How To Find OPT Jobs In Texas

How To Find OPT Jobs In Texas

How To Find OPT Jobs In Texas

International students who move to the USA in search of a better lifestyle and professional growth, choose Texas. Texas is a place that is pocket-friendly and is suite to people because it has great diversity and a good environment. Students choose Texas because it is economical and accommodation and food are affordable here. Students who are F1 visa holders are entitle to work after they are enroll in any course or degree in any educational institution based in the USA. they can find OPT jobs in Texas in various streams and industries.

Texas is quite popular among international students, they choose this place as it brings opportunities to both tech and non-tech candidates. It is a booming economy and it will be a crowded and popular place to go in coming years. International students seek pocket-friendly options as they have to manage finances and academic expenses while they are enrolle in college.

Eligibility Of F1 Visa Holders To Get OPT Jobs In Texas

Students who want to work after their degree or specialization is complete have to fulfill certain documentation processes. They must own a valid passport, work permit, EAD, and I-20 form. All these things are mandatory for a student in case they have any doubt regarding it they can seek assistance from reliable sources and authorities. After fulfilling all these steps and requirements the candidates become eligible for OPT jobs in Texas.

  1. F1 visa holders are entitle to get Optional Practical Training in any field of education.
  2. OPT candidates can get employment opportunities in their field of education only.
  3. They can choose to work pre-completion or post-completion OPT. when they choose pre-completion OPT they can work for 20 hours per week. They can work as a full-time employee in post-completion OPT,
  4. The candidates can work for more than one recruiter at a time. The candidates can work full-time, part-time, and contractual basis. The terms of employment can be offer by the recruiters.
  5. The candidates have to file a request for OPT with the Designated School Officer.
  6. DSO then forward their request to the United States Immigration and Citizenship Services. After the approval of USICS, the candidates are eligible to work as OPT.
  7. No OPT candidates can work without Employment Authorization Document EAD. before finding a suitable employment opportunity they have to show their EAD.
  8. Generally, OPT candidates get 12 months to stay and work in the US job market but it can be extend on a request. Only STEM students are eligible to file a request for the extension of their work permit in the USA.
  9. The employment offered by the recruiter can be paid or unpaid depending upon the terms offered by the recruiter.

Scope of OPT jobs in Texas

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, Texas has the potential to be counite in the top ten economies. As with the rise in its popularity, it is now an attraction for international students. Though it is a fast-growing economy but at the same time it is soothing and peaceful, there are no harsh divisions. Instead, people here are nice and welcoming, it can be a home away from home.

As per the report of the BLS department, the rising economy will develop more opportunities for potentially qualified candidates by producing more OPT jobs in Texas. In the healthcare sector, IT, and engineering industry, non-tech includes jobs in consulting, staffing, accounting, and finance.

After COVID-19 all the industries witnessed a downfall, everything is recovering now with a better performance. So, let’s have a look at the change in demand and possible opportunities for OPT candidates in the job market.

  1. In the healthcare sector, there has been an increase in demand by a growth rate of 30%. The demand for nurses, health care assistants, and primary physicians has been increasing.
  2. Market research Analysts, the demand for this sector is increasing as the job market is expanding. So with the opening of new firms and organizations the demand for the same is increasing. With this business analysts and data analysts jobs are in demand also.
  3. For a fruitful expansion of any sector, research and development must be strong. And for research and development, fresh OPT candidates are hire on a contractual basis. They conduct extensive research and the results are impressive. It also helps them to have a broad mindset about the opportunities in the US job market.
  4. IT and the tech industry– Software developers, Python and Java developers, and back-end and front-end developers, will have a plethora of opportunities to work with. Not only top-notch companies but also many small stake business holders are incline to hire more software developers. As the market is booming so there is a need for advancement and new employees are hire. Fresh OPT candidates are hire for entry-level positions.
  5. Finance and Accounting– Finance and accounting jobs include financial managers, accountants, policymakers, and advisors. If the economy is booming and expanding there will be a need for good financial advisors, and finance policymakers. It will help the companies to grow positively, it will raise the economic standards for everybody related to the company.

How OPTnation assists the candidates to get suitable OPT jobs in Texas

OPTnation has a team of efficient members who assist and guide OPT candidates. OPT jobs in Texas are post by the team on the official website. The candidates can apply directly or the team can provide assistance.

  1. The team modifies the resume of the candidate professionally, it helps the candidate to get more job offers.
  2. The recruiters get impress by the professional outlook. The team carefully designs the resume highlighting all the relevant professional experiences and skills.
  3. The recruiters submit the job description with the team and the team recommends a list of relevant and suitable resumes to the recruiters.
  4. Also, the email alerts let the recruiter know if a relevant resume is drape in the huge database. If the resume is precisely matching the job description.
  5. The team understands the market and the changes occurring in it. They will recommend all the decent job options to the OPT candidate.
  6. The OPT candidates will get assistance and guidance unless they get a suitable job.