How to Avoid Post-Graduation Blues

How to Avoid Post-Graduation Blues

Your college years can result in some of your fondest memories. You may look back on your time spent at university or college and can’t help but smile as you remember the friends you made and the experiences you had.

Knowing how memorable college can be, it’s only natural to experience post-graduation blues once your schooling comes to an end and you make plans to enter the real world. While ‘breaking up’ with university can be challenging, you might avoid post-graduation blues by taking these actions:

Create a Memories Box

You don’t have to put your college years behind you entirely. You can have something to remember your experience by creating a memory box. This box can include your college graduation attire, sports game tickets, photos, and any other trinkets and souvenirs you gathered over your years in college. Whenever you’re feeling sad or nostalgic, you can rifle through the box’s contents and take a walk down memory lane.

Get a Job

You likely attended college to gain a degree and enter a field you’re passionate about. Therefore, it makes sense that you’ll start job hunting once you graduate. Getting a job can be an excellent way to ward off post-graduation blues. Rather than focusing on what you’re missing out on, your attention can be on securing your dream job.

Create a standout resume and cover letter, browse job websites for leads, and even consider aligning yourself with career advisors to potentially improve your chances of landing your dream job. When you’re so busy preparing for your new career, you’ll have little time to think about your college years being behind you.

Volunteer Your Time

You may not gain employment right out of college, and that’s okay. It can take time for employers to read through resumes and choose the best applicant for the job. While you wait to hear, use your time wisely.

Consider volunteering with charitable businesses and organizations that need help. You can gain valuable experience, make meaningful connections, and have less time to think about what you miss about college life.

Keep in Touch With Your Peers

Graduating from college can sometimes feel as painful as a breakup. You might have formed amazing friendships and relationships with your peers and now have to say goodbye for what feels like forever.

However, it doesn’t have to be forever. Do your best to keep in touch with those you formed close bonds with. Make an effort to meet up with them in person or create online groups to stay connected to those who may live further away. Not seeing your college friends in person doesn’t mean they have to be out of your life for good.

Share Your Feelings

Thinking about what comes after university can be a daunting prospect. You might be struggling to adjust to your post-college life and nervous about entering the workforce and making a living. Don’t struggle with these feelings on your own. Instead, share them with others.

You might reach out to your college friends and learn they’re experiencing the same feelings. Alternatively, you might talk to your family or even a professional. Sharing might help you feel less alone.

Post-graduation blues are normal, but they don’t have to consume you. Talk about your feelings, focus on volunteering or getting a job, and keep in touch with your peers. You might be surprised by how quickly you become excited about what comes next rather than focusing on what you’ve left behind.