Hospital Career Job Opportunities without experience

jobs at hospitals with no experience

Hospital Careers in USA: Overview

There are lots of career opportunities are available in USA for all the healthcare related field work. Candidates can easily get hired in USA after completing their graduation in Healthcare. The health care system in USA is very unique and advanced. USA’s health care specialists / Experts are among the best in the world. Medical treatment are also very good, Effective & Unique in USA. Health care facilities in USA are largely owned and operated by USA’s private sector businesses. There are

  • 58% of USA Hospitals are for non-profit,
  • 21% of USA Hospitals are government owned and
  • 21% of USA Hospitals are for-profit.

As per WHO (World Health Organization), the USA spent more on health care per capita ($9,403), and more on health care as percentage of its GDP (17.1%), than any other nation in 2014. The job market looks good for all hospital careers currently and over the next 10 years. So candidates get good job opportunities and career growth in health care. There is increased access to the health insurance due to the recent changes in health insurance legislation is also a factor in the projected growth in hospital-related jobs in USA. For example,

  • Nursing Jobs are expected to increase around 31 % by 2022,
  • Pharmacy jobs up are expected to increase around 14% over the next 10 years,
  • Physician and surgeon jobs are expected to increase around 18% and
  • All other health care related job are expected to increase above the 11%over the next 10 years.

So future of Health care job is quite brighter than any other occupations in USA and candidates can easily get jobs at hospitals with no experience in USA.

Medical Jobs For Pharmacy/ Nursing/Physiotherapy
Healthcare MNCs – USA
Skills: Skills : B.S, B.Sc, M.Sc,Physiotherapy, Nursing, Pharmacy, biotechnology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, bpharm, bsc nursing
Salary: $10 or more  per hour
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Hospital Jobs Required Education

Candidates may opt for careers in hospital in the chiropractic, dental or even pharmacy fields. There is also nursing jobs, Dental Assistant jobs, Surgical, Phlebotomists, Medical Assistant and many more health care related hospital jobs are available in USA for all the local and international candidates. Best things is that the education required for careers in hospital range from high school diplomas to associate’s degrees (for Radiation Therapists & Radiologic Technologists) to bachelor’s degrees (some therapist) to master’s and doctoral degrees (for nurses, doctors & Many therapists) so students can easily enroll in suitable program which meet to his/her ability and understanding. There are also many jobs are available in a few types of hospital careers which not required any degree, but you’ll need a certification or a non-degree award to get the jobs. Example of this types of jobs are Dental Assistant or Surgical Technologist. So enroll now in USA Health care System and grow you career in Health care organizations.

Hospital Salaries

Hospital career is one of the best career in USA so students who are going to Health care career definitely get good income with high pay rate. Hospital careers requiring advanced education and degrees to earn the highest salaries. For example,

  • Physicians earn average more than $187,000 annually,
  • Physician Assistants earn median salary of $90,930,
  • Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists earn in the mid $70,000s.
  • EMTs and Paramedics gross around $31,000,
  • LPNs bring home about $41,500 before taxes,
  • Home Health and Personal Care Aids earn median salary of $20,000 annually.

So there are huge career opportunities are waiting for Healthcare educational students in all over the world and candidates can easily find jobs at hospitals with no experience without having any trouble.

Top 10 Most Demanding Hospital Job in USA (jobs at hospitals with no experience)

  1. Nursing The Nurses goal is to provide the highest level of service to the patients, with heightened levels of kindness, caring, and cultural sensitivity, to create the most positive patient experience. Basic Nursing services are Critical care, Burn care, Cardiac, Medical treatment, Nursing informatics, Emergency services, Holistic care, Medicine & Surgery, Mental health care, Women & Children Care, Etc.
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  2. Dental Assistant Main work of Dental assistant is to work with dentist on variety of different tasks that include handling clerical work, preparing patients for Dental issues treatments and teeth cleanings, plus sterilize instruments. Dental assistant support dentists and help him to clear patients’ mouths with equipment. Dental assistants also handle process of oral X-rays and maintain patient records.
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  3. Surgical Technologist Surgical technologists sterilize the operation room and prepared equipment’s which required for operations before the operation. They also help patient to sleep on the table, cover him with drapes, and prepare medications and sterile solutions. Surgical technologists are the surgeon’s right hand during operations which help a lot to surgeon’s to complete the surgery. After surgery surgical technologists may transfer the patient to another room and restock the operating room for next surgery.
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  4. Home Health / Personal Care Aide The main work of Home Health / Personal care aide is to take care of the people who are unable to leave their homes or live on their own. Home health aides function as caretakers / caregivers. Home health / personal care aides may check vital signs, administer medicines, and help with daily routine tasks. There are many people are there who can’t do anything due to medical health issues so personal care aide help that people to do daily activities with medical treatment.
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  5. Medical Assistant Medical assistant do all office work like managing the front desk, answering phones calls and appoint patients & filing insurance forms for the patients. Medical assistant also do hands-on tasks such as drawing patient’s blood and preparing it for lab tests, administering injections and help to accurately record medical records. Medical assistant also assisting ophthalmologists or optometrists in basic vision tests and helping patients learn to insert, remove and taking care for contact lenses.
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  6. Pharmacy Technician Pharmacy technicians help pharmacists for medication to patients. Pharmacy Technicians count available pills, labeling bottles, Instructing patients about taking pills and perform administrative duties and also prepared list of required medicines and collect payments form the patients. Good thing about pharmacy technician is that you can become certified pharmacy technician in less than 1 year, many certification duration are around 9 month so you can become pharmacy technician less than 1 year.
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  7.  Medical Sales Representatives A medical representative’s job is to promote & sell their company’s products, whether that’s pharmaceutical drugs / medical equipment. Customers can include doctors, nurses and pharmacists. Medical sales representative job duties includes organizing appointments and meetings with community- and hospital-based healthcare staff, identifying and establishing new business, negotiating contracts, undertaking relevant research, meeting both the business and scientific needs of healthcare professionals, maintaining detailed records, managing budgets, reviewing sales performance, writing reports and other documents.
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  8. Healthcare Administrator Healthcare administrator is the backbone of healthcare systems, healthcare administrators handle the duties of overseeing vast expanses of medical personnel. As the structure and financing of the healthcare industry changes, healthcare administrators must be able to adapt to new environments of administration.
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  9. Medical Records and Health Information Technician Medical records & health information technicians maintain & secure all the official documents of the healthcare industry produces. Medical records and health information duty is to manage all the paper work handling such as x-rays, medical histories, lab tests, and treatment plans. Every patient has unique medical reports, and it is necessary that these records be kept organized and confidential in proper manner. So medical records and health technician can handle that process in Hospital or clinic.
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  10. Physical Therapist Physical therapy is a growing occupation, especially for those students who was interested in pursuing an advanced medical degree but do not want to be physicians. Physical therapists have the unique ability to work for all patients problems – from the disabled, to the elderly, to those with general pain. Physical therapists impart their knowledge of the body onto their clients and aide them in becoming stronger and more able-bodied. Currently, the number of physical therapy jobs is greater than practicing physical therapists because many physical therapists hold more than one job – such as having a private practice or clinic and also working part time at another healthcare facility / hospitals.
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