How to Find OPT Students Resumes in USA

How to Find OPT Student Resumes in USA

How to Find OPT Student Resumes in USA

F1 students who move to the US for academic reasons, enroll in any educational institution. F1 students get the privilege to work full-time or part-time. The course or degree must be a full-time degree. F1 students get to work under Optional Practical Training OPT, either pre-completion or post-completion. OPT students in USA, get multiple opportunities, in tech and non-tech industries. Recruiters seek potential candidates for entry-level positions. These OPT candidates can apply for Employment Authorization Document EAD.

A candidate cannot get employment without an EAD. OPT candidates can work for more than one employer. An employer must be e-verify for hiring an OPT candidate for his company. Generally, recruiters tend to hire freshers and international students for OPT, as they are great at team building. As they are just beginning their careers in the US job market, they have the right dedication and potential for the same. They make up the best team for any company, for gaining good experience for their professional journey and resume.

Students who are employee under OPT can work for 12 months on a work permit. If they are STEM students they get 36 months, NON-STEM students can work for 12 months only.

How OPT Students Get OPT Jobs

Recruiters find potential OPT student resumes through various platforms such as OPTnation. They can post vacancies on their websites and candidates can directly check them from the website. And students who are shortlist are call for interviews. Recruiters can also rely upon the recommendations made by the team of professionals at OPTnation. These resumes are shortlist on various criteria such as educational qualification, professional experience, and relevant skills and attributes.

Recruiters are getting a lot of applications for vacancies through the online platform of OPTnation. As the team updates the vacant positions on the website daily. OPT students get personalize mentorship and training sessions are conduct for their interviews. This boosts the confidence of the candidates, they appear more confidently in the interviews. The process of getting a suitable job offer is wrap up in a few weeks. Candidates get counseling sessions for better clarity regarding the scope of their degree.

Certain skills are need for a particular job, that OPT students with precisely matching resumes are hire. Recruiters look for potential OPT students in USA, who are qualified and have a valid visa status and an EAD for getting employment. Students who are opting for full-time OPT are eligible after completing their graduation or specialization. Those students who want to work at pre-completion OPT can work for 20 hours per week.

The rest of the period they can complete by working full-time after completing their degree or course. Candidates who are from Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics backgrounds get many opportunities to work in tech and non-tech companies.

How Optnation Works For A Recruiter For Finding A Potential OPT Resume

OPT student resumes are carefully categorize by a team of professionals. This team also manages the database of OPT resumes. OPT resume is a massive database of resumes, dropped in from candidates of various streams. OPT candidates can find suitable jobs according to their major. This work permit is strictly restrict to the academic field of the OPT candidate. All the resumes are screen by a team of professionals, this saves time, energy, and resources for the company. The students with precisely matching resumes are then short-list base on qualifications and professional experience.

Many times the recruiters end up hiring a misfit for the company. It is a futile exercise as the resources, time, and energy of the recruiter and the staff associated are hinder. Along with the company whole staff suffers.

  • The team creates email alerts for the recruiters in case a precisely matching resume is drop in the database.
  • After signing up the recruiter gets access to the OPT student resume database. All the resumes in the database are genuine ad qualified.
  • All the leads provided by the team are 100% genuine and verified. The recruiters get in touch with responsive candidates.
  • Recruiters get the opportunity to hire and know candidates after finding all the relevant resumes for the company.
  • All the resumes shortlisted by the team for the recruiters are based on the job description submitted by the recruiter.
  • OPT candidates who are employee, sometimes get the full visa sponsorship. They can apply for different visa categories later on such as H1B.
  • The team of professionals also eases the finding of relevant resumes easier. As recruiters can use the filter technology for finding the best resumes for them.

Scope Of OPT Students In USA

Many top-notch companies like Amazon, Apple, Google, and Meta hire fresh OPT students in USA

  • They hire for IT jobs, such as software development and Automation.
  • They hire for non-tech jobs such as accounting and consulting.
  • There are multiple positions in operations and customer service.
  • There are openings for accountants and financial advisors. Recently there are many opportunities post for business analysts.
  • OPT students are hire for many positions including staffing and hospitality.
  • Many small business holders also hire for positions such as accounting, financing, business analysis, financial advisors, and digital marketers.
  • Small stakeholders also hire software developers either freelancers or part-time or maybe full-time sometimes.
  • So there is a huge demand for IT and Automation. And students are easily hire for entry-level positions in companies.
  • Students can also opt for part-time job opportunities and can work for different employers at one time.