itself. A professional impression is a must for getting a job. Employers are more inclined towards hiring qualified and professionally skilled candidates for any job. OPT students must highlight their educational qualifications, skills, and professional experience in any internship, or volunteer. This will bring an upper hand to the candidates who are qualified in the same field they are looking for a job. A professional outlook helps the candidates to get a suitable job.
  • Select the right job – OPT candidates must focus on the recent industrial trends in the US job market. The corporate culture must be clearly understood by the OPT candidates to get a relevant job at the beginning of their careers. The candidates must target the relevant companies that give OPT job opportunities to F1 students. When the candidates target and shortlist suitable companies, it helps them to drop their resumes only.
  • Register with a reliable online forum – The most basic step of finding a relevant job is to create a professional resume. If the candidates are not able to create a powerful resume they must rely upon an authentic online forum such as OPTnation. This online forum is a one-stop destination for all OPT students. They can register on the official website of OPTnation and avail of their services, which include creation and assistance in building a professional resume. Along with the resume, the team helps the candidates in training sessions, to boost the confidence of the candidates for appearing in interviews. The team also recommends the relevant resumes to the recruiters as per the job description. The team matches the precisely matching OPT resume in USA.
  • Students database – OPTnation has a large database of OPT resumes, the team carefully categorizes the resumes based on educational qualification, professional experience, and skills. The visa status and visa category are also important factors for the categorization of resumes. The team also conducts profile screening and recommends the best suitable resumes as per the job description submitted by the recruiter.
  • Build networks – The very first thing that candidates must begin with, when they move abroad is networking. Creating reliable connections and having social groups will help the candidate in many aspects of their life abroad. From finding suitable job opportunities to having references for relevant jobs and internships. The reliable connections include social groups, peers, and even teachers and other connections at school. At this time the candidate needs to be around people who genuinely care for them.

The OPT students can find relevant jobs in any sector, as per their qualifications in any related field of their education. The candidates have the privilege to get registered with an authentic online forum that assists the candidates in finding a relevant job. Recruiters sign up with OPTnation to find the best profiles and suitable resumes for their companies.


Q- How do I find OPT candidates in USA?

A- Employers can find potential OPT candidates through a reliable database of online forums such as OPTnation. Recruiters can find the most relevant resumes among the recommendations made by the team of professionals at OPTnation.

Q- Which is the best OPT portal in USA?

A- OPTnation is one of the most reliable platforms, employers gave very positive feedback to the team of OPTnation. The team of OPTnation has gained good reviews, and it is reflected in client satisfaction. Recruiters have marked good reviews because the team has delivered quality results. The priority of OPTnation is to fulfill the client’s needs, recommended profiles are based on 100% verified leads.

Q- What is the salary for OPT in USA?

A- It depends upon the sector and industry chosen by the candidate. Although the OPT candidates are hired for part-time, or full-time at a competitive salary. Some recruiters also hire candidates at good compensation packages depending upon their qualifications, and skills. Potential candidates get an increased package and they have a high demand in the US job market.

Q- How do I find OPT students?

A- International students can be easily found through the DSOs and online job portals. OPTnation is one such online forum that provides a genuine database of OPT resumes. They fulfill the needs of the recruiters based on the job description submitted by them.

Q- Can I Check my OPT status?

A- OPT status of an International student is trackable. The authorities of the USA United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. During the 60 days, the candidates can track the status of their OPT. During this time the candidate can find a relevant OPT job in the USA. OPT tracker helps the candidates to find more opportunities.