How to Start a Career in Content Writing – For Students

Career in Content Writing

How to Start a Career in Content Writing

Everybody dreams of earning while enjoying their hobby. It is a beautiful thing when you do what you like. Writing is an opportunity for such a career. Of course, if you want to put your feet on this path, you may need some guidance. We prepared some tips to help you at the beginning of the journey. If you want to study the subject in more detail, see this page, you will find plenty of exciting information.

Definition of Content Writing

A writer’s work has long been in demand in marketing and promoting goods and services. What is it, and how to start content writing online?

It is the art (craft) of using persuasive words and phrases to generate interest and action in the reader. This creates memorable messages that attract people’s attention and are aimed at a specific audience and their needs. Success in this niche means being good at the written word. But this skill alone is not enough.

Since content writers need to understand how to create persuasive messages, this means getting to the bottom of what the audience wants to see. And in many ways, this makes this role equally psychological and verbal. Finally, since authors must write on a wide variety of topics and for all kinds of audience segments, they must be excellent researchers with an excellent ability to assimilate new information.

While creating unique text is an essential skill for digital marketing, it has been used broadly for years. From advertising campaigns to flyers, brochures, and more, it is one of the most versatile skills you can have and plays a meaningful role in business success.

Jobs for professional writers are expected to have a steady average growth rate of 4% through 2031, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Look at the quick facts about technical writers. The applicant must have a Bachelor’s degree and less than 5 years of work experience.

Career in Content Writing

Let’s take a look at the statistics. As you can see, 1737 employers on this resource want to find a specialist in the field of writing. They are willing to offer a salary of $33,000 to $118,000 annually.

Pay attention to this — 2230 employers are looking for a new employee.

There are 309 employers in active search on this resource.

As for job postings, a search showed the average salary available as of 2023 — $58,918 yearly. The location and education may vary.

Let’s not forget that if you paraphrase the profession’s name, the results may exceed your expectations. You will understand that the authors of unique texts are in demand in the modern labor market. Overall, the search statistics for this profession suggest that job opportunities are available in various industries.

Types of Content Writing

We invite you to find out which texts are relevant and clarify their meaning:

  • learning content writing — specifically focused on creating educational or instructional documents;
  • social media posts — you can create original content with posts and stories and enhance content from other channels by sharing it on your company page;
  • article — the purpose is to inform, educate, or entertain the reader about a particular topic;
  • website content, such as landing pages — to upload the text on the site;
  • tutorial — step-by-step instructions, the relevance of which is long-term;
  • blog — increase the number of indexed pages, visitors, and site views;
  • white paper and e-book — used for lead generation;
  • email marketing — sending invitation letters;
  • online advertising material — to promote a product or service through digital channels;
  • video copy — online events, branded commercials;
  • product description — to inform potential customers about the features, benefits, and use cases of goods to help them make a purchasing decision;
  • public relations material — to communicate and promote their clients or organizations to the public with press releases, media kits, speeches, brochures, fact sheets, case studies, and more;
  • podcast scripts — there are outlines or sketches of what takes place during a digital audio file episode.

Regardless of the type of text you will write, it is worth remembering that it should contain an introduction, body, and conclusions.

Steps to Become a Content Writer

If you want to start a career in content writing, whether a student or a professional, the first step is to gather resources and knowledge. The main elements for a job search are creating a resume, portfolio, and cover letter.

Develop Writing Skills

Everyone’s skill can be developed and improved with practice and dedication. Generate new ideas, and take part in marketing conferences. Collect relevant information to enhance your knowledge of products and services, study customers, and do competitor analysis — interview experts. Create literate and unique texts without spelling and grammatical errors.

There are good content writing tips for beginners:

  1. Read the work of other writers. Skills are developed as a result of acquaintance with different literature. Reading texts can increase your vocabulary and help you acquire honed literacy skills. As an avid reader, you’ll learn how other writers use techniques like sentence fluency and word choice to build a story or develop their main idea. This can include fiction and non-fiction, as both disciplines use similar methods to engage readers with their language abilities.
  2. Explore several programs to check their uniqueness and learn how to use them for their intended purpose.
  3. Let your personality shine through in your writing. Use phrases and slang that you would typically enjoy. Being yourself in your report can enable you to create a unique style that connects with your readers.
  4. Find out about search engine optimization. Content creators utilize Google advertising methods to enhance the effectiveness of their writing. Optimization necessitates using keywords that relate to commonly searched terms. These phrases reveal what users seek when they visit an internet search engine to find information. Most digital content employs SEO to identify which topics authors should address and which data to include. There are a variety of online guides and articles related to SEO that can help you comprehend professional authors’ vocabulary and techniques.

Becoming a full-time employee can offer the benefits of a steady income and ongoing work with clients assigned by the company. By working for an agency, content writers are relieved of the burden of prospecting for their clients. Such individuals can focus on honing their writing and editing abilities by collaborating with a team of content experts. To be considered for agency work, one must first provide a resume and proof of writing experience.

Create a Portfolio and Resume (CV)

Creating a blog or a website where one can display writing samples can be beneficial in showcasing your abilities to potential employers. Alternatively, freelance writers can contribute to online publications or submit guest posts to other sites to establish their brand. You can sacrifice some time and do the job for free to compose a portfolio and get experience. There are different ways to find blogging opportunities and promote your skills.

A portfolio is your face in the professional world. Your texts show your style and ability to work with words and present information in the best way. Your portfolio will prove that you deserve the job. Potential clients need to be sure that your skills are what they want.

When reviewing your portfolio, potential clients usually ask themselves three main questions:

  1. Does this author have the tone, manner, and writing quality I seek?
  2. Has this person worked in businesses or industries like mine and composed pieces identical to my requirements?
  3. Does this writer seem professional, skillful, reliable, and able to meet my deadlines?

Ultimately, creating a copywriting portfolio aims to provide potential clients with evidence that you can do the type and quality of work they require.

Include various, diverse texts in the portfolio to show your talent from different angles. The more different types of texts, the better. It proves you can work with various tasks and connect with different audiences. Don’t forget to present dome samples of B2B and B2C texts.

Join Writing Communities

In the world of marketing, networking is vital. You can maximize open positions or freelancing contracts by ensuring you’re well-connected to the right people in the industry. While you don’t want to send unsolicited emails to strangers, you can search for contacts on sites like LinkedIn. Look for people with titles such as head of copywriting (usually in agencies), digital marketing manager, or senior content editor.

Join a group of writers to connect with other professionals from home through the online platform or attend face-to-face meetings. Get feedback from your peers to identify your greatest strengths and areas where you can continue to develop your skills. Fiction writing is a great background for copywriting. These skills allow for finding creative solutions and presenting the information in a nonstandard manner. Check these online resources to expand student opportunities.


Earning with the help of your favorite thing is a dream. Starting a career in content writing can be daunting, but with the proper guidance and resources, success is possible. Remember that it’s a highly competitive field, so being persistent and patient is essential. You must constantly improve your skills to stand out from the crowd.