Importance Of Taking Up Summer Jobs During Vacation

Summer Jobs

Summer is intended to hang out with friends and carry out some leisure activities. Summer breaks are given to students to have fun and take a break from their academics. But the twist in these breaks is to utilize it not for the leisure activities but instead make the best use of it making new connections, exploring new city, earn work credit and establish a bright future.

All the international students utilize their summer vacations in the United States of America to earn money. Summer jobs have turned to be a long term gig for the international students through which they can develop their skills and get insight into the corporate world. Students take up the summer jobs to harness the power of summer learning for raising their educational achievements.

The aim behind this is to have equal access to well-rounded, high-quality summer learning experiences which help individual students achieve mastery in core subjects, stimulate their dreams and aspirations for the future. It also helps students develop themselves as scholars, citizens, and leaders. During the summer months of the graduation year, students are provided with rigorous and academic progamming whch helps them in their academic gains. With the participation in an array of enrichment activities students can improve their self-esteem.

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The students on F1-visa use maximum time of their summer vacation in doing job and earning money. The other kinds of people take the H2B-visa to apply for the temporary, seasonal or fun jobs in USA. The summer jobs in the USA are divided into three main categories broadly known as Summer Camp USA, Internships and the H2B seasonal work.

Internship programs have taken lot appreciation by giving ample of opportunities to students who have interest in learning and undergoing the training. Not every internship is legal and neither every internship is paid. These internships allow the students to work full time and thus earn a hefty amount through which they can pay off their loans.

With large number of students been enrolled in the four year college degree programs or universities, they at least take part in one internship during their school career. Internship program has lot of advantages for the young professionals because it provides on job training and educates the students about their subjects.

Internship programs have their own advantages and disadvantages. Internship programs are not always beneficial for the students. But this does not mean that every internship programs or the summer vacation jobs undertaken by students would take the advantage of young professional. The benefits of the summer vacation jobs are:

  1. The student acquires the chance to learn more about  field of study
  2. Whatever on field knowledge is gained, can be applied in the assignments of classwork
  3. Insight into the working field gives exposure and experience
  4. With the summer vacation jobs one can decide if the chosen field is right or wrong
  5. Develop and build the skill
  6. Taking up jobs in summer can help build contacts and network
  7. Doors of company gets open
  8. Future job opportunities increases
  9. Learning about the professional world of work
  10. Meet people of different as well similar kind
  11. Earn money and become independent
  12. Helps in building Skills
  13. Helps in gaining confidence and stand out
  14. Provides with invaluable resource
  15. Refines career goals
  16. Gives Experience

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Few tips by which one can make the temporary job into the permanent are mentioned below:

Be proactive:

This suggest that the student should always be ready to offer the help before someone asks. The student should always be proactive in looking for opportunities to get more involved in any kind of activity.

Be honest:

This trait should reflect in your personality which should let your supervisor know that you would be interested in staying on after the summer if the company has opening for that particular position.

Be engaged:

This trait in personality hepls a lot because when the student asks the questions, it shows that he is interested in the organization and all the working points of the organization.

The summer jobs can be a great way for the employment, they are generally temporary. Students apply for summer jobs while their semester in on so that they work for full hours making the maximum out of it. If the respective candidate shows great prospect then company shifts the temporary positioned employee to the permanent. Summer jobs training can be a great way to try out an industry, a job, or a company without long-term expectations.

The other advantages of summer jobs are flexibility of working hours and schedules. Everything from part-time hours, flexible schedules, and alternative working duties is permitted in the summer jobs. At the end of the summer job, there will be lot of in-hand experience making the resume more powerful and strong. The experience of the summer job is worth if it blooms the future.