How Do I Get Resumes of OPT Candidates?

How Do I Get Resumes of OPT Candidates?

Employers are frequently perplexed about how to find the best group of applicants to satisfy their customer’s requirements and work with potential prospects to uphold a long-term relationship with their client. As most of the candidates are newer, choosing and screening profiles for overseas students in the USA can be difficult. Finding legitimate OPT resume in USA and vetting the profiles to find the best match for the client’s requirements takes a lot of time, which is both expensive and time-consuming. OPTnation provides the best and largest OPT profiles, enabling you to quickly satisfy the demands of your clients. In order to improve your sourcing and screening process for a successful placement, we have a variety of tactics and tailored services.

5 ways to obtain the correct group of OPT candidates:

  1. Assess what is needed for your clients: The ultimate goal of an employer is to serve the important clients. Therefore, fully understanding the client’s expectations is the first and most crucial step. In order to fully understand their needs, employers should constantly prioritise finding the appropriate candidate. From the very beginning of the process, avoiding knowing the necessary area to work in causes misunderstanding, which could lead to the client receiving the unsuitable candidate. The process of figuring out the qualifications for OPT applicants makes it simpler to select the field to focus on and meet the requirements for it. 
  2. Choose the correct combination of applicants: Every year, OPT candidates from a variety of industries enter the US labour market. The challenging element is identifying the right group or pool of applicants to satisfy the clients’ needs. It is easy to find the right pool of candidates to choose from after the client’s demands have been determined. The time and additional work needed for this process are reduced as a result.
  3. Seek advice from professionals to reach them: An experienced recruiter should always carry out the process of finding the best OPT applicants in accordance with the requirements. Prior to selecting the candidate for the open post, a qualified and experienced recruiter with a wealth of knowledge in recruitment and profile screening is required.
  4. Address the client’s needs: With the aid of an experienced recruiter, the ideal group of screened prospects can be attained. Determine the candidate’s needs after receiving their pre-screened profiles, then connect with clients or recruiting firms that can both meet and satisfy those needs. The candidate’s and your shared ultimate goal is to find the ideal position that meets your needs in a short amount of time. To achieve this shared objective, make an attempt to fully understand the demands of the concerned client before advancing with any position. Finding the ideal employers for the individual is a difficult and complicated process. Therefore, make an attempt to completely understand the candidate’s demands in order to hasten or streamline the process. This will progressively satisfy their special needs.
  5. Generate Effective Links: Developing a rapport with the candidates working on customer submissions or requirements becomes of utmost importance. The relationships you make with the prospect will always be beneficial because they will help the process gain traction. Before starting a project or procedure, getting along with the candidate to serve the clients becomes essential.

Add your resume to the largest OPT resume database of employers:

The largest and most accurate database of OPT resume is one that OPTnation provides for applicants who are solely and actively seeking employment in the USA. According to their requirements, we try to offer our clients strong resumes from the resume database.

Our database contains many candidates with various educational backgrounds and immigration statuses. We aim to assist with prospects in accordance with the particular needs of our clients. We have combined our services into a variety of plans to satisfy the needs of employers. Our knowledgeable recruiters screen applicant profiles before sending them to you, making it simple for you to begin the client-serving process. Before submitting the profiles, the recruiter thoroughly considers your requirements to assist you in finding the best individuals.


  1. Create an account by signing up for OPTnation’s employer account: Sign up with the largest OPT resume database to search for people who meet the requirements of your clients. Register here by visiting out website at 
  2. Choose the programme based on your needs: We are aware of both your needs and those of the clients. As a result, we have divided the services into different plans. Choose a strategy based on your requirements to start the process.
  3. Begin with a risk-free trial: Start a free trial of a plan that suits your needs right away! We provide a full alternative as part of a risk-free employer account trial with OPTnation, which can help with process assurance.
  4. Dedicated Recruiter: Sign up for a OPTnation Employer Account to hire a dedicated recruiter. You will receive assistance from one of our committed recruiters as you work to quickly deliver client orders in accordance with their specifications.


Discovering the appropriate individuals can be difficult, but we are committed to assisting employers in discovering the right candidates. Employer Accounts are made to meet client needs in a short amount of time and in a way that both employers and candidates can use comfortably.