H1B Jobs in USA – Your Path to Professional Growth

H1B Jobs in USA- Your Path to Professional Growth

International students with specialized skills can get an H1B visa. Candidates apply for H1B jobs in USA from all over the world. Although in contemporary times people apply for H1B jobs through a technical degree. Despite the fact that IT occupation is prevalent these days, H1B visas are not limited to tech fields only, it includes all other occupations related to non-tech fields also. The basis of H1B visas is that the candidates must have any specialized skill, and a recruiter ready to sponsor the visa.

The US authority has put a cap on the arrival of H1B visa candidates. H1B aspirants should shortlist the companies that offer visa sponsorship. The information is available on the database of the H1B sponsoring companies based in the USA. Those candidates who have a relevant bachelor’s degree, are entitled to get a job in the same field. For instance, if an engineer is planning to move to the USA, he must have a specified degree in the same field. He should have relevant skills in the field, in which the recruiter is ready to sponsor the particular candidate.

An insight into H1B jobs

As we all know that an H1B visa sponsoring job is given to those candidates who have some specialized skills. H1B sponsorship is given to the selected candidates in keeping with the guidelines of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services USCIS.

Architects, Automation, IT jobs, Finance, Accounting, Data administrators, economists, policy framers, teachers, engineers, and many more occupations and professions are listed in the H1B sponsoring companies list.

Tips for students filing for H1B visa sponsorship jobs

H1B visas make the candidates entitled to a job in the USA for 3 years that can be extended to 36 months. So the candidates get a total of 6 years of living in the USA. The candidates must have some specialized skills for getting a visa sponsorship.

  • You must have a relevant degree or a master’s degree or any specialization, in a related field to which you are applying.
  • A specialized skillset is also essential for the candidates to secure a visa sponsorship for an H1B visa.
  • Find the relevant job postings in companies that sponsor H1B sponsorships, and contact the recruiter.
  • Drop your resume through email, and a cover letter, that reflects how you are fit for the job.
  • Although there is a cap on H1B visa immigration, the candidates can always stand out through their visa. And they can reapply next year, there is no age limit.
  • Every year USICS announces the electronic lottery, to which the candidates can apply. After the application is approved the candidates, can participate in the electronic lottery.

OPT jobs and H1B jobs in USA

We have learned about  H1B jobs now let’s see what is OPT. Optional Practical Training is a privileged work permit for students who are enrolled in any college or university based in the USA. the F1 category visa students are entitled to work either at pre-completion OPT or post-completion OPT. In pre-completion OPT they can work for 20 hours per week, but in Post-completion the students can work full-time. The  OPT extends for 12 months although STEM OPT students can get an extension of 24 months so they get 36 months for stay and work in the US Job market.

After the OPT is completed the F1 category visa students have to o back to their countries, for reapplying or applying for another visa. The OPT is a permit to study and work, the candidates need an EAD for getting employment.

The H1B visa holders can apply for a green card and can attend a part-time school. The OPT candidates need the approval of the DSO Designated School Officer for getting an EAD for work with an employer. The OPT students can work with more than one employer at a time. Many companies hire part-time, and contractual OPT students for various job roles in their companies. Such as Amazon, Meta, Microsoft, and Google are some top-notch companies that hire fresh OPT students. This experience will help OPT candidates look for better opportunities and earn incredible experience. This experience can be used later for working with global competitors.

Though there are many benefits attached to both the F1 category and H1B category visa. And more than a million international students move to the US, for study and work. Such as in H1B transfer jobs  USA the candidates can apply for working another employer. While they are still employed and working with the former. So the former recruiters submit the petition to the new employer. So there are many opportunities in every field, and the candidates are not bound to work only with the one, employer who sponsored their visa initially.

Students who need career guidance or are confused in their job search can always approach OPTnation. The team of professionals is always ready to assist the candidates in picking up the right career. From application to the building of the resume, the team also helps the candidates to prepare for the interviews. The relevant job descriptions are matched with the resumes of the candidates and candidates can get multiple job offers from suitable companies.


Q- How can I get a job in H1B?
A- Find the companies or recruiters that provide H1B visa sponsorships. Then submit an LCA Labor Conditions Approval and file an I-29 form.

Q- Who is eligible for an H1B visa?
A- The candidates have a valid bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree. A- The degree must be relevant to the field you are planning to work. The candidates must have specialized skills. And the recruiter is ready to sponsor your H1B visa and submit a petition on behalf of the candidate.

Q- What is the age limit for an H1B visa?
A- This question is asked quite frequently, but the good news is there is no age limit for applying for H1B visa sponsorship. You can move to the USA at any stage of your age.

Q- How much are the fees for H1B?
A- There is a standard fee for filing for the H1B visa process of around $460.